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July 28, 2015
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September 29, 2015
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November 24, 2015
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"The Highlander Takes A Bride" Virtual Book Tour starts today. 
It includes exclusive excerpts, reviews and even a giveaway with a chance of winning either a Buchanan or a MacDonnell clan stole. Guid luck! 

I was noticing something the other day when I had all the books from my current Scottish Highlander series side by side...all three covers are in a different style. It occurred to me that this would be the ideal time to take a consensus to see what my readers prefer. Which of the three covers in the following image do you prefer? If you feel so inclined you can let me know on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or just email me.

Scottish Highlander series

I have a new release coming out in a week. The Highlander Takes A Bride, book #3 in my latest Scottish Highlanders series, will be coming out July 28th! This book is about Lady Saidh Buchanan, a brazen, scrappy, sword wielding Scottish spitfire whose skill in cursing could put any sailor to shame… You love her already don’t you? <G>

Book #4 in this same series is about Murine Carmichael, one of the many ladies who came to Sinclair castle as a potential wife for Cam and who fainted at his feet upon meeting him and his new wife Jo.  Although Murine has lost everything dear to her in the last few years, she never once stopped to feel sorry for herself. She’s quirky, resilient and incredibly determined, which is shocking considering her tendency to swoon at the drop of a hat.  Oh, and I almost forgot…She has a faithful pet bull named Henry, who follows her around like a dog.

As for the Argeneau series, Bricker’s book, About A Vampire, will be coming out September 29th. Many have already asked so I’ll save you having to type the question… Bricker does indeed get his comeuppance for all the torment he inflicted on his fellow enforcers when they met their life mates. Poor Bricker!

And I just finished both of the Notte twins' stories and I will tell you this much...both men start out buck naked in their books!  I’m not sure how their life mates, or anyone else for that matter, can keep their thoughts straight with that distraction. Talk about willpower! LOL

And now I must get back to work, which consists of some reading, editing and promotional work...the funny thing is all I want to do is write so I'm dragging my heels. (Well, I am a writer at heart so at least I'm consistent!) <G>