Highland Wolf
January 25, 2022
Highland Brides Book #10
Excerpt & More

Mile High With A Vampire
September 28, 2021
Argeneau Book #33
Excerpt & More

Highland Thirst
August 24, 2021
Historical Reissue
Excerpt & More

What She Wants
June 29, 2021
Excerpt & More

Meant To Be Immortal
Argeneau #32
April 27, 2021
(Mac & C.J.)
Excerpt & More

My Immortal Highlander
Historical Reissue
Feb 23, 2021
Excerpt & More

Highland Treasure
Highland Brides #9
Jan 26, 2021
(Rory & Elysande)
Excerpt & More

Highland Brides book #10, Highland Wolf, is out!

The Highland Wolf is about Ross and Annabel's nephew, Bryson MacDonald, whom everyone thought was dead. In this story Lady Claray MacFarlane is just a pawn in a plan to get a hold of her family's land and title. Her greedy uncle intended to force her to marry her awful neighbor, Maldouen MacNaughton. Luckily, she's snatched away before the nightmarish nuptials could take place. She has no idea why her kidnapper, the infamous Highland Wolf, came for her. The mercenary's courage and prowess in battle are known throughout the Highlands, and with his handsome face and black-as-sin hair, he’s as intelligent and deadly as the wolf he was named for…

Mile High With A Vampire hit the bookstore shelves a few months ago.This story is about Abigail’s friend Jet Lassiter who you met in Immortal Nights and Pet’s sister, Quinn Peters, who you met in The Trouble With Vampires.

This is Argeneau Book #33 and starts with a deadly plane crash that leaves Jet, Quinn and five seriously injured immortals stranded, miles from anywhere.
Anyone want to guess what happens when an entourage of immortals wake up after being severely injured, and you're the only blood source within miles? Good luck, Jet!

For anyone having issues getting a paperback copy of Highland Wolf… 

I just found out from my publisher that due to nationwide shipping and supply chain delays beyond their control, my books will be delayed arriving in stores. They are hoping more paperbacks will be available by Feb 7th.

So sorry everyone! I feel your frustration as I, too, hate it when I can't get a book I really want to read. Thank you so much for your patience!

On that note, the e-book and audiobook editions of Highland Wolf are available as it's only the physical copies that have been affected.

Upcoming releases...

The next Argeneau, called Immortal Rising, is about Stephanie McGill. This is a story that many readers have been asking for, so I’m happy to say it’s coming out on April 26th.
Turned as a teenager, Stephanie has had more than her fair share of hardship in her young life. She lost her entire family except for Dani and even Dani disappeared with life mate Decker for quite some time. She is highly gifted as an immortal in being able to read and even match life mates, but the gift comes with a curse, as she can’t turn it off. And she’s dealt with all these trials with a grace and strength like no other, but she’s lonely.
Who could be unique enough to be her match?

On July 26th, the reissue of The Chase will come out. This is one of my original hysterical historicals and it has common secondary characters to The Deed and The Key.

It wasn't her first choice, for Seonaid Dunbar had, like her brother, been trained as a Scottish warrior at her father's knee; but fleeing to an abbey was clearly preferable to whacking on Blake Sherwell with her sword -- which she'd happily do before wedding the man. No, she'd not walk weakly to the slaughter, dutifully pledging her troth to anyone the English court called "Angel." Fair hair and eyes as blue as the heavens hardly proved a man's worth. There was no such thing as an English angel; only English devils. And there were many ways to elude a devilish suitor, even one that King Henry ordered her to wed.
No, the next Countess of Sherwell was not sitting at home in her castle as Blake thought: embroidering, peacefully waiting for him to arrive. She was fleeing to a new stronghold and readying her defenses. Swords and sleeping drafts, Claymores and kisses. This battle would require all weapons--if he ever caught her. And the Chase was about to begin.

What I'm working on...

I’m currently working on the next Argeneau which should come out in the fall. This story is about golf course owner Natalie, her daughter Mia and Valerian. After a tragic accident took her entire family, Natalie was left to raise her unborn baby on her own. To add to her misery, circumstances forced her to give up her successful career in the city and move to a broken down golf course she inherited from her parents. Living on a shoestring budget, Natalie struggled to raise her daughter and keep up with the work the course and the outdated clubhouse required, so the last thing on her mind was dating.
Valerian bought a farm in the county where Stephanie and Thorne live. During the whole Dressler mess he was commenting on what a nice area it was, and Stephanie encouraged him to buy there, even pointing out a farm for sale that's down the street a ways from a golf course as she knows he loves to golf. When Valerian finally meets the owner three months later, he’s shocked to realize (and a little annoyed at Stephanie for not telling him) that she’s his potential life mate. Problem is, Natalie’s not going to be an easy sell. Not only is she a single parent with a business and no time for men, but there’s something in her past that is going to make her a challenge.
To top it off, a threat to Natalie’s life appears, and the danger escalates the longer it takes Valerian and the enforcers to stop it.

And I’m waiting for the edits for the last Highland Brides story I handed in. It’s about Laird Calan Campbell and Allissaid MacFarlane, a cousin to the Buchanans through her mother, and the second MacFarlane daughter to get a story.
The MacFarlanes, still under threat from their neighbor Maldouen MacNaughton, are told to stay within the keep’s walls for protection. But when her young brother slips out to go to the river, Allissaid rushes out after him to bring him back to safety. Instead, she’s captured by MacNaughton men. While still unconscious, Maldouen has a priest marry them, fortunately Allissaid escapes before the marriage can be consummated…
The Campbells have had nothing but grief from the MacNaughtons. They’ve been raiding Campbell land for years, and only a lack of proof has prevented Calan, the Campbell laird, from calling for an all-out war against the neighboring clan. Instead, he finally decreed MacNaughtons unwelcome on Campbell land. Trespassing would mean instant death, and so far that seemed to work. So, he was more than a little amazed when one not only crossed onto his land, but stooped so low as to steal the clothes off his back. Calan actually saw the naked lad who ran up and made off with his kilt… Only the lad turns out to be a naked lass, Allissaid MacFarlane or possibly Allissaid MacNaughton. Whether or not she’s married is questionable. What’s not questionable is that Calan wants the lass for his own. He just has to deal with MacNaughton and this possible marriage to have her.

Take care,