The Reader's Choice Awards results are in and here are your favorites!

#1 The Accidental Vampire won with 717 votes!
#2 Single White Vampire received 622 votes.
#3 Bite Me If You Can received 578 votes.
#4 Vampire Interrupted received 577 votes.
#5 Tall, Dark and Hungry received 392 votes.
#6 A Quick Bite received 293 votes.
#7 Vampires Are Forever received 252 votes.
#8 Under A Vampire Moon received 244 votes.
#9 A Bite To Remember received 222 votes.
#10 Love Bites received 209 votes.
#11 The Renegade Hunter received 198 votes.
#12 The Rogue Hunter received 195 votes.
#13 Hungry For You received 132 votes.
#14 Immortal Ever After received 128 votes.
#14 The Reluctant Vampire also received 128 votes!
#16 Lady Is A Vamp received 106 votes.
#17 The Immortal Hunter received 84 votes.
#18 The Bite Before Christmas (anthology) received 65 votes.
#19 Born To Bite received 61 votes.
#20 One Lucky Vampire received 57 votes.
#21 Bitten By Cupid (anthology) received 21 votes.

Winners of the Argeneaus 10th Anniversary Contest are...

Week 1 winner: E-book of One Lucky Vampire was E. Cunningham from Alberta, Canada.
Week 2 winner: E-book of One Lucky Vampire was S. Blankenship from Alabama, USA.
Week 3 winner: Starbucks $10 e-giftcard was B. Daugherty from Pennsylvania, USA.
Week 4 winner: Starbucks $10 e-giftcard was T. Marcotte from Illinois, USA.
Week 5 winner: Starbucks $10 e-giftcard was K. Rodriguez from New Jersey, USA.
Week 6 winner: $15 e-giftcard was P. Verburg from Michigan, USA.
Week 7 winner: $15 e-giftcard was R. Sullivan from California, USA.
Week 8 winner: $15 e-giftcard was S. Lopez from USA.
Week 9 winner: Apple $25 e-giftcard was T. Basden from Oklahoma, USA.
Week 10 winner: Apple $25 e-giftcard was C. Adams-Clark from Alberta, Canada.

Grand Prize winner of a Mac computer is Stacey Hol from Canada!