Immortal Unchained Escape Room - Week 1

The Argeneau Escape Room Challenge is now over however you can still play for fun.

You wake up to find yourself in a dark, dank room. Slowly you come to realize it's a basement. There's a barred window close to the ceiling on one wall, and a lower window on the opposite wall. They're both letting in some light, but most of the room is in shadow. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust. In the meantime, you can hear a lot of strange, creepy noises all around you. The first thing you notice is the unconscious man chained up to the wall. The next thing you see is a folded piece of paper with your name on it. You pick it up and read it...

The man chained up is an "immortal", hard to kill and in need of blood to survive. Some would call him a vampire but immortals don't like being called that, so I'd advise you not use that word. We've removed his I.V. drip so if he's not awake already, he will be shortly. I'd also advise you not go near him until after you've given him the bagged blood from the mini-fridge, otherwise you might end up being his next meal! Your best chance for survival is with this immortal, but the only way to free him is if you find the three digit code to the padlock on his chains. Good luck!

At the bottom of the sheet is a two digit number "RS 96".

There is a way out of the room and a few avenues to get there, but it's up to you to pick the best option. There are various odd objects placed around the room that could help you survive and find a way out. There are others in the room with you so you should tread cautiously.

Select the following link to see this week's Argeneau Escape Room. Hover your cursor over objects of interest in the Escape Room image to see a closeup and get details and/or clues about it.

Note: This scenario is for contest purposes only and not based on any one Argeneau story.
Good luck!

Find out if you can escape the room or not!


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1. What do you do first? *
Look in the bag at your feet and see if there's something there that can help you.
Play with the cute!
Lean over the man on the ground and try the two numbers "9" and "6" and see if it opens the padlock.
Play patty-cake with the black arms on the left.

2. There are other things in the room that are moving around and the one on the right, the Huntress, is getting too close for comfort. Do you... *
Talk in a calm voice and try to reason with them. Walk slowly to the centre of the room so they're surrounding you and stand your ground.
Scream in terror and run around in circles.
Take out the digital camera and take pictures of anything that gets too close. The flash will blind them, at least temporarily.
Run and hide in the corner...maybe nothing in the room saw you.

3. Assuming nothing has attacked you yet, what next? *
Take out the makeup bag, hold it up and offer to do the Huntress's makeup...she could really use a makeover! And besides your good deed could make her a fast friend.
Pick up the rock at your feet and run straight at the Huntress. Make sure you stick to her blind spot directly in front of her so she'll have trouble seeing your position and you can knock her out.
Walk straight to the fridge. These warnings are pointless...nothing is going to attack you!
Take a selfie with the Huntress. You need evidence to show your bffs later.

4. What now ? *
Make googly eyes and kissy face at the immortal...perhaps he can't read you.
Start yelling your head off. Someone upstairs may hear and rescue you both.
Squish the next spider you see crawling across the floor. It will send a message to the others in the room, especially the Black Widow, that you mean business!
If the Huntress is unconscious, tie her up with the iron and dryer cords. You don't know how long she'll be out and you can't chance her attacking you from behind.

5. The kitten is running around in circles, agitating the others in the room and you're concerned that the Black Widow will grab him because she's started tracking its movements... *
Let it play. Better it get eaten than you.
You run after the kitten to try to catch the little spitfire before he gets himself into trouble.
You use the laser pointer to get it to come to you. Then you put it in your bag and zip it up.
Although the Black Widow is tracking it, each time it gets close to her she pulls back a bit so seems afraid of the kitten. Your instinct tells you to let it run around as a distraction.

6. The Creeper is acting nervous. It's started making huffing sounds similar to a Gorilla that's feeling threatened and it might be thinking about attacking...*
Run to the mini fridge and grab the blood. The most direct and fastest approach is always the best option.
Take out the can of hairspray and the matches and walk towards the mini fridge. If the Creeper tries to attack then spray the hairspray, light it with a match and direct the flame at it.
Keep on eye on the Creeper without making direct eye contact. Walk slowly towards the bananas on the shelf staying as close to the right wall as you can. Once there toss one over so it lands at the Creeper's feet.
Use the laser pen and get the kitten to chase it around. It'll distract the Creeper and allow you the chance to run behind it and hit it over the head with the rock.

7. The Creeper has stopped huffing but the banana is already eaten. Now what? *
Toss more bananas in the center of the room. Once the Creeper is preoccupied with them, pick up the can of Raid in case the Black Widow turns on you and walk along the back wall to the radio. Turn it on to station 96, which is 95.9 in reality. The music instantly calms the Creeper. You refasten the Creeper's ankle chain as you walk back along the wall.
Toss more bananas at it and hope that the bunch keeps it busy long enough for you and the immortal to escape.
You walk up to it and give it a big hug.
Run behind the Creeper and jump on its back. Wrestle it to the ground so you can put the ankle chain back on it.

8. You hear the immortal man moan in pain. You know you need to get blood to him soon.*
You go to the mini fridge giving the Black Widow and the Creeper a wide berth, take out a half a dozen blood bags and return to the man's side placing the blood bags close enough so they're within his reach.
You lean over the man and offer him your throat.
You put the kitten within reach of the immortal.
Give him the last banana you still have hoping it will tie him over for now.

9. The Black Widow seems agitated and is getting very close to the immortal... *
You take the nail scissors from your makeup bag, cut a hole on one end of the blood bag and start pouring it into the immortal's mouth.
You get the matches and hairspray out of the bag and intercept the Black Widow. If she tries to attack, spray the hairspray, light it with a match and direct the flame at her. The material she's wearing should catch fire instantly.
You stand your ground and start yelling and screaming at the Black Widow.
You have the Raid in hand still so you grab the hairspray out of the bag and intercept the Black Widow. You spray her hands with the Extra Hold Hairpray. If she looks like she's about to attack, spray her in the face with the Raid.

10. What next? *
You scream in frustration.
The immortal has only drained half the bags so far so you sit down and wait for him to finish.
You try entering the actual radio station number, 959, as the code into the padlock to see if that opens it.
You're hungry. You take one of the bananas that's left and eat it.

11. Assuming the man has finished the blood and he's been freed from his chains, what's next? *
Play possum and wait for someone to come in and check on you. Take their keys when they do.
Both windows have bars but you noticed that the larger one seems to have a hinge. It may be breakable if someone was strong enough so ask the immortal to try.
Give up and wait for someone to rescue you both.

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