Immortal Unchained Escape Room - Week 3

The Argeneau Escape Room Challenge is now over however you can still play for fun.

When you escape Dr. Dressler's lab you stumble upon the animal enclosures and decide to release as many of them as you can on your way out.  You'd witnessed how badly the doctor treated his prisoners and figured, human or animal, they were better off on their own than with this sick bastard. From predator to prey, none of the animals act aggressively towards you as you release them from their cages. It's like they know you are as desperate to get away as they are.

Once you exit the building the spotlights that are bouncing around the courtyard temporarily blind you. Although it wasn't your intention, releasing the animals created a good cover for you to escape.  It's absolute chaos and Dressler's men are so busy trying to contain the mass animal exodus that no one seems to notice you're missing...  

You avoid the buildings closest to the lab figuring they'd be the first place they'd search for you. You head for the cover of the forest and its not long before you no longer hear the shouts of the men. You come across a dark cottage and upon finding the front door ajar you duck into it. You think you're alone but quickly realize that's not the case at all. The first thing you see is the glow from the embers in the fireplace. There are a number of shadows dancing along the walls and you can hear movement in different parts of the room but you're focused on the rustling over the fireplace. As your eyes adjust to the dimness you begin to see the outline above the mantle. You stare trying to make it out but the more visible it becomes, the less sense it makes...

The next few seconds happen so quickly your brain has trouble keeping up. The door is thrown wide open shedding more light in to the room. An armed assassin runs in gun trained on something over the fireplace. He shoots once but he doesn't have the opportunity to take a second shot because in the next moment he's lying in a heap on the floor, his gun nowhere to be seen. Now there's enough light to see that it's a man that's crouched on the mantle...a man with wings. He's magnificent and you don't want to take your eyes off him but other potential threats in the room are begging for your attention...

You think there's someone standing behind the sofa but it's so dark you're not sure. There are other things in the room that are literally jumping out at you; a bird flies over your head, a coyote nervously paces the floor, a snake is coiled up off to your right, and a leopard just jumped onto the sofa.

Shouts from outside the open door draw your gaze back towards it. A woman enters holding a dart gun aimed at the man over the mantle. Unlike the first thug, she's low to the ground and further away so out of the winged man's reach.

You need to get out of this room before you're completely trapped and you don't have a lot of time to do it. There is a way out and a few avenues to get there, but it's up to you to pick the best option. There are various odd objects placed around the room that could help you survive and find a way out. There are others in the room with you so you should tread cautiously.

Select the following link to see this week's Argeneau Escape Room. Hover your cursor over objects of interest in the Escape Room image to see a close-up and get details and/or clues about it.

Note: This scenario is for contest purposes only and not based on any one Argeneau story.
Good luck!

Find out if you can escape the room or not!


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1. What do you do first? *
Pick up the snake and throw it at the armed woman.
Pick up the bacon. There are a number of animals that you could bribe with it.
Call over the coyote using your best baby talk..."Here good boy...come here and I'll scratch behind your ears!".
Try to grab the hawk as it flies overhead.

2. You know the biggest threats in the room are the armed woman and potentially the winged man. What do you do next? *
Talk in a calm voice and ask her to put down her weapon.
Pick up the personal alarm at your feet and turn on the siren. That should stir things up!
You're hungry so you eat the bacon. You have no idea how long you'll be stuck here so might as well get some sustenance in now.
Put some bacon on the floor in the hopes of attracting the coyote over. He'll have to drop the boomerang when he goes to eat and the boomerang is yours!

3. Assuming nothing has attacked you yet, what next? *
Use the boomerang to knock the winged man out. Maybe the woman will free you for helping her.
Pick up the cane, run full tilt at the armed woman and knock her out.
Use the boomerang and knock the armed woman out.
Put your arm out to get the hawk to land on it. You've always wanted to try falconry.

4. Multiple shouts can be heard coming from outside. You don't have much time left before more armed people start coming through the open door. What do you do? *
Grab the oil lamp off the side table, go to the door and toss it at the nearest guy's feet then shut and lock the door.
Start screaming your head off. If they hear you flipping out maybe they'll leave you alone.
Pick up the unconscious woman's dart gun and run outside. Shoot the nearest man and run like your life depends on it.
Grab the cane and run outside beating anyone that gets in your way.

5. You didn't notice the man waiting behind the open door until you closed it. He looks pissed off and ready to rumble... *
You don't fight back. The odds are against you and fighting will only make it worse.
You try talking to him. He seems pretty angry so perhaps he just needs a friendly face and shoulder to cry on.
You run at him. You might catch him off-guard and be able to overpower him.
You're close enough to the fireplace that you can reach the poker. You grab it and swing it at his head.

6. Due to your handiwork, the angry man is now bleeding. That and your fight have upset the leopard. It's growling and coiled up ready to pounce at the pair of you...*
Face it but do not make eye contact with the leopard. Back away from the man slowly getting as far away from the leopard as possible. You also have the poker in hand if it attacks.
Ignore it and it'll go away.
Make direct eye contact and run straight at it. It's just a big can take it!
Scream and run away as fast as you can.

7. The leopard is now attacking the angry man. He's pretty hurt. What do you do? *
Thank the leopard...the man attacked you first so it's only fair he get mauled for his efforts!
Yell and holler as you run at it.
Keeping an eye on the leopard, as calmly and quietly as possible, ease over and grab the woman's discarded dart gun off the floor and shoot it. The big cat is unpredictable and acting aggressive so there's no saying what it'll do next.
Run at the leopard with the poker. It can't be that quick, right?

8. The hawk has been flying back and forth to and from the area behind the sofa. You finally see what all the fuss is about...its Dr Dressler and he's on an iPhone giving orders to break down the front door. He might be armed, he might not. You can't see much because it's so dark. *
You throw the rest of the bacon over there hoping the coyote will follow it and attack Dressler in the process.
You pick up the cane, turn it over so you're holding the bottom rubber end and hook the handle end under the aggressive water moccasin then toss the snake directly at Dressler. Either he'll catch it or he won't notice it coming and it'll land on him. Either way he'll likely be bit.
You dive over the sofa at him.
You throw the now empty gun at him hoping it hits him in the face.

9. Dressler is not looking so hot. He throws the water moccasin at you but lucky for you the hawk swoops down and catches it in midair. The snake tries to bite it but the hawk is adept and avoids its deadly bite. What do you do? *
You pick up the cane by the bottom rubber end and wait for the hawk to drop the angry snake. When it does you quickly use the head of the cane to pin its head down making it unable to bite.
You scream and duck every time the hawk flies over, afraid it will drop the snake on your head.
You hate snakes and you're not keen on birds either so you ignore them both and start looking around for a key to unlock the trap door.
You're worried about the hawk because the longer it holds on to the snake the more likely it will get bit. You need the trap door in the ceiling open but it's locked. Remembering Dressler had an iphone you take it from him and use his fingerprint to unlock it. You open the app and unlock the bolt. The trap door swings open and the hawk flies out carrying the spitting snake. A split second later you hear a scream on the other side of the front door. Then the hawk flies back thru the hole in the ceiling and perches on your shoulder.

10. You hear the pounding on the front door as the men double their efforts to get in. This is the first time you've had the chance to talk to the winged man. He introduces himself as Thorne. You can see he's wounded but he shrugs it off saying he can still fly. Unfortunately he's still bleeding. Now what? *
You decide it's time to take a stand. You take the poker in one hand and the cane in the other and run out the front door screaming.
You fashion a white flag out of a pillowcase, stick it on the end of the cane and walk out the front door.
You quickly fashion a bandage from a pillowcase to tie off and staunch the flow of blood from his wound. Faster than you could have imagined he lifts you through the trap door in the ceiling. The hawk follows you out. It looks like you have two new feathered friends.
You take a seat and wait for them to break down the door.

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