Immortal Unchained Escape Room - Week 2

The Argeneau Escape Room Challenge is now over however you can still play for fun.

You've fallen off the boat that was transporting you from one island to another. It happened so quickly you're not even sure how it occurred. One minute you were talking to the driver, who's part of a North American Special Forces unit investigating several disappearances in the area, and the next minute you're in the water. Your wrist feels tender and there's a mild pain in your shoulder as if someone had grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you overboard but you didn't see anyone grab you...

The water is alive with activity and there's a lot to take in as you float slowly downwards through the cold depths. You're amazed at how clearly you can see everything underwater. A very large shark just swam past you. A, not a woman because she has a fish tail...swims by so fast it's hard to keep track of her. A smaller blue shark is in front of you. A dolphin swims past above you. And something that looks like a squid but you're not 100% sure just swam past. You see an anchor on a rope suspended above and it looks like the rope is snagged on an emergency life ring somehow. A sheet billows around in the current near you. You can see items on the rocks and even stuck in the sand below.

You know how to swim as you used to work as a life guard years ago. You even know the basics of scuba diving so you're not panicking...yet.

There is a way out of the water and a few avenues to get there, but it's up to you to pick the best option. There are various odd objects around you that could help you survive and find a way out. As you know by now there are other things in the water with you so you should tread cautiously.

Select the following link to see this week's Argeneau Escape Room. Hover your cursor over objects of interest in the Escape Room image to see a close-up and get details and/or clues about it.

Note: This scenario is for contest purposes only and not based on any one Argeneau story.
Good luck!

Find out if you can escape the room or not!


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1. What do you do first? *
Grab the dolphin as it goes past to take you away from there.
Grab the bangstick and bang it against your foot to see if it works.
Kick your high heels off to swim was a bad idea to wear them in the first place.
Swim over to the mermaid. She seems like she'd be a blast to talk to.

2. There are things in the water that are getting a little too close for comfort, in particular the Tiger shark. Do you... *
Splash around and agitate the water as much as you can to get away.
Swim as fast as you can to hide behind the rock...maybe the guy there will make room for you.
Go for the underwater camera and take a selfie with your new best friend, the mermaid.
Keep facing it and drift down slowly without agitating the water too much.

3. You haven't reached the bottom yet when the mermaid reappears beside you. She has a knife in hand and is raising it above her head. The anchor and rope must have detached from the emergency life ring because you can see it, along with the sheet that it snagged, hurtling towards you out of the corner of your eye. Do you ? *
Grab the rope attached to the anchor as it goes by. The weight will drag you down to the bottom quickly and away from her.
Start yelling and agitating the water. The Tiger shark is still nearby so this might attract its attention enough to attack and hopefully only the mermaid.
Ignore her...she'll eventually go away if you give her the cold shoulder.
Give her a hug. It'll throw her off and perhaps she won't kill you.

4. All the activity has attracted the unwanted attention of the Tiger shark. The mermaid already took off and now the shark is heading straight for you, jaws open...*
Ignore it. If you stay still it will just leave.
Make yourself look really big by putting your arms over your head. Your size will intimidate the shark.
Get that bangstick and when it's close enough you'll dive to the side of it and using its momentum and what force you can, bang the bangstick against the shark's head.
Splash around and agitate the water as much as you can to get away.

5. You've been in the water for over 30 seconds so far. That's a long time to hold your breath. Assuming you're still alive, what now? *
Drift over to the guy behind the rock and introduce yourself...maybe he's just curious.
Grab the Spare Air and fit it on so you can use it hands free.
Grab the life vest and pull the cord. It will inflate and take you straight up to the surface.
Grab the knife on your way over to the Spare Air and slip it into your back pocket. Then grab the Spare Air and fit it on so you can use it hands free.

6. To your right the snakeman has come out from behind the rock and is coiling up like he's about to make a move and to your left the mermaid has reappeared knife in hand. You're outnumbered...*
Try to reason with them. Chances are that at least one of them will listen to you.
You should still have the bangstick in hand...poke the squid that keeps swimming past lightly. This should scare it enough that it inks the area giving you the cover necessary to get away.
You know how fast the mermaid is so you go after the snakeman and try to get behind him in order to take him hostage.
With the bangstick in one hand and knife in the other make sure they don't get behind you.

7. The Great White shark is back attracted by the blood and such from the Tiger shark you killed and is quickly eating what's left of it... *
Move away from the area without agitating the water and make yourself as invisible as possible by staying low to the ground and close to the rocks.
Swim away as fast as you can. Speed is of the essence here!
Stay where you are and play possum. It'll think you're dead and leave you alone.
Climb up on the rocks and jump on the back of the Great White when it swims past. You can get a ride on it and it's good protection from the killer mermaid.

8. You're clear of the Great White but the snakeman is getting agitated because you moved closer to his area again. You really need to deal with him... *
Use the knife, stick him with it and discharge the cartridge. Problem solved.
The sheet, caught by the anchor, is billowing in the current close by. You hide behind it and when he gets close enough you cover his head and torso with the sheet and wrap the ends against him with the rope, using the hook to secure it.
Stand your ground and yell at the snakeman while making yourself look big.
Whack him with the bangstick. Problem solved.

9. You're getting low on oxygen and the freakin' mermaid is back, knife in hand. She's really starting to get on your nerves. What do you do? *
Stick her with the bangstick hard enough she gets shot then clear out of the area immediately because the Great White will be attracted by the blood.
Keep poking her with the bangstick. Not enough to shoot her but enough to get her really riled up so she chases you and you can play hide-n-go-seek.
Obviously she wants to be friends so give her a high five.
Wait until she gets close enough and slash her with the knife deep enough she bleeds so she has to flee. If she attacks you then use the cartridge in the knife to kill her instantly and the injected gas will make her body rise to the surface away from you. Either way the Great White shark will follow her.

10. What next? *
If you're still in the area put on the life vest and slowly make your way up and away from the area until you surface. Start swimming for the nearest island.
If you're no longer in the area because you either killed the mermaid and/or the snakeman with the bangstick then slowly make your way to the surface. Start swimming for the nearest island.
Rise slowly to the surface and make squeaking sounds to attract the dolphin. When it gets close grab it by the dorsal fin so you can catch a ride.

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