RWA 2013 in July or RT 2014 in May

Re: RWA 2013 in July or RT 2014 in May

Postby susan60625 on July 16th, 2013, 12:09 pm

Wish I could attend! Have fun everyone!
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Re: RWA 2013 in July or RT 2014 in May

Postby terri on July 25th, 2013, 3:58 pm

Lynsay (and I) went to the Romance Writers of America annual conference in Atlanta and had a great time. We saw a lot of readers, who were all wonderful. One of our highlights was seeing Dusty, Rockie, Wren, her Frog Prince, Sin, and Paul. They had told us they were coming to the signing but plans always seem to change for us at the last moment so we didn't assume they'd make it. It was a pleasant surprise when they did pop up at the Literacy For Life book signing. And it really was like they just popped up from under the table because one moment there were people walking to and fro in front of Lynsay's table and BAM!... there was the lot of them surrounding the table, grinning ear to ear, introducing themselves, and hugging us. Thank-you ladies and gents for making it such a great day. Big hug back at ya!

We also went to Six Flags in Atlanta. Lynsay went on ALL the rides except three that were deemed "old and rickety" according to our guides. She went on the Goliath, Batman, Superman, Dare Devil Dive (A bungee jump), Mindbender, Acrophobia, Sky Screamer and a water rapid ride. I know I missed naming a couple of rides but you get the gist... Perhaps we should start calling Lynsay the "Daredevil" instead. It could be her super power name. Lynsay Daredevil Sands, the woman bold enough to go where no one (who had an ounce of self preservation) dared go before! <WG>

I only went on a couple of rides because the first one, which was supposed to be "so smooth and easy", was a real pain in my neck! I think that one was called the Mindbender and it is neither smooth nor easy. The other one I tried was the Sky Screamer and it was very smooth, very high and a lot of fun. The ride is so high in fact that you actually go above the tree tops.

The next day and night was packed full with book signings, meetings, and a couple of cocktail parties and we were exhausted by the end of it.

And the day after that we had to travel back to Canada and boy-oh-boy that was a trial. First of all we couldn't check in online because of all the cancelled flights due to the bad weather that hit the east coast. Then our first flight was delayed by over an hour. We reached Toronto with a half an hour to spare before boarding time for our connecting flight. Yay! The only problem was that there was no one available to let us off the freakin plane! So we had to sit on the runway for an extra twenty minutes or so. By the time we got through security and got our luggage we were fifteen minutes late for boarding so the female attendant that was directing people before luggage checkin said "You're too late to board so go to the left". She didn't check to see if the flight was delayed or still on the runway… nothing. So we stood in line for another five to ten minutes until someone in our group was bold enough to ask them if they could check to see if our flight had left yet. The Air Canada attendant at the desk started to look it up and the same woman that had directed us into the lineup starting arguing with him. Luckily he continued to look it up, found out it was still at the boarding gate and gave us new boarding passes. We did make our flight as it had also been delayed by an hour or so.

As for the female attendant that almost made us miss our flight because she was too lazy to bother looking it up… BLPPFFFT!
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