Ebay chuckle...

Re: Ebay chuckle...

Postby wren on October 16th, 2008, 10:17 am

Mr Spice wrote:
wren wrote:I thought Lucern with his wife Kate were still writing...the family "fiction."

I assume they are, it's just that we haven't seen them for a while so we don't really know what they're getting up to.

Well, obviously they can't come out in public too often, so have to use the pen name of a famous author, Lynsay Sands! Image We already know that you are really Lucern...you just go by the name Dave, with a moderator name of Mr. Spice!
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Re: Ebay chuckle...

Postby sin on October 16th, 2008, 10:18 am

to funny :D :D :D

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Re: Ebay chuckle...

Postby Denise on October 18th, 2008, 12:38 am

It's back! I don't know if it's the same seller or not but there it is again in the non-fiction category!
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