Worst printing mistake I've ever found in a book!!

Worst printing mistake I've ever found in a book!!

Postby KimberlyK on November 19th, 2008, 8:38 am

Okay, I just needed to vent about this to people who I know will understand. *grin*

So I've always meant to get around to reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Good reviews, people on here have read it and liked it, and it's about vampires. What's not to like? Anyway, I'm in Target looking for a birthday present for my youngest son (who turned 5 yesterday) and I had to stop in the book section before checking out. I had to, right? (Off topic: How many people here can resist looking at the book section in whatever store they happen to be in? *grin*) So I see this oversized trade verstion of Twilight and think, hmm, might as well read the first few pages to see what her writing style is like.

Before I know it, I've read the first chapter and I'm hooked. I have to buy the book. Now there were smaller (cheaper!) versions of the book nearby but I'm already thinking of the book in my hands as my book. *grin* So I bought it and stayed up late reading about half of it until I forced myself to put it down so I could get some sleep. I didn't get another chance to read some more until at lunchtime yesterday. I'm cruising along until I get to page 344. Then the next page isn't 345 as expected but page 313!! The section of the book from page 313 until 344 is completely reprinted. But does it pick up again on page 345? NO!! To my irritated frustration, it picks up again on page 377! ARGH!!! I can't keep reading without knowing what happened so I had to put the book aside.

I've never seen such a huge mistake in a book before!! I was busy with birthday stuff yesterday so today I can bring the book back to the store and get another copy but can you believe something like that slipped by the editor or printer or whoever messed up? What a costly mistake too. Just when they should be selling a bunch of books because of the movie, they are going to have all of these copies coming back to them. *shakes head* I feel mad at them and sorry for them at the same time.

Well, I better go make sure my daughter is awake. How she couldn't be with her younger brothers going crazy in the room next door playing with David's new Bat Castle and other Batman toys I couldn't imagine. LOL! All he wanted for his birthday was Batman toys and Pokemon cards. *shakes head* Easy to shop for at least. *grin*

So, has anyone else come across a huge mistake like that in a book? Or has anything else really frustrating happen that delays you from finishing a really great book?

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Re: Worst printing mistake I've ever found in a book!!

Postby Nicola on November 19th, 2008, 9:37 am

Kim ur gonna love Twilight i swear i bought the 4 books they go in order

New Moom
Breaking Dawn

Read in that order it all go's along like that the story but kim nxt to Lynsays books there the best ive read yet still cant knock My fav author Lynsay of my no1 spot but i cant wait till the movie here on the 21st November im like dying here i swear i read the whole four books in like 4 days breaking dawn is a 756 page book thats the end one but kim go get the others they all follow on the story ....

And i know what u mean by picking up a book and nxt thing u know BAMMMM ur hooked im like that with lynsays books and this Twilight series which i have been told it's being done in a 4 dvd part woooohoooo

Now all we have to do is get LYNSAY to do her's in a Film as well and BAMMM thats us all sorted out lol god id buy a extra shelf for that on its own lol ..

But if u want the story to follow on from Twilight u need the 3 books and KIM be prepared for Heart aching and tears it's brilliant ......

Im all excited cant ya tell lol ha ha ha ha But i know how u feel when u get a book thats like Printed and sold and ur reading it and then it jumps back a few pages to jumping forward a few then ur like Ehhh what happened there they should have a team there to proof all the work before it gets through .... Go give them hell at the shop lol ......

Buy plenty hankies to ya will need them if ur anything like me that reads books like there playing out in ur head like a DVD or ur playing the part i filt all her emotions it was .... But i wont say anymore cause it will spoil it for u .....

And a very Happy birthday to your we boy mine's are (9yrs old boy and 4yrs old for my girl lol)
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Re: Worst printing mistake I've ever found in a book!!

Postby love2read on November 19th, 2008, 1:41 pm

Kim i have come across that type of printing mistake before. A few years ago i borrowed Jane Eyre From a friend and was reading it when I came to the end of a chapter the next chapter did not make much sense so i kept on reading and about four or five chapters later i came to another chapter that did not belong in that spot, it had been a missing chapter that i didnt knw about and that is why the book had suddenly jumped from one event to the next. The books chapter was not in the right order, they had made a publishing mistake! And that was the biggest printing mistake that i had ever found in a book. :geek:
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Re: Worst printing mistake I've ever found in a book!!

Postby Denise on November 19th, 2008, 2:00 pm

Yeah, I bought some Bibles for our Sunday School classes at church and found that about half of them had the exact same kind of mistake, a whole printing section was duplicated in the Bibles but the parts that should have been there weren't anywhere to be found. The bad part is that some of the were given as gifts and we didn't know about the mistakes until several weeks later.
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Re: Worst printing mistake I've ever found in a book!!

Postby sin on November 19th, 2008, 2:47 pm

This happened to a friend. What was really bad was getting the last Harry Potter book. In the middle there were blank pages and it was not continued. Story, blank page. Then some were upside down.. Missed 2 complete chapters. She took the book back and received a new one.

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Re: Worst printing mistake I've ever found in a book!!

Postby Mr Spice on November 19th, 2008, 6:21 pm

The repeating of a whole section is down to a collation problem when the books have been printed and then cut up into sections and two of the same sections have found their way into the same pile and have been bound together. We have some ARCS of one of Lynsay's titles where this exact same thing happened - although I can't remember which one it was.
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Re: Worst printing mistake I've ever found in a book!!

Postby jill on November 29th, 2008, 5:23 pm

Welcome to twighlight my dear Kimberly. Sorry you had that issue. BUT THE BOOOOOOOOK is phenemonal and the movie too. And the whole series and and and and now I am gushing sorry promised I wouldn't do that! :mrgreen:
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Re: Worst printing mistake I've ever found in a book!!

Postby Cathy on November 30th, 2008, 12:16 am

They might not be the WORST mistakes I've found, but they're definitely "speed bumps" while reading. I've even found them in (gasp :o ) Lyndsay's books! I'm speaking about a homonym being used in the text -- that is a word that sounds the same, but means something different. A couple that I can think of right off are "she will reap what she has sewn..." and "...we paired it down to just a few..." instead of 'sown' and 'pared'.
As someone who grew up with a liberal arts/English major for a mother, these really stand out for me! I know that they come from computer spell-check programs that usually can't distinguish grammar, but I could also wish that some real, old-fashioned human reading would go into the editing before the books get sent out with these errors. :cry:

I haven't read the Twilight books... yet. Yeah! Another series to get hooked on!
(and there I go ending a sentence with a preposition -- Mom would not be pleased :oops: )
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Re: Worst printing mistake I've ever found in a book!!

Postby Denise on November 30th, 2008, 10:34 pm

Yeah, I see those all the time, too, Cathy, and wonder how it makes it past an editor, or if the editor is the one who changed it because they thought it was spelled wrong. You never know who caused it to happen. But when you see so many of them all over the place on forums and such, you know it's just bound to leak over into the publishing world, too. My kids do it all the time in papers they are writing and the teachers don't even bother to mark it in red! But, then, the teachers send home newsletters with the incorrect word. This is one of my soap boxes so I'll get down now.
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Re: Worst printing mistake I've ever found in a book!!

Postby wren on December 1st, 2008, 10:45 am

I realize that spelling and grammar mistakes in books that you have purchased are a nuisance. None of us want to spend our hard-earned money on an inferior product. But in most of these cases, it really is just a simple nuisance. It's interesting that until the 1800's, spelling and grammar weren't even standardized. In defense of proofreaders, authors, editors, publishers, and schoolteachers like me, I feel I must point out that it is impossible to catch every mistake with or without a computer. Human error cannot be completely eliminated, as people are not perfect.

Books do get proofread by humans. We have a person on our forum who proofreads as part of her job. Mr. Spice proofreads Lynsay's books before they are ever sent to her editor. I'm sure that editor has a lot of authors with manuscripts coming in every day, and even with a computer and the people that work for the senior editor, errors will be missed. They aren't only checking for spelling and grammar, but also for the flow of the story and that it is consistent with prior books. They may be suggesting changes to the author, and during rewrites errors may not be caught. Any number of things can and will contribute to spelling and grammar errors in printed works.

Avon/Harper Collins is a huge publishing house, and for the amount of books that I buy that they publish, I don't see so many errors that I can't live deal with them. I can say the same of most publishing companies from which I purchase. I would rather have the printed book as close to perfect as possible than no book at all. When I received my preordered copy of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, it was bound upside down and backwards. Nothing was missing and it was readable, so we kept it in case it becomes a collectible someday. Now, if it had been missing pages, I would have taken it back for an exchange, especially as it was a hardcover.

If I had to worry about these kinds of things all of the time, then I would never post anything on the forum. As it is, I try to check my spelling and grammar and not worry too much about typos. Some people feel timid about coming on the forum to post because they are afraid of making mistakes if they are not comfortable using a computer or with their typing skills. Also, as an example, my husband grew up in a military family moving around the world every one or two years. He was naturally strong in math, but his language arts skills suffered as it was his weaker subject. He would arrive at one school and they would be on working on material he had already learned, then at the next they would have passed material that he had not learned. As with everyone's education, it left a few gaps. Even if you live in the same place all of your life, you will have gaps in your education and you will forget things that you did learn. The important thing is to know how to find it when you do need it. My husband is an adequate speller, but not a good speller. For work, he does have to depend on spellcheck and those types of devices. When writing papers, he will often have me proofread for spelling and grammar, because he is aware of the limitations of spellcheck. He has emphasized to our sons when they didn't want to study their spelling or grammar that spellcheck is not going to help in every instance.

Most teachers do their very best, and if your child's teacher is not, then it's time for a conference to determine the problem or to volunteer to help, if possible. It does take new teachers awhile to get everything accomplished, because college/university does not prepare you for the real thing. Planning and teaching a class of other college students pretending to be third-graders is not the same as teaching 30 children in the third-grade! It is one of the biggest jobs that anyone can take on at any time in their life!

Although we homeschool our two sons, I taught public school before having my children. One year, I taught sixth-grade English and Spelling to 114 students, and Math to my homeroom class of 25 students each week. That is a lot of daily work to check plus weekly major grades, and every Friday night my dear husband helped me to grade 114 spelling tests. (This was before kids!!) We gave the standardized testing type spelling test, where the student has to choose the correct spelling out of three words, because there was no way to grade that many tests for four classes of sixth-graders and try to decipher their handwriting to make sure the word was spelled correctly. It wasn't my preference to have to use those type of spelling tests, but I was a new teacher at the school and the department chairman made the decision. I don't like them very much because sometimes children are confused when seeing the word spelled similarly, with one being the correct spelling, but is was good practice for the standardized achievement testing process. Also,I had 25 math students with 25 different math abilities. One lesson plan called for teaching estimation. Well, that lesson plan had to wait, because this was a school where I had two average classes and two classes from disadvantaged homes. I couldn't teach estimation, because most of the class didn't remember how to round numbers. That put us a week behind, and that was all I could spare in time before I had to move on anyway, whether or not they understood the skill. They don't have teacher's assistants at that age in every subject to help grade the daily work and check to see if homework is being accomplished. The best I could do with homework was just check to see if they had attempted it, and work the problems in class to correct it. Grading it was out of the question. On open house night, I had two parents come for 25 students. In the two "magnet" average classes, about half came to meet me. The teacher across the hall from me that had the other class of 25 children from disadvantaged homes had no parent/guardian come. Also, please don't assume that the teacher writes any newsletter sent home, as she may have received it from the office just before time for dismissal and had to send it as instructed. That doesn't excuse spelling/grammar errors coming home from the school, but it may not be the teacher's fault.

I worked with some wonderful teachers. I was awarded with high praise. I could tell you plenty of horror stories of my public school teaching, and plenty of tales of wonderful students and parents! My time teaching public school had nothing to do with our calling to homeschool. I was also very honored when one of my former principals told me he needed me back in the classroom. All of the principals that I worked for were excellent. I was just called in a different direction.

Soooo...I'm going to get off my soapbox now! As usual, it's way too wordy! Oh, and for all of us...I've noticed that we aren't watching our own spelling. <grin> We have a forum friend who is Lindsay...and our favorite author's name is spelled Lynsay. So, it's easy to make typos, and mix them a little. Lynsay & Mr. Spice have always been gracious about typos, spelling mistakes, grammar...even if we tease each other sometimes...and as long as we know how to get the books with LYNSAY SANDS on them, then I'm happy! LOL Forgive me if I was too harsh, everyone...and don't let it put you off...I just think we can get too picky sometimes! :)
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