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Thank you for having me on the forum!

PostPosted: August 18th, 2010, 3:14 pm
by tkw5002
Hi all! Thank you for having me on the forum! I look forward to being able to chat up the Argeneau's with you? So I will admit it, I'm a bit biased. Lucian is my FAVORITE of the Argeneau men. Bite Me if You Can was the first Lynsay book I had ever read and I was sucked in, hook, line and sinker! I'm just curious who your favorite Argeneau men (or women) are and why? Happy Reading all!

Re: Thank you for having me on the forum!

PostPosted: August 22nd, 2010, 7:39 am
by MsKitty
lol... Just ONE favourite?? :lol:

I love Lucien too, but my fave favourite... I have a real soft spot for Decker.. and Thomas.. Vincent.. :oops:

Welcome to the Forum!!

Re: Thank you for having me on the forum!

PostPosted: August 22nd, 2010, 8:29 am
by tkw5002
Thank you for the welcome :) Yes, Lucian is my absolute favorite, but I also am kind of a softy for Thomas because of his wittiness and I kind of have a thing for Ettiene to :) I think it's cute that he's a computer geek :) For the women, I think Eshe is pretty cool! She sounds like you wouldn't want to mess with her. I also really like Leigh because of her background and having the strength to get away from her abusive ex, Kenny. When I read Leigh's background, I though, this is one cool chick to have started her life over the way she did! :)

Re: Thank you for having me on the forum!

PostPosted: August 22nd, 2010, 11:07 am
by wren
Welcome Mrs. W, aka Tracie, aka tkw5002 I'm glad you're here! :D We can now see your posts...I've been watching for them to be approved. You'll be at full Immortal status in no time. Image

WARNING: Spoilers for those who haven't read the entire series!!

Fave Argeneaus...or Immortals...hmmm, we have some threads in the Argeneau section where we can post a list of 5 or more! It started at five, but we all wanted more as the series grew, so Copper kindly upped it to 10 for us. :lol:

You are going to make sin & Copper very happy, as Lucian is their all time love! They are head of the GOV (Grumpy Old Vamps club) on the forum...and anyone who declares their love for Lucian gets inducted straight into the GOV by them as soon as the the words are typed!! Image

Kath leads TY&TG (The Young & The Grumpy club) a blend for those who love some of each...Grumpies born BC or close to it & Young Yummies who are lots older than any of us, but usually relatively younger when compared to the Grumpies! ;)

I'm more of the YYI (Young Yummy Immortals club) type...and sounds like MsKitty is also, which doesn't surprise me as my bogan-belle sis & I often have a lot in common! It's mostly good, we promise! :shock: Image Image Denise and I are happy to lead you in YYI. As for me, well, I love, love, love VINCENT Image...and Thomas & Nicholas tie in second place (so I'm very interested in Armand's story...who is this reclusive ancient Immortal who produces such fine sons? ) Let's see, mmmm... Bastien...and the absolutely yummy delicious Christian (Image I'm ducking from Sue *giggle* as that is her fave man & she is about to burst waiting for him to tell Lynsay his story Image) Oh, I love the yummy Etienne (someone pleeasse pass the chocolate bottle...we'll take care of the "strawberries" ourselves Image Image)...ducking from sin now, who just threw my little cauldron back at me Image since I'm being "naughty"...which is a good thing, because she has been holding on to it & being naughty and instigating is all a part of the usual play around here. Image

My "older man" is Mortimer...Denise & I have a soft spot for him since we won the ARC of his book...and did I mention VINCENT?!!!! Image Denise loves Greg a lot & really falls more into TY&TG group, but we often assist each other & we have to be careful that Greg doesn't get overlooked as he was turned by Lissianna rather than being born immortal. Until Kath joined the forum, we hadn't thought to form a blended group. One thing about new friends becoming SASSy ARGENEAUTS is that they always bring new ideas with them, which we feel improves the flavour of our forum life and helps us keep it warm & cozy for everyone!

Greg was the first male in the series turned, and remained the only one we are well acquainted with until BBC & Tiny. Hmmm...I wonder if Mirabeau has turned him yet? I'm hoping Lynsay includes it in some of the upcoming additional info from the Port Henry crowd. Image We're still waiting for Stephano to get over pouting about Vincent saving his life by turning him and tell us his story. :roll: He did "talk" to Lynsay. Oh, here is how it works: Lynsay "hears" characters tell her their stories...don't worry, from what we have learned, that's quite normal for writers...then she writes it for us if they're cooperative...if not, she refuses to "force" a book, so they have to get their ducks in a row and come back when it's their turn again. Tiny refused to cooperate and we had to wait, causing us all a lot of anguish anticipating what was going to happen to him. It really wasn't well done of the usually charming Mr. McGraw :cry: but he finally got it together. I think he just had cold feet when he found out Marguerite had plans to find a life mate for him next. :) All Stephano did was pout & whine, so Lynsay "told" him to come back when he had dealt with it & put his big boy pants on and then they would talk. It's also quite normal for writers to "talk back" to their characters, which is a good thing, because then we get more books. Image I know the process sounds simple but while I may occasionally hear things in my head, so far it hasn't been any characters talking to me, kwim? It seems to be something that only afflicts authors, and then after the editors & publishers & cover artists and everyone else gets involved, the writing to publishing the final book process takes quite awhile.That's just business like in any other industry. Image While Lynsay & the characters are doing this "chat & write" dance Image Image that they do, she stops to pop in when possible to check on & post with us. She keeps in personal touch with her fans, especially her SAs on the forum! The Terrinator (that's Terri, her assistant...and our hilarious admin/moderator) takes care of us, too!

Back to faves, I'm very fond of Lucern, although he falls in all three forum fave groups, otherwise he would have his own fan club...yes, Luc really is that popular, he is second only to his Uncle Lucian!! While he is young & yummy, he is also grumpy in a lovable way. and many of us begin with his book which makes him a sentimental favourite, so we just had to agree to share him...although those who have him in the number one spot usually tend to fall in with the GOVs because for some reason, Lucern...the "No!" man, seems to fit better there! :lol: 8-)

Hey, what do you know about a wren? Well, by definition, they are "small widely distributed flighty singing birds" other words, I'm somewhat short, on the wide side (though I'm working on it - we have a weight loss support group for those of us who need it...and we support each other on other issues in our lives, as well), flighty...I prefer to think of it as "swift & spontaneous" although my frog prince (that's dear hubby) might see it differently...and I chirp a lot which shows in my posts! Oh, and I do like to sing, too, but it doesn't always come across well in text! :lol: However, we do ♪sing♫ on this forum...check out the games and see...the ability to carry a tune is not required!

Thank you for your question. Welcome to a regular-sized wren post. Would you like me to upsize that for you? *giggle*

A big Welcome to the SASSy ARGENEAUTS, twk5002!!!! Image You are going to love it here, because we are the best forum anywhere!! Image

♥ wren

P.S. To Lynsay & Terri & SAs ~ twk5002 (Tracie)is on facebook with most of us and has been a friend on our Lynsay associated sites for a long time. She has just recently rejoined our fabulous forum! :)

Re: Thank you for having me on the forum!

PostPosted: August 22nd, 2010, 11:28 am
by sin
Did I hear my name mentioned?? and How RUDE..ME? instigating? nope, no never, no way..I just know I heard LUCIAN mentioned.. and sis have I said Image to the little stirring up trouble lil witch?? lol

Glad you are feeling better..

Re: Thank you for having me on the forum!

PostPosted: August 22nd, 2010, 11:50 am
by rockie
Welcome Mrs. W!

Don't mind them, they do this all the time.. and trust me Wren's posts can get longer!! lol!! ( I think it might be time for me to duck for cover because, Im sure Im gonna get something thrown at my head! lol... love you Sis!)
We all go back and forth about who we love!!!! Trust me mine keeps changing with the books! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I am absolutely in love with Lucern and Nicholas and Entinne!! I can't pick just one! and I can't wait for Armand's story to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He might just shoot to the top of my list!! :lol:
When you see me around it might because Im gonna start some trouble! lol!! :) Im good at that!! I can't help it!! :)
But alas all is fun in love and war! :)

Re: Thank you for having me on the forum!

PostPosted: August 22nd, 2010, 11:54 am
by sin
rockie wrote:When you see me around it might because Im gonna start some trouble! lol!! :) Im good at that!! I can't help it!! :)
But alas all is fun in love and war! :)

Yup. But all us sisters and the correct saying is:all is fun in love,war and Immortals...

Re: Thank you for having me on the forum!

PostPosted: August 22nd, 2010, 1:06 pm
by wren
rockie starting trouble & sin & I instigating...why, I think not...but I know tis true :oops: :lol:

All is fangtastic fun in love, rogue-hunting, & Immortals!!!!

Re: Thank you for having me on the forum!

PostPosted: August 22nd, 2010, 3:55 pm
by tkw5002
HAHA, thank you all so much for the welcome!!!!!! :D I can tell that I will have a lot of fun on this forum!!!!! It's wonderful to know that there are other people out there who are just as crazy about the books as I am!!!!!! :P I am very honored to be a SASSy ARGENEAUTS :) I know I am friends with a couple of the ladies here on Facebook. If any others would like to friend me, just let me know since I have my profile set to private. Happy reading!!!!! Here's looking to August 31!!!!!!!! (BTB) YAY!!!! ;)

Re: Thank you for having me on the forum!

PostPosted: August 22nd, 2010, 5:05 pm
by susan60625
Did someone mention Christian? No ducking required, Wren! Especially since you were just stating facts about the two of us! :lol: