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What Is....?

PostPosted: May 25th, 2008, 12:57 pm
by jill
What would the forum be without my multitude of questions. I figure I will start this topic now for any who have questions about anything.

My question now concerns Creole language. Forgive my ignorance and I hope I don't offend anyone but I had thought Creole was a form of french. Is this correct? What is the origin - is it only spoken as a native tongue in Louisana?

Sorry but my curiosity is burning bright today.

Re: What Is....?

PostPosted: May 26th, 2008, 8:46 am
by wren
Jill, "Creole" is a word that can refer to a group of people with a mixed culture from anywhere in the world, and their language dialect can be from any parent language.

Louisian French Creoles are native born people descended from the Colonial French and/or Spanish settlers before 1803, when Louisiana became part of the USA through the Louisiana Purchase. Louisiana French Creoles generally come from a mixture of French, Spanish, African, and Native American people groups. Any French white creole or black creole person can be descended of only one or a mixture of all. The Louisiana French Creole dialect comes from Colonial French with elements of Spanish, African, and Native American languages. The grammar is similar in structure to Haitian Creole, also based on the French language which evolved to a different grammatical structure. Most French Creoles have familial ties to Louisiana, much of their culture and cuisine originated in New Orleans and the French Quarter, and most are Roman Catholic.

Cajuns are people who mostly live in the 22 parishes of south Louisiana known as Acadiana, who are descended from the French of Acadia. Louisiana is the only state that has parishes instead of counties, and New Orleans is not part of Acadiana. The Acadians, originally from west central France, were moved from Acadia, which was in what is now Canada (mainly Nova Scotia, but also New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island) during the time period of 1755-1763 when France and Britain were at war over the New France Colony during "The Seven Years War." This part of the war is referred to as "The French and Indian War" in the US. France secretly ceded Louisiana to Spain in 1762, but the Acadians didn't know that until after the war ended and they had already relocated to south Louisiana. They speak a dialect known as Cajun French, as well as a second dialect known as Cajun English. Their culture is based on their ancestry, which is mostly white Acadian, their cuisine, and most are Roman Catholic.

The cultures of the Louisiana Creoles and Cajuns have some similarities, but they are each distinct ethnic groups with different cuisines. Both speak a dialect of the French language, although not the same dialect. At the turn of the 20th century, most were forced to speak English in the schools, resulting in a decline in the native French speakers in Louisiana. In 1980, Louisiana began an immersion program of French Creole and Cajun French in the schools to try to bring the French language back.

I couldn't separate the cultures from the language, because we need to know the background of the people to understand how their language and dialects developed.

Hope this helps a little! Image

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PostPosted: May 26th, 2008, 12:12 pm
by Copper
just wanter to ask about the ... of AE4 means i know its a sister thing but i was just wonderin :D :D

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PostPosted: May 26th, 2008, 3:02 pm
by jill
Thanks Wren that helped quite a lot. Apperciate the info. :D

Re: What Is....?

PostPosted: May 27th, 2008, 12:24 am
by wren
copper, the AE4 as we dubbed ourselves, are four of us who became friends through Lynsay's old forum, quite some time back. Originally, there were three of us who found that we loved and collected the tv series "Charmed," almost as much as we loved the Argeneau books. On top of that, our personalities and ages lined us up to match each of the "Charmed Ones" who were sister witches who fought evil on the program. It became a game that we played when we were bantering on the old forum between books and other interesting topics. Also, another sister came along who was so perfect for us that we asked her to be our baby sister, just like the character of Billie in the eighth season of "Charmed" came along to help the sisters.

The AE4 stands for Angelic Enforcers...based on my dear frog prince's (that's my dear hubby) description of "Charmed" as a recycled version of the 1970's tv program "Charlie's Angels" also by Aaron Spelling, with sister witches instead of private detectives. Mr. Spice teasingly called us Lynsay's Angels, and what would her angels do but help the Argeneaus and enforcers when needed. In between, we tease and banter with everyone else. We get distracted from our "mission" sometimes. :mrgreen: We also used to throw a lot of smilies at each other as we "discussed" our fave hunky Argeneau man.

We have become very good friends in real life, as close as real sisters, talking to one another on the phone or through personal sites like facebook, and just having fun. All four of us are lined up by personality and age to the characters on the tv show, and we take our "magical powers" from them. It just kind of worked out that way...we were a perfect fit. LOL

Hmmm...sin (Cindy on the old forum) is the oldest and most powerful sister (think Piper) with the powers to freeze time and blow up things. wren, that's me, is the middle sister (think Phoebe) with the powers of premonition, empathy, and sometimes levitation. Gigi3 (Gena on the old forum) is the baby sister (think Paige) with the power to orb and transport items by orbing them to her, half whitelighter (guardian angel) and half witch. Jill is the adopted baby sister (think Billie from season 8) with powers of telekineses, astral projection, and a number of others she has yet to reveal as she is very powerful. 8-) So, it's just a special game to us...but it became really special because it made us sisters, if not irl, at least through our common interests and caring about each other. Our initials, C1, W2, G3, and J4, identify us by our name and which sister we are in order of age and place in the family. We do not have the characters of Prue (the oldest sister who died on the show and was never on at the same time as Paige, so we simply let her rest in peace) nor Christy (Billie's sister, who had been kidnapped by demons as a child and turned evil...she was so brainwashed that she could not be turned back to good and was vanquished by Billie in self-defense, so we let her rest in peace...if she can, too)

Along with that, we have become irl friends with a number of other forum friends, and for those who are too far away for calling on the you in Scotland, we stay in touch here on the forum or through the other sites, such as MySpace, facebook,, and frapper. Facebook is a lot of fun!

Btw, Gypsy is my irl younger sister and she has a twin, Seashell who is not on the forum often but is a major Argeneau fan. Gypsy and her daughter, Kewie, live with my family when she isn't wandering, as gypsies are prone to do! Just so you would not be confused. Also, Jodi is my Canadian bookpal sister...she helps me with homeschooling lessons from the far north including small items and pictures from Canada which are fascinating, and we exchange is very hard to get any of the books in the NT of Canada, especially the new ones coming out, even in Yellowknife. So, I have a habit of referring to all of these friends as my sisters...because in so many ways, that's is who they really are to me.

The AE4 likes to be friends with everyone on the forum...that is what makes it the most fun. sin designed our signatures for us...irl, she is very good at computers! :) The other three each love a specific "grumpy old immortal" that they try to get others to love as much as they do...I believe you are on C1's team...Lucian, yes?

If you have other questions about us, just ask. Just remember...Jill caught on to us really fast, and her sense of humour matches us so well...well, it was obvious she was our Billie, so we brought her into the family. never know what may happen to you if you are curious or mischievous with the four of us.....bwahahahahahaImage

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PostPosted: May 27th, 2008, 1:25 am
by wren
copper, in addition, regarding the AE4...

C1 = loves Lucian

W2 = loves Vincent, Thomas, Bastien, Etienne, and Christian...sigh...All = Yummy! Image

G3 = loves Victor

J4 = loves Lucern

I let the other sisters love as well as bicker over the older guys and which one is best, while I enjoy all the others! (Nottes and enforcers not yet included) Image Of course, my irl best friend growing up (since I was 4yo) says I have always been fickle. :oops: But, Not since I met my dear frog prince!Image

We also have a few AE Associates...Gypsy & Stauri are both pixies/fairies, as they are both well established Tinkerbell fans, even before it was "fashionable" to be so!ImageImage They both have very mischeivous pixie powers! So, beware...the gypsy-pixie also has her fortune-telling powers, and Stauri also has wizard & vampire pixie powers...see the "stars" in her name, hmmm?

Jodi is our NT Canadian sister & bookpal... but she hasn't mentioned her other powers yet. Hmmm...I better check that out :?: We know how funny she is, so she probably has her secrets, kwim?

Kimberly is our forum sister who keeps us all up to date on Lynsay & the bestseller lists, and other sites that give us info/interviews about Lynsay Sands, including her publishers sites.Image

Denise is our "ebay enforcer"...she checks out suspicious activity about Lynsay Sands books being sold and brings it to our attention, and she is also good at helping to come up with names when we need them...such as the SASSy ARGENEAUTS. She also checks out information about the books, bookclubs, and publishers for us.Image

Oh, and the "corners" came about when Mr. Spice said on the old forum that he wouldn't throw the AE4 off the forum (we were being especially naughty that day) but he might make us stand in the corner. So, when anybody gets too naughty, they get sent to their corner...until they can come out and be really good & naughty again! Anyone who wants a corner can just tell me, and I'll paint your name on a corner in "magic forum school!" I think I've given you one already, haven't I? Most of us need one for General Purposes...never know when C1 is going to send you there with your books! Only the Spice clan and C1 can send her to the forum...but she is a powerful witch, and sends the rest of us as needed. Of course, the Spice clan can send any of us anytime. I usually deserve it! Image

Those are just a few...I suspect we have others in Lynsay's magical army...and will be in need of others that are fairly new! :D We are quite often a bit silly, but we do have a scathingly brilliant good time!

ETA - C1 became S1 on the new forum to match her username! :)

Re: What Is....?

PostPosted: May 27th, 2008, 7:05 am
by Copper
thanks Wren for taking your time to explane its nice to see that Lynsay's books really bring people together :D :D

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PostPosted: May 27th, 2008, 8:38 pm
by wren
copper, Lynsay's official forum has to be the friendliest and best forum on the internet. We have so much fun together, and it's great that we have you for a new friend already! We can tell you already know how to get into trouble, umm...I meant, be naughty with us! Such mischief and curiosity must be rewarded. LOL I'm thinking we are going to need an AE Associate that is so close to the European Council...I don't think we have anyone in that role...hmmm, must bring this to the attention of the AE4 sisters :!: :twisted:

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PostPosted: May 27th, 2008, 8:42 pm
by sin
The AEA of Europe is a great idea..She is my Lucian sister...We have Jodi of the great white north...We must get the others input also...But all AEA's must report to the AE4...haha

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PostPosted: May 29th, 2008, 7:28 am
by wren
Absolutely, big sis! You are the most powerful, except for the Lder. :) And...there must be some kind of order to this magical forum group! LOL