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Postby TomEC on January 6th, 2011, 4:02 pm

Okay, top 5. Could you pick your top five children? Here’s my shot at a moving target:

Lynsay Sands: The Argeneau Family has pulled me into their world like few fictional people ever do. They have quickly became beloved to me. These are people I really like and wish I could hang out with. Lynsay's nano-based immortality is the ultimate wish fulfillment (beats the crap out of being undead). I’m not a typical forum joiner but I joined this one and that’s not saying a little. I’ve daydreamed more fan fiction based on these books than everything else I’ve read combined. In 47 years I’ve read a lot! By the way, I never write fan fiction down because, seriously, what would be the point? Lynsay has the advantage over several of my other favorites of still being alive and writing. I wish her a long life; immortality, actually.

Zenna Henderson: All she ever wrote were short stories and her most beloved and memorable were her People stories. I first encountered them when I was a sad, lonely teenager and they healed me. When in 1995, I found that they had been collected into a single volume called Ingathering: The Complete People Stories of Zenna Henderson (Still available on Amazon) I rushed out and bought two. Every now and then, I read them again and I find myself once more enthralled, amazed, envious, and a little homesick. That magic will never go away.

Patricia Briggs: Mercy Thompson is one of my favorite heroines. She’s smart, loyal, kind and as brave as they come. Her and Adam are great together. I think if I were going be turned, becoming a Patricia Briggs type werewolf would be my second choice after being a Lynsay Sands type immortal. (notice I didn’t say vampire)

Jack L. Chalker: He did transformation better than any author I’ve ever read. He really got inside the character’s head and let us experience what it feels like to be transformed from one thing into another. I spent a lot of time with his characters on the Well World as well all the other fascinating worlds he took me to. I’ll miss him.

Edgar Rice Burroughs: My childhood favorite. Tarzan was the original super hero.
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