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Re: Family Trees Updated

PostPosted: August 17th, 2016, 10:49 am
by susan60625
I know it has been a while barb63, but the forum isn't as active as it was in the past. Plus, we have a policy on new members needing to have a certain number of moderated postings before their entries are automatically posted. Since we are not as active, the moderators (Lynsay or her asst/sister, Terri) don't get into the system as often to post the newer member postings.

As for your question about Martine -- No there is no book for Martine. In fact, she is only seen once (Lissiana's book, A Quick Bite) and mentioned in a couple of others. I don't know if Lynsay will ever go back and write a book about her, but maybe a short story or novella would be more likely. We've been asking for her story for a long, long time! Plus, she still has a bunch more kids, from both her first and second marriages, that need to be mated up!