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Postby wren on July 9th, 2012, 5:14 am

Shennee wrote:5) Favourite word? Why settle for one?

I couldn't have said it better myself! When you read a few of my posts, you'll know why. We seem to have a lot in common. I've been out for awhile, but I'm very happy to come back and Welcome you to the best forum anywhere! :D

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Re: Quirky questions

Postby WonderlandBeat on March 14th, 2015, 6:34 pm

1) Favourite animal and why?
Tigers; they are so majestic and beautiful, especially the white ones with their stunning cobalt blue eyes.
2) Least favourite animal and why?
Reptile family; have always had a phobia for snakes and lizards aren't much different in my mind.
3) Favourite food?
Depends on what I'm craving but... can't really go wrong with Chocolate right?
4) Favourite person?
What if you have favorite people and not a person? Well if I had to pick a "person" it would be Gizmo are furry best friend that actually is a real-life pillow pet when he feels like it. He is a great cuddly buddy especiall for when you're sad or sickly.
5) Favourite word?
Squigglyspooch? Something weird my brother says sometimes and I'm just like what the hell cause it's so weird.
6) Favourite Lynsay Sands book?
Just as one does not simply walk into Mordor one (or I) do not simply choose a favorite Lynsay Sands book. I will say I absolutely love her Argeneau series. They're my favorite... granted I don't really have the money at the moment but I will eventually obtain all her other books and give them a read because she's a fantastic and amazing writer. There hasn't been a single Argeneau book that I haven't liked.
7) Name of the street you live on?
28th St KPS. Boring right? KPS = Key Peninsula South.
8) Favourite country other than the one you live in?
There are too many wonderful ones out there and considering I haven't been able to explore them I can't choose one that easily but the top three in my mind thus far are England, Italy and Japan... but again subject to change once I'm actually able to venture out of my own.
9) Your real or imaginary pet’s name?
My real pet's name is Gizmo but sometimes we call him Gizzy or Gizard... like Lizard just with a G.
10) Coffee or tea? Black or not?
Coffee... with heavy creamer. I don't like the taste of coffee beans.
11) Favourite time of the day?
Afternoon? I don't seem to stay up ubber late anymore at the moment since I'm not typically on the computer (well except for today) and have been reading from about an hour after I get up until about an hour before I fall asleep.
12) Favourite TV/movie character?
Favorite TV character would have to probably be Damon from The Vampire Diaries~
13) Favourite cartoon? (on TV or in the paper)
Favorite "cartoon" on TV is probably... The Simpsons currently. Favorite "anime" going to have to choose the old childhood favorite being Sailor Moon. Favorite cartoon that used to be in the paper would be Garfield.
14) Your ideal vacation?
Backpacking through Europe exploring a lot of the places like England, Italy, France, Ireland, Scotland among other places.
15) Your idea of the worst vacation?
Being on a cruise ship. Sorry but... my stomach gives me trouble on a ferry, can't handle being stuck on a cruise... out in the middle of the ocean. Movies like Titanic and Poseidon come to mind on reasons of why I'm not fond of the idea. Yeah, I'd rather have a quick flight somewhere and be done with it or travel by vehicle. Boat, no. Ferry is as much as I do and those usually take only an hour.
16) What is 42?
A number? Or a football call. Remember? "Blue 42 hut hut hike?"
17) If you were a bug, what would you be?
Butterfly? There are so many different types, some more colorful than others and they seem so happy... then again I might want to be a spider just to be a bit of a wully bully to a friend of mine. I'd hide in a corner just lurking there then suddenly drop right in front of her so she'd shriek before I run away and hide somewhere she can't get to me. Then, while she's no doubt out getting the bug spray I'll find a new hiding spot and keep fleeing so she can't get me only to repeat the whole process over. I know for a fact she won't kill them herself, she called her mom over once to do it and bribed her with a sandwich from subway as payment. ;)
18) Tinkerbell or Tonto?
Oh good question... Tonto would be pretty amusing to be but gotta pick Tinkerbell. If you go by the classic way that she can't talk to others they won't have a clue what I'm saying but I'll know what they are... also ?I can sprinkle them with pixie dust whenever the heck I want. Make them all floaty~
19) Can you fly?
Nope, not without a plane.
20) What colour would you make the grass?
I would keep it green but maybe make it a darker one, kinda like forest green.
21) Is you could bring back one extinct animal, what would you choose?
Sabertooth Tiger. Something about the large cat family always has my interest.
22) If you could have one incredible ability (x-ray vision, mind control, levitation, flying, bending metal, invisibility) what would it be and what would be the first thing you’d do with it.
Mind Control. I'd get my dad's girlfriend to quit being such a nagging witch to my brother and I. She's constantly doing it, on purpose, complaining about the smallest thing. It's like we never seem to do enough to make her happy. Thing is, we aren't here to make her happy, we're here for our dad. So, I'd just keep her quiet.
23) If you could be anyone for a day, whom would you choose?
Marguerite Argeneau (never said it had to be someone real). Love how she's played matchmaker for a lot of her family and friends already and I would love to be able to help do things like that. She is an amazing and strong woman even though she's fictional.
24) If you could see anything on your porch/in your backyard, what would you like to see? (a tree, Austin Powers, an elephant, the circus, tower of Piza)
A lake, it has always been peaceful to be able to stare out over a lake. There is one in our neighborhood but our house isn't directly on it like some that have docks and such... we're about two blocks away and so obviously can't see it with all the houses and trees between us and it.
25) If you got a gorgeous pair of heels, boots, dress shoes, etc., what colour would they be?
It depends on what I'm wearing... black generally goes with everything however sometimes it doesn't hurt to have a pair in another color like red but it limits what they go with. White is another good color... aside from having to clean them pretty frequent.
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