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Re: Question from a newbie!

Postby Double E on March 9th, 2009, 11:45 pm

Mr Spice wrote:
anji4062 wrote:Hey Lynsay,

I was just wondering. Have you ever thought about having your books made into audio books?

Hi Angie,

That's something which is down to the publisher and they will only do it if they think that there will be sufficient sales to make it worthwhile. I don't know if Lynsay's sales figures would merit the audiobook treatment.

On a slightly different, but related subject, I have tried to persuade Lynsay to consider podcasting as a way of promoting her books. I've suggested having her reading sample chapters, doing real interviews and other such stuff and I do have the necessary equipment to produce broadcast quality audio. My only problem is overcoming her reluctance to commit her voice to tape. It's a little like early photography and the response of savages to being photographed - I suspect she thinks it's stealing her soul.

Any suggestions for changing her mind?

Mr. Spice ~ Podcast! Yes, I am there! It is always freaky listening to your own voice (I work in a call center and have to listen to recorded calls regularly). Maybe talking Lynsay in to listening to other podcasts??? Personally, I have one that I listen to on a weekly basis (religously). Just download it to the MP3 and go! It's soo easy. Oh Oh, I got it. Another suggestion would be bribe her, lol (a new purse, jewelry). Just sayin'.
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Re: Questions for LS can be found here

Postby rachelabshr on June 26th, 2011, 11:27 am

I would like to ask Lynsay if you could tell us where you see all the mated couples currently in their
Lives where would they be as couples and family.

As we get to know, a little with each book but not every couple is mentioned with each book.
Therefore, for those of us who have favorite couples that are not always talked about I would like to know
If you see them currently in your mind what that are doing now.

Like who has become pregnant who has given birth. Where they are working things like that
Kind of like a flash forward.

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