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If I had $5 million Dollars....

PostPosted: February 14th, 2012, 10:47 pm
by grlnxtdr29
My friends and family and I are always joking about what we would do if we won the Lottery, so I decided to make a game out of it. I've set the limit at $5 million because, well, lets face it, you can't take it with you when you go, and unless they unlock the secrets of the nanos, none of us is going to live forever. Be creative with your imaginations. Of course, we'll all say that we'd donate some of it to Charity, so you don't have to mention that unless you want to mention a specific Charity and why you would donate to them.

If I had $5 million, I would buy a Large parcel of land, and build my dream house. 3 stories plus a basement. In the basement would be the laundry room and the garage area, and an area for Hubby to build his dream model train layout. On the First floor would be the Living room, the Dining room, Game/computer room, The PERFECT Kitchen, and what I cal my Library/Tea Room/Christmas room. second Floor would be Guest rooms and exercise room. Third floor would be Bedrooms and bathrooms.

For me the Perfect Kitchen would be large, with a Walk in Pantry, Breakfast nook, Island butcher block, and one wall that is all glass and looks out into a Greenhouse area, with a door out to the greenhouse.

My library/Tea Room/Christmas room would have really comfy couches to sit on and read my books, with wall to wall and floor to ceiling Shelves. Mostly book shelves, but also some odd sized shelves to display my Tea sets and other items I collect, as well as plants. I would do it up in colors of Evergreen, cranberry, Ivory and Gold, and there would be Big turret window where the Christmas tree would go. There would be a Fireplace and lots of places to put candles, since I preffer to read in subdued light.

The Master Bathroom would have a Seperate Shower and bath tub, and the tub would be something decadent that I could relax and soak in for hours while reading a Good book. The Kids would each have their own room, with a Conecting bathroom. I would do their bathroom up like it was under the sea, and then each of the Kids would have their own theme room, beaches for Daughter and desert island for Son.

I would have a small orchard of fruit trees, as well as a veggie garden, herb garden, rose garden, tea garden, and what I call a scatter garden, which just means mixing up a bunch of different regional flowering plant seeds and spreading them around in a random but controlled manner.

I Have been trying to decide if I would build a stable and corral and get a horse or two, since my Daughter really loves Horses. Might also build a really fun dog house and Tree house combo, too.

I would also Travel. I would love to take a driving trip of the US (Probably while they were building my house) and see New York, Boston, Washington DC, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and a bunch of other places in the US and Canada. And I would also love to travel to Ireland, Scotland, England, Geremany, Italy, and Spain. (For some reason, France has never really been that appealing to me).

So, that is some of what I would do if I had $5 million. What would YOU do?

Re: If I had $5 million Dollars....

PostPosted: February 15th, 2012, 12:27 pm
by susan60625
One thing I've always wanted to do is related to my former career and my own experiences. I used to work for a major department store in the buying offices for ladies apparel and got to know quite a bit about that industry. My problem with clothing is that not only am I heavyset, but I'm very tall. In today's market, you can find stores for tall women and stores for plus-size women, but, Heaven Forbid, that a woman is both!

That is why I've always wanted to open a store for that type of woman. Carrying not only fashionable apparel (dresses, separates, casual, business wear, formal), but everything else, such as undergarments, hosiery, swimwear, sleepwear and outerwear. I even have a name for the store - Over Average.

Re: If I had $5 million Dollars....

PostPosted: February 15th, 2012, 2:39 pm
by grlnxtdr29
I'll be your First Customer! I*'m not tall, but I am Generously Proportioned....

Re: If I had $5 million Dollars....

PostPosted: March 14th, 2015, 7:32 pm
by WonderlandBeat
If I had $5 Million Dollars...

I'd start by building my dream home. Something with a Victorian feel to it. Sorry but there's just something about them, especially love wrap around porches (lived in Georgia for a while so saw quit a few of them). There's be probably at least two if not three stories... a basement for like a game area or a collection that needs to be mostly out of sunlight to avoid fade out... there'd be a few large rooms on the main floor; living room, kitchen and dining room obviously but then a room that it probably at least 1/3 the ground level that'd be a "library". I love books so to have a room dedicated just to be filled by them... three an 3/4 walls (where the door is not) filled with bookshelves and books on those shelves. Maybe a desk and computer in the middle of the room and a corner near a shelf an arm chair to curl up in and read happily. The next floor would be the bedrooms and such.

Think I may build another house on the property (probably have quite a few acres) but this one is more basic... for more family possibly but it would also be possibly for if there are people that work there regularly... my other thing I want to do is make my home/property an animal sanctuary rescuing strays that have been in a shelter/pound for too long. I may be allergic to cats... but that won't limit me. They have allergy medication... anyways, the land and part of the houses would be to hold dogs and cats in... don't know if there'd be horses or others things.

All I know is, were I to make a charity donation it'd be to pet sanctuaries and stuff... I'm the type of person that gets suckered into the ASPCA commercials... I have to leave the room when they're on because they pull at my heartstrings so much and presently I have only so much funds that I can't donate at the moment. I did before though, $40 a month... not much but still some. Did that with the Wildlife group too.

Oh, with part of the money I'd also travel no doubt. See the countries I really wish to explore staying longing enough that I feel satisfied with what I've seen. I'd also want to go to writers' conferences too like the ones Lynsay and Terri go to. I'd go to conventions as well... Pretty easily entertained really. So, what isn't used up by me or gets donated will be left to whatever family I may have.