Contest #3 - for a copy of Born To Bite

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Re: Contest #3 - for a copy of Born To Bite

Postby terri on September 28th, 2010, 9:05 am

I will DEFINITELY post pictures when I get them. <G>

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Re: Contest #3 - for a copy of Born To Bite

Postby cgsdesigns on October 4th, 2010, 11:33 pm

Congrats Denise!

Terri - who is also moving to a new apartment this week... just had the living room walls painted deep, dark purple (2 walls) and a olive/taupy green (2 walls). Looks amazing.

Ain't moving just so fun!!! LOL I am still trying to get this place looking like I think it should look. I did dark Mauve with a light pink in the same way you did. And then I went through the trailer and did all the rooms the same but did the walls opposite in every other way. I just bought a black light bar to put in the top of my bay window to kinda accent the purple Christmas tree lights I have outlining it. I put my hot pink cluster lights down the hallway. I just have to make it my own. And my own means a bit out of reality! You should see all of the framed posters I have on my walls. :D :D I have just about all of the Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse posters down the hall way. TrueBlood posters in the living room. Vampire Diaries in the kitchen and Eric Northman in my bedroom. :twisted: :oops:

The funny thing is I don't really care for the Twilight series but, do you know how hard it is to find any vampire posters???? I bought all of the TrueBlood posters I could find and still had walls to fill.... soooooooo I had to fill the space somehow. And Twilight beat the heck out of Barney.

Boy, is there any chance of getting any of the Argeneau books on posters? :D :D :D I'd be right there in line to get them! :D *drool* *drool*
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