The Twins: Juli and Vicki

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The Twins: Juli and Vicki

Postby love2read on August 28th, 2008, 9:42 am

I also realized that there was not any topics about Elspeths younger sister's the twins Juli and Vicki!

They were mentioned in two books A Quick Bite and also Vampire, Interrupted. They are the youngest of the Argeneaus, but that does not mean that they might not get their own story in the future. Gasp! :o what if they are life mates to some other twins we know...the Notte twins!!! :?:

Any ideas anyone?
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Re: The Twins: Juli and Vicki

Postby Copper on August 28th, 2008, 12:07 pm

i love the twins theys so sweet and very cute with there baby dalls etc
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Re: The Twins: Juli and Vicki

Postby wren on September 4th, 2008, 3:14 am

Don't forget that they are the youngest Argeneau girls coming up for possible stories, but the "next generation" of Argeneaus is already beginning to be born. Lucy, the daughter of Lissianna and Greg, is a baby, and we know that Lucian and Leigh are already expecting. Julius and Marguerite have already talked about children in their future, and so have Victor and Elvi, who will probably be wanting children even sooner. Although older than Mabel, DJ was young and lucky at 112yo to find his lifemate so soon, and now that Mabel has a happier marriage than during her mortal life and her mortal children are grown, I think the two of them may want children together. Enough time has passed since Julianna's and Victoria's birth if Martine wants another child with her lifemate that they may have another.

Julius and Marguerite will need their time together first! However, after finding Tiny's lifemate and getting him settled, then our "mystery book," then Armand finally coming around to tell us his story, I expect Marguerite will be ready to look into matches for Marcus and maybe a little later, Christian. Now that she knows the happiness of having a real lifemate, I think she will be working double-time on her wonderful matchmaking with Julius in tow as he knows what it's like to go 500 years living without your lifemate while knowing for sure that your lifemate maybe they will team up to make matches as fast as Lynsay can write the books! Image Isn't that a delightful thought? We love you Lynsay! Image

We must all pray that Lynsay NEVER gets tired of writing our favourite series...there are still so many books I want to read! Hopefully, switching between hysterical historicals and playful & passionate paranormals, Lynsay won't ever get bored writing for us! Image We appreciate Mr. Spice and House Elf Terri for taking care of her so that she doesn't pass out from exhaustion from overworking for us!!

So, with all the other lifemates matches that have been made so far, it is only a matter of time and Julianna and Victoria will no longer be the youngest Argeneaus anymore and will be out of university and ready to move on with their lives...and neither will Dante and Tommaso be the youngest Nottes of which we know so far! :lol:

P.S. It does happen that twins marry twins in real life, but I'm not so sure that we are going to see Juli & Vicki end up with Dante & Tommaso. It could happen, and if anyone could pull it off realistically, Lynsay is the writer to do it.
One thing I like best about Lynsay's paranormals (and historicals) is that she makes them believable while filling them with love and laughter and things I can be happy about...nanos instead of curses, matches of the right lifemates...and as far as historicals go, anyone who can make "farting horses in the great hall of the castle" so hilarious yet realistic at the same time...well, as far as the Argeneau twins getting together with the Notte twins...when Lynsay sees, then we shall see! Image
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