Stephanie and Leonius 21

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Stephanie and Leonius 21

Postby Damiana on January 6th, 2010, 9:25 am

Since all Villan sisters have their own books, why not Dani's younger sister Stephanie?

She's been through a lot, with Leoniuses kidnapping her and all. Maybe that made her mature enough to get a lifemate. I mean, all women in books are about 30, why not try something new? i know she was only 15 in 'The Immortal Hunter' but maybe in a few years when she's 19 or something she could also have a book, or at least, like i suggested in my first topic, a part of some book. What do you think?

Also, since i've read 'The Immortal Hunter' i've been thinking about the behavior of Leonius 21 towards her. He didn't bite her and seemed, well, fond of her? or was that just my impression mutated in my imagination?

he even tried to protect her from his father and all, as far as i remember.. And, on the parking lot while Leoniuses were spying on Dani and Stephanie while there came from that shop by the gas station or something, he was looking at her intently and acted like he was obsessed.. ?

Btw, was Leonius 21 killed or escaped? i read 'The immortal hunter' a while ago, and i remember Leonius 1st locking him up in a closet or another room because he crazily tried to protect Stephanie, but when Leonius 1st was captured and then set free by a blond vamp, what happened to Leonius 21?

Is it possible for Leonius 21 not to be crazy like his father and siblings, and that Stephanie was his lifemate?

ps. i'm sorry if i made some mistakes, it was a while since i've read that book :oops:

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Re: Stephanie and Leonius 21

Postby Denise on January 6th, 2010, 2:25 pm

Wow, interesting theory. I just finished a readthrough and I do believe that 21 was handed over to the council with the other 4 sons. The last I remember of them being mentioned, Ernie made reference (I think) to Leo2 regrouping and trying to make some more sons to replace the 5 that the council had just eliminated. But, admittedly, that was a vague reference and who knows what might happen.
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Re: Stephanie and Leonius 21

Postby wren on January 9th, 2010, 3:52 pm

It's been awhile since I read the book, but I noticed 21s fascination with Stephanie, too. Leo 2 said that 21 seemed to want to keep Stephanie as some kind of pet, and was disgusted with reason he locked him up. He didn't understand why 21 wasn't doing as told with Stephanie, and was protecting her instead.

Doesn't Stephanie have long blonde hair? Is it possible she reminded him in some way of the blonde woman who rescues Leo 2 at the end of the book, who is possibly Basha that we learned about in REN? 21 was turned over to the council to be read and terminated along with his brothers. I think Stephanie will be quite a bit older before we have a book on her. It is hard for me to find it believable for someone to have such traumatic events happen to them at such a young age and be ready for a life mate. Yes, she may mature faster in some ways than some of the born immortals because of what happened to her, but she also has to learn to deal with all the physical changes and emotional trauma, as well as grow to adulthood physically, mentally, & emotionally. I see Decker & Dani calling on Martine, Marguerite, and Dr. Greg to help Stephanie with her transition. sin & I have speculated on Marguerite & Julius possibly raising Stephanie to adulthood, but we also thought that it may be Martine that Decker turns to for help. Now that we know that his brother Cale's book is coming up, and that Cale & Alex will be life mates, I think we are going to see much more of Martine's family, and since Dani and Stephanie are actually part of Martine's Argeneau children, I think we will see Stephanie spending a lot of time with her. :) I do think it's possible that Stephanie may find a life mate earlier than some Immortals do, which revises some of my thoughts on the possibility of it being Justin Bricker...but not until she is through with her university education. Having been born mortal and turned at age 15, Stephanie may still mature in many ways as a mortal would and be ready for a life mate in her mid 20s. At 19yo, it would only have been 4 years since Leo 2 kidnapped her, and I think she is going to need just a little more time than that, but it's always possible. Also, maybe 21's having been good to her in his own weird way may help her deal with the tragic parts in some ways.

As far as 21 goes, maybe he was not born insane and was actually an edentate...maybe 21 was actually a sane Immortal with no fangs who was just trained to be mean & not know any better due to how Leo 2 treats his sons & teaches his sons to fear & hate fanged Immortals, as well as them developing with no mental or emotional maturity due to the environment in which they grow up.

An Immortal edentate mother has a one in three chance of having an Immortal child who is an edentate (sane with no fangs), a stillborn child, or an Immortal no-fanger child (insane with no fangs.) It would be the same for a no-fanger mother to have a one in three chance of having an Immortal child who is an edentate, a stillborn child, or an Immortal no-fanger? After all, when a no-fanger turns a mortal, they have that same one in three chance, which means that if an edentate turned a mortal, they would have that same one in three chance. It has to work this way because we know that a child will be mortal or immortal depending on what the mother is...that's why Leo 2 has to 'turn' mortals first...and both of these Immortal groups that didn't evolve fangs get their nanos from the same experimental batch that have cloned from the nanos that the two original edentates, the two original no-fangers, and the two who died received.

We just don't know enough yet. :( Leo 1 always killed his daughters, and Leo 2 only wants sons also. The blonde woman has fangs, and we know that some of Leo 2's sons have fangs. Leo 1 was kidnapping Immortal women to make them bear him children, which was one of the reasons the original council was formed and the battle against Leo 1 & his brood took place. It's possible Leo 2 kidnaps Immortal women as well as turning mortals. We don't know the genders of the six who received the experimental batch of nanos, do we? What is their purpose in killing their daughters? Both Dani and Stephanie are sane...does the one in three chance effect males but not females? They don't develop fangs, but we know that their is the Blonde fanged Immortal woman with Leo 2. There has to be a reason they kill their daughters. I don't think it's just because they don't want girls, because they could use them to have grandsons, and Immortal women have the strength and other abilities that Immortal men have. I think they kill their daughters because they have reason to fear them, or because whoever is targeting the Argeneau wives insists upon it. Just I need to reread. :D
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