***The Immortal Who Loved Me 2/24/15***Comment Only If Read

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Re: ***The Immortal Who Loved Me 2/24/15***Comment Only If R

Postby LadyKate on July 29th, 2015, 6:33 am

lisa wrote:Bash and Elvi, and all the new turns need a Immortal Rule Book, delivered with their bagged blood! Also I think I remember Victor drinking from the bagged stuff now, so maybe that pesky anomaly has been cured? They don't have to feed off the hoof now? Something like beano?

I kinda thought the bagged blood thing was a slip that might be explained away as the equivalent of "junk food" as we know that an enzyme required is missing but perhaps it "fills that gap" to a small degree until Victor can get away to hunt.

It would be good to know if either a correction will appear in a newer release or at least some kind of follow up on Bastien's research into their problem. (on an aside, I'm curious, is it only Victor and Vincent who have the problem? Are their others?)
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Re: ***The Immortal Who Loved Me 2/24/15***Comment Only If R

Postby orionsfaith on September 10th, 2015, 3:37 pm

Can't believe I never commented on this. LOVED it of course! Seeing Stefanie take care of herself and a mortal was cool to watch.
Glad and Sad Leo's finally gone. The final scene was a little too quick for my taste, wanted him to suffer but Sherry sticking him in the nuts was a nice touch.

Love how they're getting more and more concerned for Steph. Seriously doubt she'll turn but sounds like it's gonna get a whole lot worse before it's better. No doubt it'll even get to the point Lucian wants to kill her but she runs away, hangs out with more new lifemates we haven't met yet and they save her somehow.
I also want to meet an old Edentate. Think they said at least one survived Atlantis.

Bricker's story's gonna be awesome. Love how they brought up the infidelity punishment. Mega harsh, like all their laws. Doubt Lucian will use it on Bricker even if he does consummate but he'll make him think he will.
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