***About A Vampire 9/29/15*** Comment only if you've read it

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Re: ***About A Vampire 9/29/15*** Comment only if you've rea

Postby WonderlandBeat on October 7th, 2015, 6:33 pm

Loved loved loved the book. It had me cracking up a storm from the first chapter. Really, just the "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to run with scissors?" that was just... darn. Like insult to injury kinda right there, granted didn't seem she registered what had been said at least.

Also, dear god. I understand getting payback for all of the hazing Bricker pretty much gave the other guys but I was feeling for the poor guy. Seriously there was a moment there I thought maybe Decker and Anders were trying to sabotage things. Lucian's payback at least didn't have a huge impact, just made Bricker need to work harder without their extra mojo that often helps pull the other life mate in. In the end, things worked out and I'm so happy about that. Even hearing that Valerie and Dani were not pleased with their guys in how they handled it. Hopefully they were in the dog house for a night or so.

Though I gotta say that James being Gia's mate was a nice twist to toss in there. I'm one of the slower readers... started reading the book at approximately 6pm last night and then stopped at 1am ending on chapter 10 for the night because I feared losing my place by nodding off and I've been known for knocking books off my bed in my sleep. In the end, resumed reading after getting something quick to eat and finished just half an hour ago. Now, I'm about to have a quick break to make a super early dinner so I can begin my usual re-reading of the entire series starting from A Quick Bite. It'll be a month probably before I poke my head in again feeling most likely the same way after reading About A Vampire a second time through.

Also about Dante and Tomasso's books I can't wait for them to be released. What would be perfect is if they could be released in tandem so right after reading one twin's story we could immediately have the other to follow with. But, I know that isn't likely to happen and can't wait for when she is able to release it for us to order/read. As for what I've seen some saying... I was under the impression, from the summary, that they are kinda interwoven like Vampires Are Forever and Interrupted Vampire were. How some parts of the story lapped where others they hadn't directly. I could be entirely mistaken, but after reading the summary... I think on Amazon?... that was the impression I got that the brothers would be apart but their stories would mix.

Sorry, I may be just entirely mixed up right now. Anyways, hope everyone was able to enjoy the book as much as I was.
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Re: ***About A Vampire 9/29/15*** Comment only if you've rea

Postby susan60625 on October 8th, 2015, 12:35 am

Well, now that I've had my re-read, I think I can put my thoughts down a little bit more cohesively.

I loved the book, but to me it was different than any of the others. I think the main reason was I could not get into Justin as a lover! My feelings about Justin are, apparently, more like that as toward a brother! And the thought of him being a lover is just, well, ewwwww!

Now, while I kept feeling sorry for Justin in regards to the whammy put on him by Anders and Decker, I'm actually kind of glad that he had to jump through those hoops. I kept wanting to smack him upside the head because all he could think of was "lifemate sex". He kept expecting Holly to just forget everything and just jump his bones. The fact that he had to go through so much, actually forced him to take things more slowly and really get to know Holly, so that by the time they actually, finally, got together, they really knew each other much, much better!

I really hope that Holly can get over her fear of dogs, because I somehow suspect that Octavius is going to end up becoming their dog!

The one thing that disappointed me was the interaction with Bricker's family. I can understand that his older brothers and sisters wouldn't be there, living with his parents, but he said that he had a seven-year-old little sister who should still be living at home and I would have love to see Justin interact with her while visiting with his parents. I'd also be interested in what kind of work Justin's father did.

I know Tom was questioning how Bricker could afford a house, but I think you have to remember that he was over 100 years old, plus he and Mortimer had sold their condo in Los Angeles, so I think that he's had enough time to sock away enough money to buy a house.

I have to admit that James being a lifemate for Gia never entered into my thought process! But it was convenient and now that I've had time to think about it, this could partially be because of the fact that Lynsay has a hard time writing for female immortals finding mortal males to be lifemates. This was a handy way for her to pair off another of the females in the series.

I hope that in at least one of the future books that we get to see Lucern and Kate again. We haven't seen them since "Vampire, Interrupted." It might be nice to go back to New York again. We could see them there, along with Bastian and Terri. Also, what about the rest of Martine's children? Those twins should be out of college by now. Maybe they are working at Argeneau Enterprises in New York now?

Anyways, I'm looking forward to Dante and Tomasso's books! Those books should be interesting, because, for the most part, those boys have been short on words and long on appetite since we met them! Hearing things from their point of view will be interesting!
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Re: ***About A Vampire 9/29/15*** Comment only if you've rea

Postby Denise on October 11th, 2015, 6:46 pm

I know exactly how you feel, Tom. I, too, was hesitant for the same reasons. I, like most people, probably, kept expecting James to be a jerk, involved in an affair with the friend's wife (name escapes me at the moment). And at the car wreck I was thinking, "Ah, so that's how she's going to do it." And then, when Holly changed him I'm thinking, "What!?"

I still have to complete my second read before commenting much. Still read/listening to another series right now.
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Re: ***About A Vampire 9/29/15*** Comment only if you've rea

Postby sommerjordyn on June 8th, 2016, 3:16 pm

LOVED THIS BOOK! I thought the ending was perfect :)
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