Argeneaus Fever

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Argeneaus Fever

Postby Jeanie on October 29th, 2008, 9:19 pm

I used to be normal... ok maybe semi normal, happy and content to read the average romance. Then last week a customer came though my check out lane with a book with an intresting cover. The guy had a lipstick kiss, with what looked liked a bite mark. While she was getting out her credit card out to pay. I readed the back it souned good..Next thing I know I am buying this book on my break (do you think I was mined controled?).

I also started getting all these symptoms.
Laughing out loud...I could not help it Greg kidnapped himself..ok so he had a little help from Marguerite.
Hunting down any book from this series. Does buying 7 books of this series in one day (even going so far as going to Barns and Nobel), and I never go there unless it is a book emergency make me crazy?
Blushing.. :oops: Well some of the scenes can get very hot.
Drooling.. Each time one of the Argeneaues men is described.
Imaging for one moment that I am anyone of this women sigh...sorry my head went to the gutter for a moment.

Is there any cure for this illness or does it just get worst? What other symptoms does the newbie have to look forward to? I am looking forward to getting to know everyone.

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Re: Argeneaus Fever

Postby sin on October 29th, 2008, 10:18 pm

Alas Jeanie there is no cure. We can only get a booster when the new books come out. Until then we have to just get by re-reading the 10 books over and over. We also have to invest in drool resistant clothing. Those men & scenes can get very hot. wow pass the fan or better yet the snow..

Other symptoms?
Quoting various parts of the book.
Naming your spouse or other by your favorite immortal
Naming your children after them
But never fear you are in the best company around for the affliction. Anytime you need help just pick a topic and we are there for you.

For some strange reason I feel the need to re-read Bite Me If You Can.{Lucian here I come}

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Re: Argeneaus Fever

Postby Denise on October 29th, 2008, 11:49 pm

Welcome to Argeneau Addicts Anonymous, Jeanie. No cure, just fixes about every 6 months....
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Re: Argeneaus Fever

Postby love2read on October 30th, 2008, 1:22 am

I very sorry to inform you Jeanie, but I am afraid that our top scientists have not found a cure yet. However they have informed me that if you are constantly daydreaming about anything related to the books then the best way to stop that is to read the books again. ;) Our scientists are doing their very best to find a way to help all the members of the AAA, however there are many members who do not wish to be helped.....(including me :P )
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Re: Argeneaus Fever

Postby wren on October 30th, 2008, 4:40 am

Ahhh, Jeanie, you are now "immortally normal"...or rather you think like an immortal now (bring on the nanos)...and you will never wish for a cure! :lol: Join us as we beg for clues and as we try to bribe Mr. Spice with "Sara Lee Cherry Cheesecake" (his favourite) for hints that we seldom get (though he teases a lot) and as it's already too late for you have become one of the SASSy ARGENEAUTS and there is no turning back!(Sands and Spice Society + being an Argeneau and all of Lynsay Sands books fan...her historicals are hysterical, and filled with funny & sweet love, also) well, now you just reread and play the games on the forum and discuss the books and theories and love your now fave author Lynsay Sands and "turn" as many mortals as you know to reading these fabulous books (there is no penalty as we are still mortal ourselves...the turn law for us is "as many as possible! LOL) Also, as the scientists of Atlantis who were so far advanced than we are even now didn't foresee this in their experimental stages with the nanos, I don't expect that our scientists will find a cure for any of us anytime in the near future...personally I want Lynsay to write the books forever...or as long as a mortal dreaming of immortals can be here to read them! :lol:

What can we say..."Once Bitten, No Cure" Image

Welcome to the greatest forum ever! :D We are always glad to make new friends...make sure you sign up from the home page of the website for the newsletter, because you don't want to miss any of the fantastic tidbits of news, puzzles, and contests that we have each month. You will meet the greatest family of friends on this's not like any other anywhere so stick around and become a regular! We love all our members! Image Any questions or need any help, just ask...and someone on here will help or know where to find the answer for you...not to mention that Mr. Spice (Lynsay's irl dear hubby aka Dave) and house elf Terri (her assistant) and Lynsay herself pop in from time to time between writing the books and career obligations! Again, a big welcome!! 8-)

I shall put my personal favourite, Vincent's book, A Bite To Remember, on my bedside table...I feel like a bit of rereading about Vincent now! Image{sigh}
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Re: Argeneaus Fever

Postby lisa on October 30th, 2008, 4:57 am

Turning others to the series also helps! The lady at the checkout was only trying to help relieve her own 'cravings' by turning the innocent checkout clerk. This is your support group, checkin with your councelors frequently, and 'talk it out'. This is only way to stay semi-sane til next book is on shelf. The first test of your addiction will occur when the next book is on the shelf at the store EARLY (before the official release date) and you try to resist the urge to purchase the book so it will count toward the official lists of best sellars for Lynsay. Only then will you truly realise the depths of your addiction. If you fail your test, and purchase before official deadline then you will just have to purchase multiple copies after that date. Also turning innocent clerks at checkout will help relieve those nagging guilt feelings. Please remember if you purchase early try not to gloat or there may be severe consequences-- You will be nagged night and day by envious, virtuous -feeling forum members (who really just couldnt find a copy :lol: )Welcome to the insanity!!
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Re: Argeneaus Fever

Postby Copper on October 30th, 2008, 6:48 am

dear Jeanie i was hit just like you i was getting a train for and intervew to the university im at now at i spoted in the book store a very intresting book with a lady with a bat tattoo bought it 3hours down 3 hourrs up i had finished it im sorry (not really ;) ) to say you are now stuck in the world of unknowing asking yourself can you cope a few more weeks till the next book reading the 8 no 9 no 10 book over and over till you know them but heart but still laugh ever time it helps to have this fourm to rant about the book and argue over you fav have fun ;) :D
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Re: Argeneaus Fever

Postby Nicola on October 30th, 2008, 11:53 am

Jeanie .... poor jeanie myself as a newbie for about a couple wks lol well i bough Vampires are forever ( my fave out the lot ) read it in my local waterstones bookstore the first few pages and OH MY GOODNESS i bout the rest with in 15mins lol except Single white vampire i had to go look other places for that lol

The MEN awwww ( sighs ) with hands on chin

Some of the best scence's i have ever played out in my head in these books the tears ive shed and the laughter the anger the hurt the OH my the SEX can we say that here ha ha ha ha the hot steamy well er drools :twisted:

im intending to buy sum more of lynsays books but i do recommend the Argeneau series ....

Oh i've been in them books as the female there loving and OOOO talk about please ... ONLY wish there real thought of having a lover for all eturnity well lol ....

Signing off very flustered and going to read VAP .... oooo Thomas to night lol :twisted:
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Re: Argeneaus Fever

Postby rockie on October 30th, 2008, 4:17 pm

Jeanie, I know how you feel! I read Victor's book first and had to find the rest of them to read! I mean I HAD to find the rest and read them!! But yes welcome AAA (Argeneau Addicts Anonymous)
rockie, who is going to dinner!! yay!!! and yes my wrist still hurts!!
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Re: Argeneaus Fever

Postby sin on October 30th, 2008, 6:06 pm

feel better rockie..keep us informed.

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