Argeneaus Fever

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Re: Argeneaus Fever

Postby MsKitty on August 30th, 2009, 6:43 am

Denise wrote:I'm impressed, panta-rhei! I am not bilingual and I applaud those who are.

Hey Denise!! If you'd like to be bilingual, come check out the 'English As a Second Language' :lol:

Some of my closest girlfriends are Russian & I've been slowly learning for a while now! They tell me I'm doing quite well because I don't sound 'Aussie' when I speak Russian.. but I still get embarrassed tho' if I try & speak to anyone other than them!!
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Re: Argeneaus Fever

Postby wren on August 31st, 2009, 8:58 am

panta-rhei wrote:@ Wren
A devoted SASSy ARGENEAUT ? …hmmm….
Maybe I gain a strange vocabulary too ;)

dea, this is just vocabulary of Lynsay's forum and the friends here. We gave ourselves a special name. SASSy means Sands (for Lynsay) And Spice (for Mr Spice) Society and ARGENEAUT is just based on the Argeneau family series. We did this a long time ago, and readers of Lynsay Sands books who are devoted fans and become part of the official forum and are active members become one of our group. So, it's just our way of saying that you are "one of us" and that the forum friends care about each other. Image
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