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Re: Port Henry How many know?

PostPosted: October 18th, 2012, 11:58 pm
by wren
sin wrote:By Jove! I think he's got it

Yes, Thomas is back on track! 8-)

Bob, we need to share with you our concept of canon that is used to back up our theories, discussions, speculation, and any games we play on this forum.

Note: You cannot go by what the book does not say. :cry:

On this forum, CANON is what is actually in the books or Lynsay's or Terri's posts on this website only. :D

Posts from interviews or other sources do not count. We must be able to verify the canon, either by quoting Lynsay's or Terri's posts on this forum or by quoting the books, or giving the chapter or page numbers. Those are the only sources allowed, and in your discussions or answers to games, we expect you to back up your points from canon! No more scenarios that are simply "what ifs" without any canon to support them. We will not allow posts to be repeated continually on a thread in slightly different words. If I post back to you, I try to give you my points in regard to what you posted, with any additional information I add, and I note from where I'm drawing the information to back up my points...which books or which of Lynsay's & Terri's forum posts I'm using as canon. This is the only way we can truly have a give & take discussion of any substance, and show respect to everyone. Image

I'm clarifying this for you now, because some of us have been frustrated trying to discuss things with you. Being a new turn, you haven't had time to get to know us or the way we usually discuss things, and we haven't had time to get to know you. We don't want you to feel unwelcome. However, we value harmony on this forum. I'm telling you to look around and read a bit about the folks here, post your answers to the Getting To Know You & Quirky Questions...which I'm going to appeal to Terri to make mandatory for all newbies...and look through the threads on a forum section before posting a new thread. You may find that there is already a thread about the character or book that you wish to discuss. Most of the threads you have posted so far have a thread topic already. Back up your points with the book and/or quotes, and be prepared for feedback that may be very different than what you've brought up in your post. Just like you and every other forum member, we each must back up our points with canon, too.

Some of us have been with Lynsay since her original forum opened at the beginning of 2007, and she has shared a lot with us about the series during that time. Much of it has only been shared on this forum, and she often gives us hints about upcoming books or an extra chapter when the excerpt in released, and so on. Due to being long-time members and getting to know Lynsay personally during that time, we may have insight that we can share with you, if you'll let us.

When Lynsay posts an answer to a question or misunderstanding on a topic, it's final. Image We don't argue with the author of the books! After all, she writes them...the premise was her idea, the characters are her creations, and she tells the story the way the characters "talk to her in her head." :lol: (That seems to be common among true writers! They write because they can't NOT write...the characters want to tell their stories! ;) ) She welcomes our opinions and is willing to clear up misunderstandings, and we have to remember that she takes time out of her busy schedule to make this forum personal for us. We have a lot of fun with Lynsay, and when she isn't on deadline, she often comes on for a few games and giggles with us. Terri does a lot of the same, as well as putting together forum contests just for us when she can get a break...because when Lynsay is on deadline, Terri is too. :shock: If we don't understand something Lynsay has answered, we are welcome to respectfully ask a question about her post. Again, long time members of the forum are often able to answer before she gets back to the forum, because we have been here and seen questions come up over & over.

Much of this is basic "netiquette" that everyone online has to become comfortable doing. Every online community or forum has it's own "group dynamics" so I've given you a few tips to help you harmonize with this group of forum friends. Try them and they will help you become part of the group instead of causing you to be left out of the loop. Please don't tell any of us we need to "get over it." We are to use good manners and be kind to one another as if we were sitting in Lynsay's real life home discussing the books, which is a forum rule. If we do not follow this rule, Lynsay & Terri will post a general reminder on the forum and/or contact any guilty parties by email. Being a member of the forum is a privilege, and membership can be revoked.

Image wren...speaking on behalf of Lynsay Sands' Official Fan Club, the SASSy ARGENEAUTS (Sands Amazing Stories Society)...and yes, I do have permission from Lynsay to lead SASS!

P.S. This information is for all new turns. 8-)

Re: Port Henry How many know?

PostPosted: October 19th, 2012, 12:12 pm
by wren
robke wrote:Book "Accidental Vampire" no mention of anyones mind being wiped or memory altered except maybe for that wantabe that showed up at Owens birthday party where they first met Elvi.
What happened when Lucien arrived in Port Henry pages 348 - 357.
They were'nt theories they were facts read the book and show me where I was wrong and I'm sorry if I don't read through every single post and comment on this site before saying something.
Most infact I would have to say all of my posts and questions are of a philisophical, maybe, and what if nature I'm not simply rehasing whats in the books. The stories in these books raises a lot of questions and possibilites and I have some, but appearantly they are not welcome here.


You are missing the point! You must have a little give & take for a good discussion on a forum to work, Bob! Otherwise, people just get into arguments. It is very hard to get tone in text. We don't just rehash the books, but we do discuss what is in the actual books to support our speculation, theories, and questions. A problem with "philosophical what if questions" is that they can get you perilously close to "fan fiction" and creating your own stories instead of discussing the work of Lynsay Sands. Many forums do have topics for fan fiction, but Lynsay has legal, contractual obligations that prevent fan fiction from being published on her website. The primary purpose of this website forum is to bring together readers who wish to discuss Lynsay Sands' writing, including her paranormal series, anthologies, and historical novels.

The first thing we tell our newbies on this forum is that FAN FICTION IS NOT ALLOWED HERE! I have read the welcome posts to you, and you were informed that this was the case. I was trying to help you fit into the group and have it be an enjoyable experience. At this point, you can post or not post. I'll leave it to Lynsay & Terri to decide what is appropriate from you on this forum, and if other Immortals and newbies want to discuss your "philosophical what if" ideas and possibilities, then so be it. I'm not going to get into flame wars over your posts, so I'll not be taking part in your discussions. I'll no longer bother trying to help you understand how this forum has worked for several years, either, but you will find that it might have been helpful for you to have at least tried some of the tips I gave you!

Good Luck!


Re: Port Henry How many know?

PostPosted: October 19th, 2012, 1:01 pm
by sin
Well said sis. And I agree whole hardheartedly. FYI: do you know you have the option of "hiding" a persons posts? You do have the option of reading them if you so choose by clicking on the "post hidden" option. I found that option a few years ago when I refused to get into "debates of an annoying person". You learn a lot looking over the settings and the forum. sigh.

Re: Port Henry How many know?

PostPosted: October 19th, 2012, 3:48 pm
by sin
Wren I agree with what you have stated and several of us already have too. We stick with what is ALREADY in the books and under the appropriate thread speculate what WILL/MAY happen given the facts already given.

Personally I am so ready for Anders book. Hopefully we will be back in Port Henry for it and see some of our favorites again.

Re: Port Henry How many know?

PostPosted: October 19th, 2012, 7:37 pm
by TomEC
Bob, it’s killing me that you seem to be not feeling very welcome on the forum lately. This place is based on mutual respect and I very much want everyone to feel comfortable here. I too love to go on and on about ideas and play with them and think about them and discuss them so I see where you’re coming from. But I am a little confused by some of your posts on this thread. I know your original question concerned whether or not there was a conflict between one book and another about whether or not everyone in Port Henry knew about immortals. I thought we came up with some pretty good answers to that but most of all I figured that since Lynsay herself chimed in about it, that we could all be satisfied. But then your response seems to be to the effect of ‘well it’s not all mentioned in the books.’ I understand that not everything is mentioned in the books, but isn’t an answer from the person who actually wrote them good enough? Shouldn’t hers be the final word? If it isn’t, then what’s the point? This is a fictional world we’re talking about so when the author makes a statement than I would think that would be that. What more can we possibly say about it except, perhaps, to come up with a new question? Really, when you think about it, it’s an incredible privilege to be able to hear, from time to time, directly from the author of some of our favorite books. I, for one, am extremely grateful for that privilege and I don’t want anyone to ever get the impression that I’m not.

Anyway, Bob, I’m pretty sure you mean well and are just interested in talking about these things. So am I. But I think it’s a good idea to think about how we come across to others in our posts. I mean there’s nothing stopping any one of us from belaboring a point until everyone else becomes annoyed or loses interest but this forum won’t be a whole lot of fun if that keeps happening. I think we have a responsibility to try to make this little corner of the interweb as pleasant as possible for everyone. To be fair, not everybody is interested in the same things but I don’t think it would be right to ignore other people’s feelings on these matters, either. I believe it’s just about being aware of how our posts affect others. I hope you don’t take offense at this Bob, I’m not trying to be critical or disrespectful but I just want you to be able to enjoy the forum to the full.

Re: Port Henry How many know?

PostPosted: October 19th, 2012, 7:47 pm
by Lynsay
First I'll explain something that I know I've mentioned before but possibly on the original forum and not this one.

I tend not to read my books after editing. This is because in the first books, which were with a different publisher, changes were made that cheesed me off and frustrated me. Things were cut that I felt the reader should know, or words were changed that were in my opinion, unnecessary. Stupid things like changing white to ivory, or black to ebony. I rarely use pretentious terms like ivory or ebony when white and black work just as well and I fought changes like that at first, but it was just too stressful, so in the end, I stopped reading after the edits to avoid the aggravation. It may sound silly, but it is jarring to read something that is supposed to be your writing, but is using words you never would. It’s changing your voice.

My present editor does not make many changes like the ivory ebony thing, (note I said many) but still occasionally wants to cut things that take place after the end of the actual story that I think readers should know but she feels takes away from the ending, which should end with the main characters. I understand her thinking, so rather than go through the stress (which just slows down my writing) I generally didn’t read after corrections in many of my books and left it to Terri to proof them. So, I can't say what has or has not been cut in the final stories to "Tighten it up" or make it fit their word count which I always surpass. I only know what I’ve written.

There is also the matter of Stephanie's series. Back in 2009 I was at a conference in Alabama for an American book chain. The teen division of Harpercollins was also there and their handler was mine (as handler he escorted me to the dinner to ensure I didn’t get lost, looked after me, oversaw the signing etc.) Anyway, the teen division asked if I'd be interested in doing a teen series like some of the other writers are doing. I said I'd think about it, and did. I know I wrote about this last night, but it might have been the message that was eaten by the system when I tried to post. Guess I took too long writing it because I was signed out in the meantime and when I tried to post, was told I had to be signed in to post. (Which reminds me, I'd better save this before trying to post.) I was responding to Tom's comments on Lady is a Vamp. Fortunately, I had saved it, but was too tired to post it again and do all the color changes last night. I'll post it after this.

Anyway, my idea was based around Stephanie in Port Henry. Elvi's bed and breakfast becoming a boarding house for young immortals still school age, and them being sent to Port Henry where they could attend school together and live a more normal childhood amongst immortals their own age. I wrote down some ideas and scenes and that may actually be where I wrote about Lucian taking care of those in Port Henry who didn't need to know about immortals. It would make it safer for the children. If so, you won't find it in a book, because after starting the first book, I decided I couldn't handle adding yet another two books to my yearly output, that I need a life as well, and that until I can find a faster way to write (maybe dictation), the teen series will be put on hold.

That being said, if it's not in a story that's out now, my apologies, but trust me, I know what's happened in my stories (at least before editing.) I do make mistakes. Many many of them that are not always caught. Mixing up characters names (I do that in real life too, calling Terri, Leigh, Jackie, Terri, etc.) I've mixed up hair color, eye color, etc. I even forgot that in one book Marguerite preferred showers to baths and then later had her preferring baths to showers. My mistake. I'm not perfect and never claimed to be. However, if I tell you that Lucian had his men nudge the minds of those in Port Henry not close to Elvi and her friends, then trust me, he did, and that's something only readers who come here will know unless I finish that story or deliberately put it into another. Although, it’s the kind of thing that gets cut unless it pertains to that story.

Questions are certainly welcome here. But I think you’ve misunderstood what is upsetting people. I gave an answer, Tom said, there you have it from the horse’s mouth which is how the others on here take it. It’s your dogged persistence in pursuing it after an answer was given that upsets them. It’s as if you’re saying, “Yeah, well you may be the writer and creator of this world and these people, but the book says/doesn’t say…” I think they see it as a little disrespectful and are up in arms on my behalf. I know they also took offense to your tone, which, as Wren said, is difficult to gauge in a message. We don’t include cues in here like we do in books when we say, “His eyes sparkled with laughter as he teased…” Or, “Confusion crossed his face as he complained,” And, I don’t want to offend you, but the tone of the messages was coming across a bit militant at the end there.

These are good people here. They know I prefer a friendly message board. I don’t like arguing and sniping. I don’t allow it in my house and so don’t allow it in here which I see as an extension of my home. I used to belong to different message boards when I first started writing, but saw too much flaming and attacking and gave them up in the end. There are just some people full of pain or anger who thrive or feel better making others feel bad and I don’t want to be around that and won’t allow that here. Please understand that I am not saying you are that kind of person, but as I say the messages were starting to take an unhappy turn and I want to caution you and everyone else to please keep in mind that you are a guest and act accordingly.

Re: Port Henry How many know?

PostPosted: October 19th, 2012, 10:22 pm
by rockie
I have been keeping my mouth shut. I really didn't want to get into this.
but I will say. The people on this forum are amazing. I love them..
I for one understand you might be asking questions.
But the way you come across is not nice. So can you make sure when you ask a question come at it from another way.
I really want you to understand where everyone is coming from. We love Lynsay and we take up for her if someone is coming at her.
Im sorry if you think you are just asking questions. But you need to understand why people are saying what they are saying. Why they feel the way they do.
Im not sure you are understanding any thing about the people on the forum.

Re: Port Henry How many know?

PostPosted: October 19th, 2012, 11:08 pm
by rockie
For one we are very loyal. For two you were rude to my friends. And for three just don't be rude. You never introduced yourself. You just started posting. SO forgive me if I thought you were coming at my friends. I don't like it when people come at my friends when they were only trying to inform you of the way things go on here. We have a set of rules we follow. We like to inform all the newbies of those rules. So don't get high and mighty with me for taking up for my SISTERS...

Re: Port Henry How many know?

PostPosted: October 19th, 2012, 11:49 pm
by rockie
Not everyone reads your profile. There is a whole getting to know you section for that reason

Re: Port Henry How many know?

PostPosted: October 19th, 2012, 11:53 pm
by sin
rockie did you know we have over 6000 members? and maybe only 1/4 have filled out the GTKY & QQ