more than one story from Argeneau series in one book?

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Re: more than one story from Argeneau series in one book?

Postby sin on January 10th, 2010, 7:13 pm

Yes sis I caught your teacher mode and one step shy of being that reasonable woman:)

Lynsay thank so much for your reply.

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Re: more than one story from Argeneau series in one book?

Postby Lynsay on January 11th, 2010, 3:03 pm

No problem, and Wren I'm not upset. Some subjects are touchy for people. Actually everyone has some subject that is touchy to them or makes them uncomfortable and that's okay too. I'm kind of a pretty open minded and accepting person. Actually, I've been told that by "professionals" more than once. I am strong, smart, non-judgmental and very accepting and don't hold people's flaws against them . . . which just seems sensible to me. After all, I'm not perfect so why would I expect anyone else to be? I don't.

However, apparently it makes me a target for weak nasty people who would like to use and abuse that good nature and I've had those who would like to see me be less non-judgmental and accepting, but the way I see it is that's no way to live. If you expect the worst of people, it's often what you'll get and the same holds true for expecting the best usually.

Of course there is the occasional one who is selfish and mean and does try to use or abuse me, but they're just screwing themselves out of a good friend, because I give trust and friendship until it's proven they aren't worthy of it and then shut that door down and don't easily trust that individual again. Hmmm . . . I think I'm rambling. I KNOW I'm off topic. I should get back to work. Sigh.

Ciao for now guys and gals

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Re: more than one story from Argeneau series in one book?

Postby Jewelz on January 13th, 2010, 1:29 am

wren wrote:Sue, I'm sorry. The issue of gay characters as leads has come up before, and whether the leads or background characters are gay or straight is not for me to say, anyway. I should have let Lynsay or Mr Spice respond and explain their position, instead of reacting to others posts, as sin said..."like you were on your boisterous soapbox being a 'reasonable woman'...(which sin considers an oxymoron to begin with)...and shaking your teacher finger at everyone as you told them how it was going to be" :oops: I hope I didn't offend anyone with my post, and ask you to forgive me if I did. I'm thankful for close friend "big sis" sin, as she will let me know in a nice but direct manner when my tone sounds like I'm being an uppity professor giving a lecture, or on my soapbox about whatever topic I'm yapping about, and she always does it without hurting my feelings. :) Whether she agrees or doesn't agree with what I have posted, she will tell me how the 'tone' comes across. It's good to have a friend that can do that, because I know that I don't always accept "constructive criticism" for lack of a better description, in a good way. ;)

Lynsay, thank you for your reply. I also apologize to you. Someone posted that this can be a sensitive issue which is true, so if I had personal concerns, I should have emailed you with my questions. I also should have waited as I normally would for you or Dave to reply. It sounds like for you it would be about the same as writing a story for C.K., a character that everyone was interested in and kept asking for, but who was based on a real person that you were friends/coworkers with. He remains a side-character and always will, because you said you know too much about his real life, and you wouldn't be comfortable writing about him having a life mate or his sex life.

Lynsay wrote:BUT . . . . and this is a big BUT, I will not make a big deal of it. The sexual orientation of my freinds is not a big deal to me. I don't sleep with them and don't care what they do in their bedrooms and don't sit about and wonder about it or even really think about it with gay freinds any more than I do with straight friends, so my characters wouldn't either. They might wonder if Bob and Bill are a couple, or know they are, but that will be it. I am not out to make political statements or anything of that nature. People are people. Some like vanilla ice cream, others prefer chocolate, some would rather just have cheese cake and that's okay with me. I don't judge people whether it's in their career, their education or their sexual orientation. If they're good people and treat me with freindship and respect, they're all right with me and so my characters will react the same way. Well, the leads will. :lol:

I very much appreciated this part of your post. I have read some romance books, historicals & paranormals, that did have a gay couple as a side couple, and they were depicted in stereotypical & caricature ways, not like real people with feelings, which I find offensive and sad. I have read & dropped some authors whose books include gay characters, but the plots of the books are often very dark, and whether about the straight or gay couples or multiple partners, border on being pornographic. All of my friends, straight or gay, are just regular people leading their lives, and we don't discuss what goes on in our private lives or bedrooms. I'm glad to know that any gay couples would not be humorous based on the fact they were gay, would not be written to be "politically correct" and instead anything would be just based on the fact that all people have funny things happen to them. Actually, I knew that's the way you would write anyway! :)

Since I have been ever so chatty yesterday & today, I think I'll stop now. {{hugs}} wren

No offense at all, Wren. I think it was tactful, for such a sticky subject. :D

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Re: more than one story from Argeneau series in one book?

Postby Mabel48 on January 19th, 2010, 12:36 pm

Anyway, while I have gay friends, I am not gay myself and would be extremely uncomfortable trying to write a gay sex scene. I have to feel what the characters are feeling to be able to translate it so that the reader feels it as well and I just don't find women sexually attractive and I also don't really know how a man feels or what he experiences sexually even with a woman let alone a man which is why the sex scenes are almost always from the female character's perspective. It's just not in me, so I couldn't write a believable romance about a gay lead couple in one of my books. However, they may be encountered in passing or even be friends to the leads as I have experienced that. ]

Thank you Lyndsay, I have an nephew who is gay but I would feel very uncomfortable reading about it, particulary in the fun romantic stories you write. Maybe I just want a hero I can drool over. But isnt that one of the reasons we love your books? Why else would we fight over our top 5. ( Lucien Lucien Lucien Lucien Lucien Lucien Lucien Lucien) I just finished listening to Bite Me if You Can for the third time :oops:
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