News of Single White Vampire & Argeneau 11

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Re: News of Single White Vampire & Argeneau 11

Postby sin on May 5th, 2009, 10:17 pm

welcome to the forum.. `no there are only 11 at this time. When this topic was started it was the re-lease with the new cover for SWV.
The 12th book which we now know is Nicholas' story followed by an anthology that will have Tiny's story, the next year Armand's. Somewhere on here is the information. Or maybe it was in a newsletter... :idea:

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Re: News of Single White Vampire & Argeneau 11

Postby Kath on May 6th, 2009, 8:00 am

Melissa wrote:Now I'm confused, I only see 9 Argeneau books and the three hunter books (the third due out later this year). Am I missing something?

The Rouge hunter books are still considered part of the Argeneau series by Lynsay. It's just the publisher that started calling them "the rouge hunter" series due to the fact that the hero in the "The Rouge Hunter" was not himself an Argeneau -- though Argeneau's appear in the story as secondary characters. Lynsay explains it best in her FAQ section on her main web site. The Immortal Hunter is the "Argeneau 11" book referred to here but this thread was before that was published.

The details on the next 3 books (Nickolas, Tiny, Armand) was in the "Who's Nickolas" thread pg 7 and was copied into the "Tiny" thread pg 1. These are in the "Discuss the Characters" forum. :)
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Re: News of Single White Vampire & Argeneau 11

Postby wren on May 8th, 2009, 12:43 am

In a way, Melissa, the Rogue Hunter books are a "series within a series" because sometimes they may have other characters that are Council Enforcers besides an Argeneau as a lead...such as Mortimer or Bricker. That is why the publisher originally wanted to distinguish the books...which is a bit confusing for new readers...although we diehard Argeneau fans just wanted them to keep the stories coming, kwim? 8-)

The Rogue Hunter is Garrett Mortimer's meet him & Justin Bricker originally in Lucian's book, Bite Me If You Can, by their last names...they are working with Lucian on a hunt and are fond of Leigh, who they have met at her bar/restaurant, which leads to her rescue and the rest of the story! {giggle} Eventually, you get a glimpse of Pimms and the so-far elusive Anders (who I still believe is Eshe, but it's not confirmed) but at the time don't know who they are, other than more of Lucian's Council Enforcers.

Decker, the lead of The Immortal Hunter happens to be an Argeneau, Decker Argeneau Pimms (he is Aunt Martin's son by her second life mate) but the story is actually based around the fact that he is a Council Enforcer...or a "rogue hunter" doing his job, rather than the fact that he is part of the Argeneau family. However, his story still opened up a lot of family history and other info to us that we never imagined. Lynsay is a creative genius!! ImageJust continue to read them in order as Lynsay has them listed on her website, as all a "rogue hunter book" really does is tell the story of one of the enforcers, whether Argeneau or otherwise, and continues the overall series on it's merry way. Though the books can stand alone, you get more out of the details and clues when they are read in order this far into the series. Hope all of that makes sense!! Image

Also, we have so many characters that are friends or linked in some way to the Argeneaus that the entire series has to expand...for example, Tiny McGraw. We all want his story {{ self}} but he is not actually related to the Argeneaus, although he is so close to them through Jackie and the work he has done in Vincent's and Marguerite's stories. C'mon, even Marguerite thought he would be a great life mate if she couldn't read him...that tells you something, true? LOL He is in the upcoming Valentine anthology because when Lynsay was writing a book for him, it just didn't work...he knows too much about the Immortals and their world and our sweet Tiny wouldn't cooperate! I have complete confidence in Marguerite's matchmaking skills, though, and she is determined to see him turned and with his life mate! Tiny doesn't stand a chance! :lol: I, for one, am just waiting for Lynsay to reveal his real took awhile before he would tell our Tiny does have a small stubborn streak! <grin>

Thankfully, we have a large group of characters that we all want Lynsay to write about...because I never want the series to end! More Argeneaus, Nottes, Friends of those families (like Mirabeau & GG), Rogue Hunters (or as we readers prefer to call them, Enforcers) & so on...

Btw, Melissa, so glad you are getting involved in the discussions, and any time you have a question, let us hear it. Our *newbies* don't stay newbies for long, especially when they jump in and get involved! Image

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