To get another chapter of Reluctant Vamp

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Re: To get another chapter of Reluctant Vamp

Postby TomEC on May 7th, 2011, 11:41 am

Denise wrote:I hope Terri pre-reads and tells Lynsay which topics or posts to avoid, because we LOOOOOOOVE our "let's guess discussions!

Actually I doubt we’re in any real danger of crossing that line. I'd really hate to put a damper on any fun bit of speculation. :)

Since novels were first written, authors have been drawing inspiration and ideas from the conversations they've listened to as well as people they've known and things and situations they've encountered. Everything is grist for the mill. I don't see how the discussions we have on this forum would be any different. It's not as if we are formally sending ideas to Lynsay and I refuse to give up the notion that we are all, in some way, helping her creative process along.
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Re: To get another chapter of Reluctant Vamp

Postby ElectricFedora on May 7th, 2011, 4:54 pm

Yay! So excited! So going with ideas I know I've had my love of bad guy/girls becoming good or turning a new leaf. I think Justin would be an amazing candidate for that type of story. Mostly because of his personality, plus i think it would be hilarious. Although as much as I want Justin's book I kind of don't. We'll most likely loose a lot of opportunities for his amazing lines like in TIH at the end..on the stair case..with Dani's job. That was the best, I was in school when I read it, fell out of my chair having a laughing fit.... :oops: I took A LONG time to live that down..
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