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Re: Family Tree incomplete

Postby wren on August 24th, 2010, 9:27 am

susan60625 wrote:My dear Wren. Let me just say this nicely. NO WAY IN HE**!!!! But then again, dear, would you like to share your beloved Vincent with me? Just a warning, there could be a cauldron flying south along the Mississippi! :lol:

sin wrote: :o :o :o

I want to answer...I really do...but I'm literally laughing so hard I can't breathe. ImageI'm so glad I wasn't drinking anything or I would have spewed it everywhere! I have been waiting for you to see my post, dear sweet-sassy sue. Now, be a good sister...I was simply sacrificing a little time with Vincent to help you with your dilemma by partaking of, time...with Christian. I was being helpful & I'm totally innocent of any wrongdoing! Image

Now, before cauldrons start flying down the mighty Mississippi, you must admit I have helped. How, you ask? Image Well, stop being irked for a moment & I'll tell you. Now you can see that our Immortals & your love for Christian always come first, with a second love for the new shapeshifters & Hawke. Your priorities are in order & you're no longer tonfused! So my sis, I will cheerfully..."Ummm...Christian, let go, my sweet..this is already very difficult...mmmm...where was I? Image Oh yes...ahhh...wait, I'm supposed to be...HEY?!" Image Wow, methinks Sue just hit me in the head with a South bound cauldron! Image I give your darling Notte back to you, sweet sis, but be warned: If you get tonfused in the future, I may have to grab Christian & go rogue! :twisted: Then you'll have to catch us if you can and I have lots of cauldrons to throw. Ouch! Just for future reference...we don't aim for the head, sis!

Hmmm...with my wonderful premonitions, I see absolutely no tonfusion once Christian's & Hawke's books are released. The two very different males will fall into their respective places in your life. Image I'm sure you're just getting vibes from Hawke being in such danger! You are such a 'bird person' which means you're probably picking up on things a mere mortal can't hear. (remember...I'm a 'wren' still love your sis, no matter what...and "All is fun in love, rogue-hunting, and Immortals!") Having to wait until next year to see how Kougar gets what he needs to help save Hawke...well, I understand. It's almost as hard as having to wait for an Argeneau book.

Start stacking up those cauldrons, though. I may need some help...a lot of help! Image I'm getting a very strong premonition that sin & I may have to put our powers to the test when Kougar's book comes out! That's not good...sisters shouldn't fuss or go rogue on one another! Image You see, Lynsay has always known what to do with the two of us right from the beginning (which is a good thing for us, as we are still on the forum after such a long time Image ) and up until now, we have always had different favourites, therefore no problems. A problem is when twins Seashell & Gypsy decided they both had to have Bastien. Fortunately, Lynsay wrote Nicholas' book, and Bastien moved to second place for Seashell. They never fought over a guy in their 'real life' (they had dated brothers before, but never had been interested in the same guy...which is a very good thing in real life) and then Bastien walked into their lives & showed us what it would have been like if they had ever fallen in love with the same guy! :shock: Seashell claimed him because she was my first 'turn' while Gypsy claimed him because his was the first book she had read & his life mate's name was Terri...exactly like hers, even the spelling.

Lynsay has always been able to keep big sis & I in sync, and allows us to play a lot on the forum! :D She is probably glad that she has that knack of keeping us as happy readers who are...well, sometimes a handful, but mostly well-behaved Image...sin loves the old grumps & wren loves the young charmers. However, Pamela has only just met us...due to meeting you, sherr, & Jewelz & you inviting us over...and since she loves the Sands Gang, as she calls us, we have been on our very best behavior when visiting her forum...haven't we, sin? Wait a minute! Is Pamela a bit devious? Calling us the Sands Gang (has a nice ring to it, yes?)...well, it just won't do to go around misbehavin' when Lynsay's name is attached! Somebody needs to 'fess up! Who gave her the details? I guess we'll just have to see what happens when Kougar's book is released or...we slip up! {sigh} sin, give me the ruby slippers for a moment, please. <click, click, click> "We shall continue to make Lynsay proud."

Alas, sin has the older sis powers which are stronger than my middle sis powers & I really don't want to have to go back into one of the dark past lives again to get fireballs...but I will 'borrow' GiGi's orbing power in a heartbeat...then again, Kougar is rather old (so you think he is older than Lucian? I'm not so much into the really ancient dudes!) so everything may work out just fine! There was no way I was getting in the middle of sherr & Jewelz over Jag! Yeah, he's hot, but talk about a possible cat fight between sisters, pun intended! sin, I am not either're just reading it that way! Image Besides, you were supposed to like Lyon best, big sis. After all, he is the leader and he seems a little old & grumpy which is more your type, but it doesn't seem to work the same way with these shapeshifters, does it? I wonder why?? Image

Perhaps you'll share Hawke instead, Sue, since Christian is 'hands-off" (running & ducking) I can still 'see' your expression when you read that earlier post...I can't stop laughing sis! Image) Just so you know, on the forum no one has ever challenged me for Vincent...although he is popular on some other Lynsay pages & is my niece's fave, they wouldn't know to challenge me there. lol Let's keep it that way. :D

Actually, sin & Sue...I am stirring the pot...and it is fun!! Image

Image Have a wonderful birthday, Sue! You know I love ya, ♥ wren
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Re: Family Tree incomplete

Postby susan60625 on August 24th, 2010, 3:05 pm

Oh, my dear Wren! Thank God I know how to touch type! I don't have to look at the keys to write anything. I'm laughing so hard, that the tears are just streaming down my cheeks! BTW, I didn't mean to aim for the head. It must have caught an updraft somewhere along the river! Hopefully, I won't ever have to start pitching cauldrons again, but if I do, I'll try to aim lower!

Thanks for the B-Day greetings. Hope your boys are feeling better.
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Re: Family Tree incomplete

Postby wren on August 24th, 2010, 3:55 pm

Thank you, sister, that won't do at makes you sound like a nun, and I don't think we "sisters" are nun offense to the good sisters who are called to be. Anyway, my sweet & sassy sue (yes, that's much better) I'm glad I could make you giggle that hard on your birthday.:lol: I put the cauldrons in the stack in case we need them next year...or anytime soon. Image Can never have to many cauldrons handy, kwim? Don't worry...join in the cauldron throws whenever you feel the need...I have a fairly hard head! Why, there's barely a bump! ;)
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Re: Family Tree incomplete

Postby sherr on August 25th, 2010, 6:13 am

Oh Wren, have been perfect angels on Pamela's site. She probably thought I overreacted when I called you chatty....ducking plasma balls and cauldrons. But I know that will change shortly....that forum need a little life boost now and again. Ahhhh Justin thank goodness everyone her knows he's mine.....MINE and HANDS OFF.
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Re: Family Tree incomplete

Postby sin on August 27th, 2010, 9:23 pm

What you mean chatty? that was a short

yes sis your are stirring the pot a lot lately :D :D

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