General Rules on Forum - for Newbies

General Rules on Forum - for Newbies

Postby terri on October 21st, 2011, 12:14 pm

This is a little info sfor the newbies

1) New users will need to post ~20 good entries, which are moderated, in order to become designated 'immortal' whereby you will no longer be moderated. By good I mean on topic entries without spam. We love newcomers so please feel free to join us but keep in mind this space is meant to talk about books, make friends and have a little fun.

2) Absolutely no spammers allowed... no exceptions. If you spam, you're gone with a wham!

3) ID's that haven't even registered after a month will be erased

4) ID's that haven't posted anything after two months will be erased.

Side note: I have been gentle allowing certain posts through, which either were off topic or a little fishy. I will not be allowing anymore fishy/off topic posts through. I do want to welcome newbies as new blood in the forum is good news but it has come to my attention that it may irritate forum friends that have to weed through them on occasion so I will change that.

We have been getting a lot of junk messages lately so although it may not look like I'm doing much on the forum, I have had a lot of weeding out of spammers to do every time come back to moderate. I'm trying to delete spam accounts manually but it's taking me too long so I will have to do it via the database.

I'll add more to this post in a bit but in the meantime, have fun everyone.

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