RT Conference - Chicago - April 2012

RT Conference - Chicago - April 2012

Postby susan60625 on February 13th, 2012, 9:23 pm


Has Lynsay decided whether or not she will be at this RT? I know that Sherr is coming in from Ontario for it. And, of course, I will be there. I know that several other authors that I read will be there, but I would REALLY Image like to meet Lynsay and God only knows when there will be another conference here in my hometown!

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Re: RT Conference - Chicago - April 2012

Postby terri on March 15th, 2012, 10:21 am

Hi Susan,

She has recently decided and she is not going. The idea was that she would as long as a deadline didn't get in the way and she was a biggy at the moment.

Sorry but I do believe RWA in June/July is a good possibility.

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Re: RT Conference - Chicago - April 2012

Postby grlnxtdr29 on March 16th, 2012, 7:04 am

Can we ask which Deadline she is working on? Is it Jeanne Luise's Book? Do we know what it's going to be called yet?
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Re: RT Conference - Chicago - April 2012

Postby wren on March 16th, 2012, 8:20 am

grlnxtdr29 wrote:Can we ask which Deadline she is working on? Is it Jeanne Luise's Book? Do we know what it's going to be called yet?

Hi gnd!

Hon, we can always ask...beg, plead, bribe with sugar on top...but it's whether it can be answered that's the determining factor for Lynsay & Terri! :lol: Sometimes they don't yet have an official answer, and sometimes they do but can't share it with us when we ask. However, our "asking" is never, ever the problem, kwim?! I'd venture to say that Lynsay & Terri won't fret about us asking...especially about the books...unless we quit asking in all our various sweet or devious ways! Image As we are the Official Fan Club (though not organized as such, they have given me permission for us to so call ourselves) they expect us to do plenty of asking...and we wouldn't want to disappoint! Image

I'm guessing that Lynsay is working on multiple deadlines, so it may be whichever has to be addressed day by day. That's due to writing 4+ books each year (at least 2 paranormals, 2 hysterical historicals, and seasonal or other anthologies.) Remember that she is always at least 3 or more books ahead of us in the Argeneau series, as each character speaks up to unfold his/her story, and that is how she knows where to take the series next and keep us breathless as we wonder what will happen. If she has a historical trilogy or series going, she has to be ahead in those books, too...and fortunately for us, the list of books & deadlines go on & on! :)

Being busy writing so many different books...how does Lynsay keep all those characters talking to her in her head straight? ImageIt must be an "author thing" because I've heard several other bestselling authors that many of us read say the same thing about their characters "talking & telling them the story" for them to be able to write their books. Hmmmm? It gives a whole new meaning to "hearing voices" doesn't it? :lol:

Being under the weather a few times in these past autumn/winter seasons...(Is it just me, or have the illness bugs been worse for everyone? We've had unusually warm autumn/winter seasons on the whole, which means the other kinds of bugs, like mosquitoes, will probably be horrendous this year, not to mention it ups the odds of hurricanes when we don't have a decent winter to cool the Gulf waters :( )...has given Lynsay little time to be on the forum or anywhere else with us, and she has a new Argeneau release in April. Again I'm guessing, but the RWA conferences, which are held in the summer, probably fall at a more convenient time for Lynsay to attend, squeezing it in between deadlines & book releases. Maybe Terri can tell us if that's so. I know Lynsay has been trying to attend RT when she can, but I think it is usually in the spring.

As for Jeanne Louise's book, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Books-A-Million all have The Lady Is a Vamp: An Argeneau Novel by Lynsay Sands (Jul 31, 2012) available for preorder in Paperback or eBook listed on their websites for $7.99 There is no image available for the book. :cry:

I consider it "unofficial news" until Terri confirms or posts an excerpt for us, and perhaps Avon/Harper Collins hasn't released the cover yet. We get the first official notice from Lynsay's office on her books, but since you have been waiting a long time for Jeanne Louise's story, and sin & I had seen this posted recently, I wanted to share the info. I hadn't started a thread on the Argeneau series section since Terri hasn't given us the official word yet. Also, Christian's thread went on all kinds of rabbit trails after Cara-Bear Sue posted it, even though we had the official news from SASSy headquarters, so I wanted to make sure we at least had a correct title first for Jeanne Louise's book. ;)

That's all I know for now. Hopefully, Terri will have the official word for us soon. Until you hear it here from Lynsay or Terri, it's not considered canon! 8-)

P.S. Just went and looked on Harper Collins and found ~
The Lady Is a Vamp
An Argeneau Novel
By Lynsay Sands

On Sale: 7/31/2012
Formats: Mass Market PB | eBook

Several retailers were listed!

Then, I checked Lynsay's website, and on her note on the home page, she says...

"And the 17th installment of the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series is Jeanne Louise's story called Lady Is A Vamp coming out July 24th, 2012. Yes, Thomas's sister is getting her own happy ending... hopefully. <WG> Jeanne Louise is such a workaholic that someone would literally have to drag her away to get her out of her lab. And fellow employee Paul Adams works just as hard without complaint. But when it comes to family he will protect them come hell or high water and when he decides to follow through with his crazy plan, hell maybe exactly what he'll get. Be careful what you wish for because you may just get it..."

Hooray! It is officially confirmed! Can't wait until we have the cover & excerpt, which is probably what Lynsay & Terri have been waiting on so they could share it here! :D

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Re: RT Conference - Chicago - April 2012

Postby grlnxtdr29 on March 16th, 2012, 10:41 am

YAY! I really can't wait for JL's Story! She's always been one of my Favorite "Quiet" Charactors. It's the Quiet ones who turn out to have the most Outrageous stories, IMO. Which is why I am also Waiting for Ander's Book! Although Lynsay hasn't given a time frame for his story yet, so I'll just continue to speculate in my head...
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