Re-Reading and Thinking

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Re-Reading and Thinking

Postby WonderlandBeat1990 on October 10th, 2013, 12:22 am

Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums but am most certainly not new to the books.
I have been reading, and re-reading, the books since 2005...
Would have started sooner but that was the earliest my parents let me as I was 15.
But hey, I'm an avid fan, must have read through the first 8 books x10
and as the title says this is my 11th time reading back through for them.
Sure you can figure that the others I haven't had enough time with them
out to read them as much sadly, but I'm trying. It's easy to say that the
Argeneau series are the most read and well-versed books I own.

Anyways, as I'm re-reading the series (on TD&H) I started thinking...
I sure hope that further down the road we get to see Jodi (Terresa)
and Chris (CK) again in another book, at least Chris, I mean the
poor guy has a toilet, and "half the ceiling" fall on him breaking a leg.
Perhaps he'll have some good luck down the road, maybe one of Martine's
girls, of course that's if it happens. It would be a story I'd be dying to read.

Actually, let's face it... I have been buying the books the moment they are released
and proceed to read through them in one day and then get frustrated when I realize
I've got some time to wait for another book. That's typically when I begin my "re-reading"
so I have something to help me through the waiting process and get hyped up for the next book.

Anyways, from anything I've said here is there any pairings or people you'd like to see find lifemates in the future?
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Re: Re-Reading and Thinking

Postby wren on February 20th, 2014, 11:56 pm

Hi! We probably won't see CK again, and Lynsay has told us that he won't get a life mate in the series. CK's character is based on one of Lynsay's real-life friends & colleagues at her former publisher. I don't know if we'll ever see Lucern & Kate at another writers conference in the series. So far, they appear at family gatherings or when an immortal needs help where their particular skills are needed. Generally, the characters that have life mates only reappear in new stories in supporting roles to the featured characters in a book, and it's the main way Lynsay updates us on what is happening to those who have had their stories told. Some side-characters, especially uninitiated mortals, don't ever return, because their contribution to the series is only in one or two books. Hope that helps!

Glad to meet you! :) Always happy to have another friend who reads & rereads as avidly as we all do here! ~ wren
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Re: Re-Reading and Thinking

Postby orionsfaith on February 21st, 2014, 1:11 am

Welcome to the site!

It would be nice to have Kate and Luc back in co-star roles, so far they've only really had lines in Thomas' book, and that was mainly Luc calming Thomas down.

We've all mentioned folks we wanna see paired up and so far it seems like most of them have gotten their books or Lynsay's told us they are in the works!

It's easy to get attached to the minor characters though cuz she puts so much life into them. *shrug* She's good like that. Off top of my head I keep thinking about the 'Green Giant' friend of Mirabeau's, can't remember what the verdict was on him but I think it was positive....
"You see? We get on famously...We could have been grand friends."
"Except for the part about me being an enforcer and you being a murderer."
"Yes. Well, no friendship is perfect."
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