****Vampire Most Wanted 2/18/14****ONLY if read the Book

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Re: ****Vampire Most Wanted 2/18/14****ONLY if read the Book

Postby orionsfaith on February 21st, 2014, 1:04 am

Bite your tongue! The way Lynsay keeps expanding the family trees of both the Argeneau's and the Notte's, I'm hoping that there are a lot more stories to be told! She still has to bring back in Basileios, if nothing else but to be a thorn in Lucian's side! :twisted: Plus,.....

We can still have the end of Leo and his sons without it ending the series.

Lol, calm down everyone, all I'm saying is if Lynsay wants to end on the Leo story line it would be a veeeeeery long time before it's concluded, and I don't wanna have to wait that long is all. But then I can't think of too many other great 'big baddies' to introduce that could be more sinister.

O! Also, ...well no, Abaddon's immortal, but at first I thought he may have been the 3rd no fanger that was never found after the fall. Everyone assumes he/she is dead, but I'm not so sure....
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Re: ****Vampire Most Wanted 2/18/14****ONLY if read the Book

Postby TomEC on February 25th, 2014, 5:05 pm

Hi everyone!

Well, I finished it and then I had to sit and think about it for a while. You’re right, Lynsay, this book is a carnival ride, full of surprises too. So, here are my thoughts on it. I’m sure grateful to have someplace to put them down because you really made me think with this one.

:idea: I know for most of the book she thinks of herself as Divine, but I’m gonna call her Basha because that is the name she began and ended with.

:idea: I know this is Marcus’s book as much as it is Basha’s, but I really think it tilts toward hers. She has the most complicated and tangled back story I have ever encountered in one of Lynsay’s books. And, by the way, I got a congratulate you on that one, Lynsay. I had to stop a number of times to think about what I was reading just so I wasn’t distracted by being confused. I kept saying to myself, “Wait a second, wasn’t Leonius Livius II Ernie’s dad and not this Damian?” And things like that. It was only after I found out that Damian was in no-fanger that I started to put it all together. To keep somebody out of the loop for 2700 years? That was some epic bamboozling.

:idea: Yeah Sin, there are times when I wanted to "Gibbs Slap" Basha also. It’s so frustrating that yelling at a character in a book just never works!

:idea: At first glance, it seems kind of hard to accept that somebody could be kept in the dark for thousands of years the way Basha was, but then I thought about the fact that there was never very many immortals so keeping isolated from them wouldn’t have been such a problem. It’s a big world. It was an even bigger one 2700 years ago.

:idea: I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when Basha became a literal ball buster. I found myself leaning towards crying. Poor Marcus, I feel for you, man. I keep certain vital areas well protected while I do it, but I feel for you.

:idea: I’m glad we got to catch up with Vincent and Jackie. Jackie is such a cool character, it was nice to see her display her PI chops.

:idea: I really enjoyed seeing Mirabeau and Tiny again. I wish we could’ve seen more of them.

I enjoyed looking for the Marguerite connection to see what part she played in getting Marcus and Basha together. She’s always in there somewhere.

:idea: I trust that when Basha referred to her grandparents telling her about “nanos,” 2700 years ago, that it was a translation of the term they actually used. The word nano-technology wasn’t coined until 1974. Of course, the prefix nano is much older than that and means a billionth. I believe that it comes from ancient Greek and that may have links with Atlantis, sooo… I guess you never know, do you. I know, I know, I’m being nitpicky again.

:idea: Surprise after surprise. I thought I’d figured things out when I found out that Abbadin wasn’t a no-fanger. I just figured he’d been spending the last three thousand years or so breeding and making no-fangers for his own amusement and Basha was a useful surrogate mother for the brood. I never expected the whole jealous lover thing. This book surprised me a lot. I love that.

:idea: Marcus is an amazingly perceptive fellow.

:idea: I was surprised that a good person like Basha could possibly have been a lifemate to a scumbag like Leonius Livius. I suppose it might indicate that there may have been some long-dead potential for good in him. I assume Abbadin killed that off. Of course, when you look at Mirabeau’s story you see that there is precedent for that kind of thing.

:idea: Basha was the youngest person I’ve ever heard of to run into her lifemate. I guess they grew up fast back then. Also, I wonder if it wasn’t some kind of obscure defense mechanism. If she hadn’t been that evil monster’s lifemate, she would’ve been dead.

:idea: Who is Abbadin, Lucian? Really? Don’t you know? This guy must’ve really stayed under the radar for someone whose been causing so much trouble for so long.

:idea: I suspect that Basha is going to need to take a long time to find normal. After what she’s been through and the heroic efforts she put forth despite being so completely in the dark, she deserves to find happiness.

So Marcus and Basha get their happily ever after but the bad guys get away…again. Where are you gonna take this next Lynsay? I can’t wait to find out. Great job! :D :D :D
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Re: ****Vampire Most Wanted 2/18/14****ONLY if read the Book

Postby rockie on February 26th, 2014, 8:36 pm

SUPER loved Marcus and Basha's story! :)
I think we are going to see more of Basha in the next couple of books! :) :mrgreen: :geek:
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Re: ****Vampire Most Wanted 2/18/14****ONLY if read the Book

Postby Sharlsann on February 28th, 2014, 12:03 pm

Hello all,

I'm new to this so please bear with me :0)
First of all I loved this book it got me really thinking! I also love all other books leading up to this one and can't wait to see who she's going to write about next!! Hope it's not to long of a wait!!

wren wrote: I too had thought about the little girl & wondered if she survived. Because of his
feelings for Basha. Leo may have felt differently about their daughter. Besides, we only
have Abbadin's side of the story, and he is one sick, twisted dude.

Thinking back to 21 & Stephanie...I think he must have felt that possible life mate connection, even
If he didn't know about life mates or nanos.

I couldn't help but think that the durgther is still alive to, then it got me thinking about what Eshe said in Born to Bite about her family not all having the same skin colour and that her farther was one of those there that day, he was even the one of the ones that put the end to Leo 1st life! Could he have found the child and then cared for it as one of his own!

Also about 21 and Stephanie....I to had the same thought at the end on Dani & Decker's book!! I hope she gets someone really nice...can't help but think it might be Stephano Drina's brother! Don't ask me why it's just a feeling!!

I might be wrong, but it was a thought I just had to share with someone!!!
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Re: ****Vampire Most Wanted 2/18/14****ONLY if read the Book

Postby Denise on March 2nd, 2014, 11:37 pm

Have read through but quickly. Will have to wait for a more leisurely read to comment.
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Re: ****Vampire Most Wanted 2/18/14****ONLY if read the Book

Postby susan60625 on March 4th, 2014, 12:38 pm

Sharlsann wrote:I'm new to this so please bear with me :0)

I might be wrong, but it was a thought I just had to share with someone!!!

Sharlsann, You've definitely come to the right place to share your ideas! We all have had ideas about where the storyline will or will not go. Some of them come true, some don't! Either way, that's the fun of this forum. We get to speculate and love to hear from new people!

As a new member, you probably noticed that your posting didn't pop up right away. As a new member, you are subject to an approval process. This is used to prevent spammers from messing up the site. So, your first several postings have to be moderated. This is usually done by Lynsay's sister/assistant Terri. However, she doesn't always have time to check the forum every day, so there may be some lag time before your postings will appear. Once she is convinced that you aren't a spammer, you will be "turned." Don't worry, it's not a painful process, like it is in the books! :lol: One day, your user name will be lime green (newbie) and then it will be navy blue (immortal), and then you will be able to post at will, providing you keep within the rules.

There are basically only two rules. Number one, BE NICE. Number two, no fan fiction. We do speculate about the future, but only on certain threads. This is for legal reasons. Lynsay makes occasional appearances here and she cannot read any fan fiction, because even if those ideas were in her books before she read them, there could be legal repercussions. So, since we want her to come visit, we follow the rules!

So, welcome to the best forum on the internet. Enjoy yourself, check out the games, introduce yourself on the Getting to Know You threads (not necessary, but fun!), and don't be afraid to ask questions. There is always one of us "ancients" around to help you out if you need it!
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