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A Note From Lynsay

Winter Wonderland... not where I live. We have only had a smattering of snow so far but, don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining. I wouldn't want the disabling chaos that follows a huge dumping of the white stuff such as what happened in NYC not two weeks earlier. Shudder. I do hope we get a white Christmas without the blizzard conditions though!

Along with snow, Santa, decorations and the smell of pine, Christmas also brings to my mind a lot of shopping, line ups and crowds. Oh, the horror! You know I went shopping this past Monday morning first thing and you know what? Yeah, you guessed it. . . no parking spots. At least none for about 20 minutes and then it was way off in the boonies. So far away from the entrance to the mall that you could pretend to squish it between your forefinger and thumb like you do your significant other's head when he/she really annoys you. My first thought was Why aren't these people at work?!, which was immediately followed by my second thought of Why was I shopping four days before Christmas!? Because I procrastinated! So I hiked to the entrance, finally entered the mall and stopped dead in my tracks. I have never seen so many teenagers in one place. Well, I put my head down, shoulders back and headed into the throng. I went to La Senza and couldn't find black slippers. I then headed to The Bay and couldn't find any there either that fit and didn't look like giant puffballs. Then I overheard an attendant suggest Zellers when another customer couldn't find what they wanted. Well, I didn't think I would find it there either but what could it hurt? I beelined it through the mall without incident except for an occasional bump or brush from passers-by that weren't paying attention. What greeted me once I entered Zellers was nothing short of a horror story. Every rack, each shelf and all the display tables were a jumbled mess of product. Running shoes were mixed in with the sweaters, pots and pans were lying on top of boxes of chocolates and I swear I saw a dog in the blanket bin, but who really knows? So I finally found a pair of black slippers that were pretty close to what I was looking for and queued in the line for over 20 minutes. When it was finally my turn to cash out, I attempted a little small talk with the attendant. You know, to lighten the mood and be cheery. If the impatience in her voice hadn't silenced me first, the look she gave me would have frozen any other words from crossing my lips. Her look said How dare you try to talk to me!. So the sign over her register, which states "Price Match Guarantee" should have included "And Don't Talk To Me At Christmas" directly beneath. The last straw was when a Santa almost ran me down as he was attempting to flee after his "Sit With Santa Hour" ended. I was ready to go home in a big way! Loaded down with gifts, I left the harry carry of the mall and headed for my car. Only when I got to where I thought I'd left my car, it wasn't there. Do you know how many silver SUVs there are on the road now?! I don't know about your neck of the woods, but in mine it seems like it's at least a quarter of the vehicles on the road. Anyway, I did finally find my vehicle after a few tries and then I left. I am happy to say that I am done my Christmas shopping finally and hope to not have to experience it again ever . . . or at least not til next year.

On a final note and as most of you know by now, Bitten By Cupid will be released a couple of weeks later than scheduled. So the official release date is now January 12th, 2010. Sorry for any inconvenience guys but I guess Avon didn't want to release it so soon after Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone and I hope your holidays are filled with wonder and many warm and happy moments!

Upcoming Releases

January 12, 2010: Another paranormal anthology called Bitten By Cupid will be coming out this winter just in time for Valentine's Day! And because four very different writers will be contributing to this anthology, there will definitely be something every reader can sink their teeth into. Heads up for all you Argeneau fans, as this one involves Tiny! What immortal woman can resist a man who is courageous, funny, gentle, is talented in the kitchen and built like a linebacker?

January 26, 2010: Taming The Highland Bride, the second book in the Devil Of The Highlands series will be coming out this February. It involves Evelinde's brother Alex d'Aumesbery and his bride to be, Merewen, the Stewart Shrew. Merewen has had it with the lot of them! She dreams about getting away and marrying her betrothed, Alex D'Aumesbery. Merry hopes that Alex will be a proper Englishman that isn't weak willed and in his cups by noon like her father and brothers. So why was he drunk the first time they met?

February 23, 2010: The Hellion and the Highlander, the third book in the Devil Of The Highlands series will be coming out this March after Taming The Highland Bride. This story involves Kade Stewart, Merry's brother who went missing during the crusades. After three years in Baibar's prison, Kade, his men and Will Montagne escape. En route to England, a severe storm cuts their party in half and blinds Kade. Not knowing if he will see again, Will's sister, Averill, cares for Kade comfortable in the knowledge that he can't see her plain features and unseemly red hair. Or can he?

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