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A Note From Lynsay

I hope all my American friends had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! that it's over we can turn our attention to--what else?--Christmas! 

Really, while I'm not keen on the shopping madness that hits people this time of year, and the commercialization that has kind of taken over the holiday, I do love the chance to visit and celebrate with family and friends. Actually, I think we really need that to keep our spirits up during this time of cold and very short days. It's the short days that bother me more than anything. I can bundle up against the cold, but I really miss that sun. I'm never so happy as to get December 21st behind me, it means every day will be a little longer until summer.

We're not there yet, three weeks till that happens, and just a couple days after that before we can celebrate the season with friends and family. In the meantime, many of you will no doubt be doing your last minute shopping like me. Yes, I admit it, I procrastinate to the very end and then scramble to find that perfect gift for my loved ones. I'm always afraid of buying early and then their buying the same thing themselves before Christmas hits. This means, of course, that I shall be out there, tossed amidst the crowds of shoppers, battling over the last whatever, and cussing at crazy drivers....Why is it that people's driving skills seem to deteriorate at this time of year? Is it too much Christmas liquid cheer or just impatience? I suspect a little of both since they tend to get a little cranky in the stores too and it becomes something of a challenge to just make your way from the mall entrance to the store you want.

So be careful out there. There are a lot of cars, a lot of distractions and a lot of people everywhere. And if you feel like screaming in frustration at some point... either take a deep breath and visualize everyone with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoes OR, worse case scenario, I guess you can try screaming. I guarantee you that if people see you screaming, they will give you a liberal amount of breathing room in which to move around in ...although you may get kicked out of the mall as well. Possibly banned. Maybe you shouldn't scream after all.

As for the latest news coming from the Sands' headquarters... Hungry For You is out! (at least it is as of Tuesday, November 30th) So it should be on display at your local bookstore. The last single Willan sister has finally met her match in Cale Valens, a distant relative of the Argeneau clan from Europe. That is if the harried Alex can take the time to notice her lifemate. The opening of her new restaurant, sudden loss of her chef, lime green walls and orange tiles may distract her from what's right in front of her.

In other news, I am now thinking about the next Argeneau stories I will write. I have had an idea for Jeanne Louise's story for years, but have been waiting for her father's life to get straightened around before writing it. Now that he and Nicholas are all squared away, it's Jeanne Louise's turn to shine so she will definitely be one of the next books I do.

Well that's it my friends. I hope you get your Christmas tree up and decorated, your shopping done and that you stay safe and sane in the process. :-)


New Releases

June 8, 2010: The following e-books were released: Love is Blind, The Perfect Wife, The Reluctant Reformer, What She Wants, Love Bites, Single White Vampire and Tall, Dark & Hungry.

June 22, 2010: The following e-books were released: The Brat and The Chase

June 29, 2010: Harper Collins reissued Love Bites, Single White Vampire and Tall, Dark & Hungry. This is good news for anyone who has had difficulty finding a copy of these stories.

July 13, 2010: The following e-book were released: Bliss

July 20, 2010: The following e-books were released: Always, Sweet Revenge, The Switch, The Key, and The Deed

August 31, 2010: Born To Bite, the thirteenth book in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series, is here! Armand Argeneau has been living on a farm squirrelled away from public life for decades without anyone bothering him. Until now that is. Lucian has been kind enough to volunteer Armand to babysit Eshe d'Aureus in order to protect her from a rogue vampire out for revenge. At least that's the story he's told. In reality, Eshe was sent to Armand on assignment to find clues to explain his many wives' 'accidental' deaths. This installment of the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series will also answer the unanswered questions from Nicholas's story, The Renegade Hunter.

November 30, 2010: Hungry For You, the fourteenth book in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series will be coming out this December. It involves the last of the Willan sisters, Alex, and one of Martine Argeneau's older sons, Cale. Alex is a successful chef and restauranteur trying to expand her business, unfortunately the new location's debut seems to be riddled with bad luck. Can Cale, a successful european chef . . . er . . . businessman, help her keep her business afloat and still keep her frazzled attention long enough to see him for who he really is . . . the love of her life?

Upcoming Releases

January 25, 2011: The Countess, the first book in Lynsay's new historical series called the Madison Sisters will be starting 2011 off right! A fairytale marriage Christiana did not have. As a matter of fact the best part about it was the abrupt ending when her husband, Richard (or Dicky as he liked to be called), died. Or at least that's what they thought when Christiana and her sisters put him on ice. Only he didn't stay dead AND he became nice... huh?! And now the new and improved Richard can't help wondering if Christiana's sweetness isn't all an act. That she's actually a money-hungry murderess with great acting skills.

February 22, 2011: The Heiress, the second book in the Madison Sisters series will be hard on the Countess's heels. You met Suzette in Christiana's story and now you get to hear her story. Suzette needs a husband NOW. No doddling, whining or even love required. Anyone would do and the poorer the better as she needs a potential husband who is happy and pliable so she can access her substantial dowry to help pay off her father's overwhelming gambling debts. Daniel seemed to fit the bill to a 't' and their obvious chemistry was an added bonus. Now the only issue would be to try to stay alive and keep their hands off each other long enough to keep Suzette's virtue intact until they make it to Gretna Green.

May 31, 2011: The Reluctant Vampire, the fifteenth book in the Argeneau series is set in the little town of Port Henry and involves one of Elvi's potential suitors from The Accidental Vampire, Harpernus Stoyan. Harper lost his lifemate, Jenny, during her turn and has blamed himself for her death ever since, so he's rather happy for the distraction when Tiny and Mirabeau arrive with a young immortal in tow. Stephanie McGill is a young newly turned, immortal who is being hunted by a mad no-fanger named Leonius. When Anders and Drina Argenis (Argeneau) arrive to help, Harper finds himself working with the beautiful young Spanish woman. But things get interesting when Stephanie decides to take on the role of cupid and bring Drina and a reluctant Harper together. How much trouble could a newly turned teenage vamp be?

Argeneau Contest #15

The winners of a signed copy of Hungry For You is Andi Knapp and Lesley McTighe. Thank-you so much as the response to this contest was overwhelming. There are a LOT of great recipes that in the end we took that top 30 recipes that we saw and drew names.

Here are the winners' recipes and there will be more posted in future newsletters. Have fun! :-) Read on...

Argeneau Christmas Crossword

This crossword is based on the characters from the Argeneau series that you know and love. Hope you enjoy it! Read on...


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