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  February 2014
New Releases...

Feb 18th, 2014 - Marcus Notte's book Vampire Most Wanted

Nov 26th, 2013 - Reissue of the hysterical historical The Switch

Sept 24th, 2013 - Jake Colson's book called One Lucky Vampire

June 25th, 2013 - Hysterical historical called An English Bride In Scotland

Feb 26, 2013 - Anders' story called Immortal Ever After

Coming Soon...

June 26th, 2014 - Next book in the English Bride Of Scotland series To Marry A Scottish Laird

A Note To Readers

What strange weather we're having these days. First we got a snowfall so heavy that it gave me a backache just looking at it. Then the temperature dropped to negative thirty and didn't nudge from the negative double digits for well over a week. And the kicker was when it finally popped back up to above zero; everything melted which put so much strain on the sewer system that it overflowed onto our roads and city streets; and then froze again. Old man winter is putting all of us through the paces this year. Even the groundhogs are confused with some having seen their shadows and others not. All I can say is if the weatherman with all the technology he has at his fingertips can't get it right most of the time then how could we expect these furry little fellows to know any better? Besides we all know the groundhog's main job is to annoy homeowners and be the bane of every golf course around. Perhaps the Floridian golf courses have the advantage there with their own natural and environmentally friendly rodent control system...Gators! It's just too bad they're not golfer friendly as well.

I do have some news that could warm up the frozen cockles of your heart... Vampire Most Wanted is now out on the bookstore shelves! So if you were one of the lucky few who had a fantastic Valentines, OR if cupid's lousy aim had you thinking for a moment that that frog might actually be your prince when he wasn’t, OR if you slammed the door firmly on cupid’s heart-shaped face…Just let it all go! Because as of February 18th the romantic playing field will be equalized when an Argeneau goes head to head with a Notte and it's anyone's guess who will come out ahead…or alive. If I was a betting woman then I think my money would be on Basha for the Argeneau family’s resilience is legendary. To be fair, though, we shouldn't mistake Marcus Notte’s easygoing attitude for weakness.  

I have more good news to do with the Argeneau series… For those of you that have requested updates to both the Argeneau and Notte family trees, they are now up to date!  Check them out!

Thank-you to everyone that participated in the Vampire Most Wanted ARC contest. We LOVED your entries. So without further ado, here are some of the lovely pics reader's sent to us of their furry friends. These also happen to be the winners of a signed ARC of Vampire Most Wanted. Great job ladies!

If the kitty and pooches could talk I'm sure this is what they'd be saying...

I think I mentioned in my last newsletter that Allie, our one-year-old Lab, had surgery to repair her ACL. The good news is she has pretty much recovered from her surgery. The not so good news is she's pretty much back to her normal self, which consists of a lot of running, jumping, gnawing on Teddy (our little Bichon/Poo mix), aggravating Roxy (our older Shepherd/Lab mix) and just generally getting in everyone's way. Sigh...I'll be happy to have the puppy years SAFELY behind us.

And on a more personal note... As some of you may know by now, I am recovering from a concussion I acquired before Christmas when I slipped on some ice and cracked my skull. The most frustrating part of my recovery was early on when I had to spend weeks in the dark trying not to think, read, or watch television. This might sound like a cinch but just try doing it for a day and see how many walls you climb in the process. Shudder. So I am still taking it easy, avoiding any mental gymnastics and severely limiting my computer use. When I get frustrated I just remind myself that patience is a virtue...but why does it have to take so bloody long!? Oops. I guess I have more work to do on the patience bit. LOL

So please stay safe and healthy. I wish you and your families a lot of love and happiness this year.


New Release

Vampire Most Wanted is the 20th book in the Argeneau series and it's scheduled to be released on February 18, 2014. This story has to do with the mysterious Basha, an immortal I’ve mentioned in a few books like The Immortal Hunter and The Renegade Hunter.  Basha knows how to take care of herself and has been doing so pretty much her entire life.  Sticking to the outskirts of society and hiding in plain site so no one notices her beyond the façade she presents has always worked…until now. Now someone has noticed her and like her, he’s immortal.  Friend or foe? She doesn’t know, but she doesn’t plan to stick around long enough to find out.
Marcus Notte is Julius Notte’s right hand man, but now that Julius no longer needs help running the company, Marcus is feeling at loose ends. To fill the void, he agrees to help Lucian track down Basha who was thought to be long dead until now. Marcus's search has led him to a carnival in southern California where he hopes to learn something from his only solid lead, a fortuneteller called Lady Divine.

The Switch, was reissued with a gorgeous new cover. This story was the third book of mine to be published and is about a charming pair of twin sisters Charlotte (aka Charlie) and Elizabeth who've run away from their greedy uncle who became their guardian by default after their parents died.  Knowing that as women it's unwise to travel alone, they come up with a plan...Charlie would play the part of Elizabeth’s brother, Charles. Unfortunately a Lord Radcliffe intercepts them as they try to escape. Cornered, they tell Radcliffe about their greedy uncle and his plans to marry Elizabeth to a man whose late wives all died under suspicious circumstances. Lord Radcliffe, concerned for their safety, decides to escort them to London. Along the way Charlie finds herself becoming more and more attracted to Radcliffe… The only problem is she's supposed to be Charles, a fellow bachelor and Elizabeth's brother.  I had loads of fun writing that book and still remember it fondly.

Upcoming Books

To Marry A Scottish Laird is scheduled to be released on June 26th. This story is the next book in An English Bride in Scotland series and it’s about Jo, a young woman on a quest to deliver a message to the Laird and Lady MacKay, and Cam, a warrior who saves her from bandits and then offers his escort. Not to mention all the wonderful trouble they get into along the way.

Results from the contest for an ARC of Vampire Most Wanted

The winners of the signed copies of the Vampire Most Wanted ARCs were D. Antonio., D. Glover, C. Peters and M. McLaughlin.

Thank-you to all the participants and their lovely pets that so graciously posed for the photos !

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