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A Note From Lynsay

Hello everyone and happy summer! Yes, I realize this is old news to you all but for me it is like summer has just started. I spent the last month in a tiny motel room with the curtains drawn and the air conditioner going, making it something of a cool, dark cave as I struggled through the next Argeneau story. It was necessary. As you may have read on my blog, the ... read on

Upcoming Releases

September 30 2008: The new release of The Rogue Hunter, the 10th book to be released in the Argeneau series is scheduled for the end of September. This book is about Mortimer and the other Council Enforcers saddled with the task of protecting mankind from those gone rogue. Mortimer meets his match... read on

January 27 2009: We are very excited to announce that Devil of the Highlands is scheduled to be released this coming January 2009! Due to a change in publishers, it has been a while since the last historical came out, so we hope that all you historical romance fans get a front row seat and enjoy this romantic roller coaster! It was a lot of fun to write so I hope you have just as much fun reading it.

March 31 2009: As I mentioned, The Immortal Hunter, the 11th book in the Argeneaus has a publishing date!! Yay! Also as I mentioned, it's about Martine's son Decker Argeneau Pimms. He's a sweetie and his Dani is a doll, so I hope yo enjoy their story. But wait till you read the secrets coming out in this one! Jeez!! They even took me by surprise. ;-)

Book Signing in San Francisco!

July 30 to August 2: RWA is hosting it's 28th Annual National Conference at the Marriott in San Francisco, CA. This year, Lynsay will be attending and there will be a couple of book signing opportunities for those of you that would love her Jane Handcock on your copy of her book!

Last Month's Winners

Love Bites Contest Winners: Debbie Parks and Vivian Wang are the two lucky winners that are being sent signed copies of His Immortal Embrace. Everyone that entered did an amazing job. Again, I am astounded at the wonderful memories and attention to detail each of you had and wish I had more copies to hand out.

Next Month's Contest

August Argeneau Contest: The next Argeneau competition will appear in August's newsletter and the prize will be a signed copy of an arc of The Rogue Hunter. So be ready guys as this limited edition copy is a highly sought after prize! View cover

Love Bites Crossword Solutions

This is the solution to last month's crossword featuring Love Bites. View solutions

Single, White Vampire Crossword

This crossword is based on the original Single, White Vampire. You know, the one about Lucern, the surly writer and Kate, his obstinate editor. Good luck and we hope you enjoy it !

Single, White Vampire Crossword

    2  Lucern knew he'd lost this when Kate thought his surliness was cute. (6)
    4  Lucern banged this when Kate walks in on him having a drink in the kitchen. (4)
    6  These guys deliver blood to immortals. (3)
    8  Lucern closed this in Kate's face on their first meeting. (4)
    9  A man broke into Lucern's hotel room to kill him but Lucern let him go as he was ______. (6)
  12  Kate thought Lucern might be this when she saw him make a pass at Chris. (3)
  14  Lucern used a metaphor with this particular pest as a description of Kate. (3)
  16  Lucern's nosy mother. (10)
  17  Etienne intended on giving Kate a small _____ when she was talking to herself in Lucern's basement but it backfired. (5)
  19  Lucern's favourite word. (2)
  20  Lucern agreed to go to this without realizing how involving it would be. (12)
  24  Kate had to crawl under this to help Lucern free his outfit when it was snagged. (5)
  28  Lucern is irritated that people associate his name with this. (12)
  30  The codpiece incident made it into this media. (10)
  32  Kate lives in this city. (7)
  35  Lucern always won these in his youth. (4)
  36  Lucern was actually named after a ___ in Switzerland. (4)
  37  Kate's friend and colleague. (5)

    1  One of the writers that befriended Lucern. (4)
    2  Lucern was having trouble at the conference as he was in desperate need of this. (5)
    3  This lady helped Kate and Lucern at the conference and helped Lucern after Kate left to go back to New York. (10)
    4  There are about this many immortal couples in the world. (7)
    5  When Lucern saw Greg and Kate, he cut in on their _____. (5)
    7  Lucern is irritated by this stake happy girl on TV. (5)
  10  Kate tends to trip over things so she would be considered ________ _____. (13)
  11  The coffin in Lucern's basement belongs to ? (7)
  13  A popular phrase describing a joke or secret being revealed, like when Marguerite overhears the men talking by the van about the fact that Lucern couldn't read Kate, the ___ is up. (3)
  15  Kate showed up on Lucern's doorstep because she wants him to do a book signing ____. (4)
  17  Nanos can't push one of these out if they are stuck in the heart as they are too large. (5)
  18  Lucern was surprised to hear Kate approaching the kitchen, which made him ____ blood. (5)
  21  Lucern awkwardly made this beverage for his guest when he couldn't get rid of Kate. (3)
  22  Lucern's profession. (6)
  23  Marguerite was pleased to see the ___ Kate brought to Lucern's life. (3)
  25  Lucern did this to Kate, which she noticed the next morning. (3)
  26  Lucern thought of Kate as a ____ blond terrier. (4)
  27  Kate was upset to see Lucern making a ____ at Chris because she liked him. (4)
  28  The last party that Lucern had to attend at the RT conference was what type of ball? (7)
  29  Lucern ______ the door on Kate when she first appears on his doorstep. (6)
  31  Lucern believes _____ bring chaos to life. (5)
  33  Kate thought Lucern might be a bit _____ because he was a romance writer. (5)
  34  Chris's last name. (5)
  37  Chris normally goes by this nickname. (2)

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