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  July 2012
New Releases...

April 24, 2012 - Christian Notte's story called Under A Vampire Moon. You get to meet Christian's italian cousins!

February 28, 2012 - The Husband Hunt is the 3rd book in the Madison Sisters' series involving Lisa Madison

October 25, 2011 - Teddy Brunswick's story in The Bite Before Christmas

August 30, 2011 - The Deed is a reissue of Lynsay's first historical pubbed

May 31, 2011 - Harper Stoyan and Drina Argeneaus 's story called The Reluctant Vampire. It also involves Stephanie McGill from The Immortal Hunter

Coming Soon...

July 31, 2012 - Jeanne Louise's story called Lady Is A Vamp. This is a bit of a twist in the Argeneau series.

A Note To Readers

I was up at the cottage in Parry Sound last week with Jackie. It was a chance to commune with nature, do edits, and have girl parties at night. Girl parties consist of wine, talking about men, giggling hysterically (not necessarily about men….well, all right, mostly about men. Guys are just so darn cute and sweet and fun to talk about. Shrug) Oh, and we watched movies too. 21 Jump Street and Dale and Tucker versus Evil. Gad! We giggled our arses off at both movies. They were hysterical!! Hmmm… Could have been the wine though. If you’re going to watch either on this recommend I suggest two or three glasses of wine first to get you in the mood, just in case. (grin)

I have to say, the cottage looks GREAT!  The first time I saw it was right after they’d bought it. It was empty and pine from top to bottom: pine floors, pine walls, pine cupboards, pine doors. Pine, pine, pine! I was not impressed. However, they have done a lot of work, adding furnishings and rugs. They also added a black island in the kitchen and painted the pine cupboards a sort of slate green. It looks AWESOME now.  Well done to them. I shall have to get their help decorating when the renos are done. They made it look amazing!

Anyway, Jackie and I were alone during the week, but the boys (A.K.A. our honeys) showed up for the weekend. And, yes, they are both honeys. Her hubby brought big umbrellas for shading our delicate skin on the water and deck, and what not (it’s their cottage) and my honey brought flowers and wine. (He’s SUCH a sweetheart.) The weekend with the boys was nice too with laughing instead of giggling, and barbecues and swimming instead of road trips and work.

Now it’s back to the grindstone. Have to finish off these edits on Anders’ story and start the next. I’m hoping to have the new book done before the RWA conference next month. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

On to the real news… the winners of the latest contest of the Under A Vampire Moon beach ball giveaway (beach ball and a signed copy of Under A Vampire Moon) went out to Dakota Kent, Shauna Skaggs and Hannah Chrystal. Also the forum winner of the beach ball went out to Amy Bachtel. Congrats ladies!

Speaking of the forum I'd like to let you know about the different ways you can stay in touch with me. I am on twitter (@LynsaySands), facebook (Lynsay-Sands), forum (close knit community of readers that love to chat about the books), and email.

As many of you already know, my next book coming out shortly (end of July) is Jeanne Louise's story called Lady Is A Vamp. Jeanne Louise is such a workaholic that someone would literally have to drag her away to get her out of her lab. And fellow employee Paul Adams may do just that to get her to listen. Paul would protect his loved ones come hell or high water so when he decides to follow through with a desperate plan, hell maybe exactly what he'll get. Be careful what you wish for because you may just get it...

The excerpt and new cover have been posted on my website if you'd like to take a look.

Well I must go as my dinner smells like it's burning, again. Enjoy your summer!



Argeneau Trivia Game

We thought it might be fun to use a little word play in reference to some of you favorite characters. These are based on the books you know and love! We will post the answers in the next newsletter.

1. What do Lucian, Lucern and Anders have in common other than the fact all their names start with the same letter? (Hint: It's to do with personality)

2. What do Victor and Vincent have in common other than they are related?

3. Marguerite's life mate and dog both have the same what?

4. Marguerite didn't know for over five centuries that she had another one of these …

5. Which super hero does Thomas have a special connection with?

6. Which Argeneau is scared (to the point of phobia) of his/her food?

7. What Argeneau is a science geek?

8. Other than Marguerite, which other immortals are dog lovers?


Answers to Lady Is A Vamp Crossword

This crossword is based on the book Lady Is A Vamp. If you've read the excerpt and know a little about the Argeneaus then you should be able to answers these questions. Good luck everyone!


6 Jeanne Louise works in one of these. (3)
8 Being an immortal has it's advantages. An immortal doesn't have to worry about getting sick as they can r____ d______. (13)
10 Mrs Stuart said some pretty awful things to Paul's daughter. When someone is angry and bitter they are called _____. (5)
12 Jeanne Louise is always at work. She is the poster child for a __________. (10)
14 One of Jeanne Louise's brothers. (6)
17 The thought of Paul unchaining Jeanne Louise was quite _________ to her so she lied and said she was hungry in the hopes he'd do so. (9)
19 One of these caught the image of Paul sneaking from Lester's trunk to Jeanne Louise's car. (6)
20 Fred the security guard calls Jeanne Louise this and it makes her feel like a child. (10)
22 Paul chose to kidnap Jeanne Louise from the employee parking ______. (6)
23 All mortal employees of Argeneau Enterprises must undergo one of these sporadically to make sure they are ok mentally and not planning something stupid like kidnapping an immortal. (9)
26 Paul's eye colour. (5)
28 Jeanne Louise was the head of a ____ of scientists in her department working on genetic anomalies. (4)
29 Immortals have the ability to use mind _______ on mortals. Their life mate is the only exception. (7)
30 There are advantages to being immortal. Immortals l___ l_____ than mortals by centuries or more. (10)
31 Paul used the element of surprise on Jeanne Louise by ______ in her backseat. (6)


1 One of Jeanne Louise's aunts. (7)
2 We are all doing this every day. Some are just _____ faster than others. (5)
3 Mrs Stuart is a nasty ___ ___. (Hint: elderly farm animal) (6)
4 Paul snuck into this employee's trunk in order to get into the employee parking garage undetected. (6)
5 Jeanne Louise couldn't ____ Paul when she woke up and figured it was an aftereffect of the tranquilizer he gave her. (4)
6 Paul's daughter's name. (4)
7 Jeanne Louise woke up chained to a h_______ b__. (11)
9 These immortals are in charge of cleaning up situations like the mess Jeanne Louise found herelf in. (9)
11 There are advantages to being immortal. Physically they stay and look _____ because the nanos are constantly repairing any damage to their cells. (5)
13 Where Paul would see Jeanne Louise every day when he was working at Argeneau Enterprises. (9)
15 Paul's job was working on making new _____ that would work on immortals. (5)
16 Most immortals could survive on ______ blood. But a genetic anomally affected a minor few that forced them to feed 'off the hoof'. (6)
18 Livy was on strong ____ ____ to make the pain she was feeling tolerable enough to stay home with her dad. (8)
19 Paul desperately wanted a ____ for his sick daughter. (4)
21 Mrs Stuart was used as a babysitter because she used to be a _____ and she was available. (5)
24 Jeanne Louise woke up wrapped in a steel _____. (5)
25 Jeanne Louise's kidnapper. (4)
27 Paul and Jeanne Louise both work in this branch of Argeneau Enterprises. (5)
28 When a mortal becomes an immortal, they must go through one of these. (4)

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