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Summertime! Summertime! Sum-sum-summertime! Summer is here and it feels like it. Sunny days mixed with sudden downpours that stop within minutes of starting. I've been told we get a lot more rain and snow here than in the city so the story might be different for someone that lives a mere 15 miles away.  


To Marry A Scottish Laird, the second book in my latest Scottish Highlands series that started with An English Bride In Scotland, is out on the bookstore shelves as of Tuesday June 24th! This one's about Jo, a young woman on a quest to deliver a message to the Laird and Lady MacKay. When she’s attacked by bandits, a warrior named Cam saves her and then offers his escort. It makes for an interesting journey, and we get to catch up with Annabel and Ross and find out what happened to Annabel’s lovely but homicidal sister Kate. You can check out the reviews it's received to date here.


Finally took the plunge and decided to get some personalized pens.  Of course they had to be red pens as that is my signature color and had to have blue ink because that's the only color I sign books with.  Surprisingly enough blue ink does not come as a standard for personalized pens. Can you believe it's a special order!?  I'm not sure why since blue pens seem to be the standard here but we stuck to our guns even when more than one company tried to pressure us into the black standard. It's funny how companies that are supposed to be working for you don't listen and then try to dictate to you what you SHOULD want. Not good customer service at all!  By the end of it I believe Terri was shaking her fist in the air saying something along the lines of "Well I oughtta…"  LOL


The puppies are good although we do find that Basha our lovely Bouvier can be extremely stubborn when the mood hits her.  This is a common characteristic in Bouviers so we weren't all that surprised by it but sometimes!!  She also likes to sleep a lot which is another common trait in Bouviers.  She's so still when she's resting that I've mistaken her for either a shadow in the corner or a lumpy carpet. (We have some faux sheepskin carpets that have the same texture as her fur.)


As for me, I’ve handed in a couple of additions to the Argeneau stories.  The first one involves Katricia's father, Basileios, along with a mortal, Sherry, who has unwittingly been around immortals her entire life. The second book is Bricker's story. Yes, I did say Bricker is getting a story and it will most likely come out following Basil’s book, which is scheduled to come out on Feb 24, 2015.  And now I’m about halfway through Saidh’s story, the third book in An English Bride In Scotland series.  My lucky troll is still on my desk staring at me… if only the troll could talk!  LOL 


To Marry A Scottish Laird, the second book in An English Bride in Scotland series, debuts June 24th!

Lynsay's Highlands Series Contest

We're running a contest to celebrate the debut of To Marry A Scottish Laird, the 2nd book in Lynsay's latest Scottish Highlands series, out June 24th!

The RT Book Review of To Marry A Scottish Laird stated "There's nothing quite like a girl dressed as a boy plot theme to catch a reader's eye."
Lynsay's written well over 50 books and Jo was not the first heroine of hers that masqueraded as someone she was not... Name some of Lynsay's other stories that featured a heroine dressed as a boy/man. Email them to

Winners get a signed copy of the first book, An English Bride in Scotland, along with the personalized Charm pen she signed with. Deadline to enter is midnight June 30th.

We will email all winners.

To Marry A Scottish Laird Book #2 in An English Bride in Scotland series...

The next book in An English Bride in Scotland series, To Marry A Scottish Laird, is scheduled to be released on June 24th.  It's about Jo, a young woman on a quest to deliver a message to the Laird and Lady MacKay, and Cam, a warrior who saves her from bandits and then offers his escort. Not to mention all the wonderful trouble they get into along the way.  In this story you get to catch up with Annabel and Ross and find out what happened to her backstabbingly lovely sister Kate.

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Knight of My Dreams Originally pubbed as Mother May I? in A Mother's Way...

Ahhhh, mothers. I miss mine horribly. Enjoy yours while you can and make sure she knows you appreciate her. Knight Of My Dreams is a historical about how a Mother's loving interference can help, or hinder a romance. In this case, Mom's interference did a lot of good.
Jonathan has successfully evaded his mother's matchmaking schemes for years, only it looks like his luck has run out because the king has given him two weeks to find a bride.  And now when he needs her most, his mother has packed up her match making efforts and left him to his own devices…or has she?  

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Vampire Most Wanted Book #20 in the Argeneau series...

The response to this latest addition of the Argeneau series has been heart warming. People often ask me how I keep the stories fresh twenty books in the series and the answer is simple... Each character has a unique story to tell and I do my best to tell it.

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