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A Note From Lynsay

Ack! As some of you may know, we have just moved office . . . AGAIN. I know, I know. How many times can one person move within a 7-year span? Well let me enlighten you . . . I have moved 7 times. I kid you not, I have moved 7 times in the last 7 years and I SWEAR this will be it for me for at least a decade . . . maybe life. LOL

In the meantime, this move has meant yet another period of utter chaos. I am behind on emails, behind on meeting a deadline, and have lost my assistant, Terri (a.k.a. Tori the house elf) twice in the mountain of boxes that is our stuff. I have also lost Emma, the house cat, three times although I suspect she wasn't lost so much as hiding out. Each time she went missing for days and the only evidence of her presence was the occasional disappearance of cat food. In previous moves I also ALWAYS lost my curling iron and makeup bag. I am not sure why they would both disappear, but for some reason they did. Perhaps the hair and makeup imp thought I should look as chaotic as I always feel when in the midst of a move. This time, however, was different. I thought ahead for that and tucked both away in my purse the morning of the move. Which meant they were the absolute only thing I could find, but hey, I looked good searching for everything else . . . well, or I would if I hadn't been pulling out my hair in frustration over those things I couldn't find. LOL.

Hmm . . . maybe having my curling iron and makeup not be lost and have to be replaced this time is a sign. A good omen that I have finally found a place to settle and call home. (Side note: Maybe I should be checking Terri's desk. I mean, she could have a weakness I never knew about . . . a clepto for curling irons perhaps? Mad for makeup? Her drawer may be cluttered with those curling irons that went missing in previous moves and had to be replaced. There may be row after row of lipsticks rolling around in her drawers . . . Nah, scratch that. The girl never does anything with her hair or makeup. Terri does o-natural to the extreme and she's lovely enough to carry it off. {Okay ladies, all of us together now, "We hate you for that Terri!"} Just kidding. Really. Anyway, I'm serious about her not bothering with hair and make up. Heck, she was in her thirties before she would carry a purse. And you should have seen her before Christmas when I dragged her in for a makeover. She squirmed and fidgeted like she was being tortured or something. It would have been irritating if it wasn't so darn funny to watch.)

Ah well, on to other news. We are mostly settled here with only a few boxes left. They, unfortunately, will have to wait. Right now I am in the middle of writing my next two historical stories so I am in my 'writer's mode'. This means I rarely answer the phone, door or email and leave my abode only when absolutely necessary. A necessary reason to leave would be things like my building's on fire OR I am down to the last can of diet coke and anyone else that could possibly make a store run or delivery for me is dead OR I just can't stand my four walls another minute and must enter society again before I turn into a gremlin. The funny thing is you probably think I'm exaggerating this, aren't you? If you only knew! LOL

Aside from my chaotic life, there is also a lot going on this month on the book front . . . STILL (she adds, rolling her eyes because there this is the third month in a row with a new book out. You guys must be sick of me.) Anyway, as you know, the second book in the Devil Of The Highlands series, Taming The Highland Bride, was just released last month. Hard on its heels comes the third book in this series, The Hellion and the Highlander. It should be out at your local bookstores now. YAY! Believe me the name suits this book.

Now onto the winners of last month's Valentine's contest, they are Valerie Thaxter-Grant and Cheryl Castings. Each of them will be receiving a signed copy of Taming The Highland Bride shortly. I hope you enjoy them ladies!

Finally, we do have another contest going on (below) for one of two signed copies of The Hellion and the Highlander. This contest has a slight twist to last month's. Just remember to send your answers to by March 15th. And good luck to you all!

I am now off to the wonderful land of the written word, a world where nothing goes missing unless I wish it. Oh, if only real life were like that, huh? LOL


New Releases

January 12, 2010: Another paranormal anthology called Bitten By Cupid has been released this winter just in time for Valentine's Day! And because three very different writers will be contributing to this anthology, there will definitely be something every reader can sink their teeth into. Heads up for all you Argeneau fans, as this one involves Tiny! What immortal woman can resist a man who is courageous, funny, gentle, talented in the kitchen and is built like a linebacker?

January 26, 2010: Taming The Highland Bride, the second book in the Devil Of The Highlands series is out now. It involves Evelinde's brother Alex d'Aumesbery and his bride to be, Merewen, the Stewart Shrew. Merewen has had it with the lot of them! She dreams about getting away and marrying her betrothed, Alex D'Aumesbery. Merry hopes that Alex will be a proper Englishman that isn't weak willed and in his cups by noon like her father and brothers. So why was he drunk the first time they met?

February 23, 2010: The Hellion and the Highlander, the third book in the Devil Of The Highlands series will be coming out this March after Taming The Highland Bride. This story involves Kade Stewart, Merry's brother who went missing during the crusades. After three years in Baibar's prison, Kade, his men and Will Montagne escape. En route to England, a severe storm cuts their party in half and blinds Kade. Not knowing if he will see again, Will's sister, Averill, cares for Kade comfortable in the knowledge that he can't see her plain features and unseemly red hair. Or can he?


Upcoming Releases

August 31, 2010: Born To Bite, the thirteenth book in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series, will be coming out this September. Armand Argeneau has been living on a farm squirrelled away from public life for decades without anyone bothering him. Until now that is. Lucian has been kind enough to volunteer Armand to babysit Eshe d'Aureus in order to protect her from a rogue vampire out for revenge. In reality, Eshe was sent to Armand on assignment to find clues to explain his many wives' 'accidental' deaths. This installment of the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series will also answer the unanswered questions from Nicholas's story, The Renegade Hunter.

November 30, 2010: Hungry For You, the fourteenth book in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series will be coming out this December. It involves the last of the Willan sisters, Alex, and one of Martine Argeneau's older sons, Cale. Alex is a successful chef and restauranteur trying to expand her business and the new location's debut seems to be riddled with bad luck. Can Cale, a successful european chef . . . er . . . businessman, help her keep her business afloat and still keep her frazzled attention long enough to see him for who he really is . . . the love of her life?


Lynsay's Contest # 12

This contest is for a copy of the third book in the Devil Of The Highlands series called The Hellion and the Highlander. This is a tad different from last month's contest but still along the same premise. Tell us the worst gift you have ever received in your life. We will choose the best two answers from the lot. Please send your answers to by midnight on Mar 15th.

For example, years ago I received an alligator leather handbag as a birthday gift. Now it was a brown color, which is not a color I like to start with but that wasn't the biggest issue here. The problem was that the alligator's head and little alligator legs were still attached to it! So if I grabbed my purse by the top, I was actually grabbing the head of this alligator . . . ICK. What was he thinking?!?

NOTE: All answers submitted to us are fair game to be published in next month's newsletter. That being said, if you would prefer your submission not be posted or would prefer that we post it as 'anonymous' in the next newsletter then please let us know and we will do so accordingly.


More Audio Books Are Here!

Harper Audio has published the following audiobooks from the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series. You can find all of the following Argeneau audiobooks at

A Quick Bite - Book 1 - Sept 15, 2009
Tall Dark & Hungry - Book 3 - Nov 24, 2009
A Bite To Remember - Book 5 - Oct 6, 2009
Bite Me If You Can - Book 6 - Oct 27, 2009
Vampires Are Forever - Book 8 - Dec 8, 2009
Vampire, Interrupted - Book 9 - Dec 29, 2009
The Rogue Hunter - Book 10 - Jan 19, 2010
The Immortal Hunter - Book 11 - Jan 26, 2010

NOTE: There are still few books in the series (i.e. Accidental Vampire) that were already scheduled for release but have been delayed. I will let you guys know when they become available.

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