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March 2012
New Releases...

February 28, 2012 - The Husband Hunt is the 3rd book in the Madison Sisters' series involving Lisa Madison

October 25, 2011 - Teddy Brunswick's story in The Bite Before Christmas

August 30, 2011 - The Deed is a reissue of Lynsay's first historical pubbed

May 31, 2011 - Harper Stoyan and Drina Argeneaus 's story called The Reluctant Vampire. It also involves Stephanie McGill from The Immortal Hunter

February 22, 2011 - The Heiress is the 2nd book in the Madison Sisters' series involving Suzette Madison

January 25, 2011 - The Couness is the 1st book in the Madison Sisters' series involving Christiana Madison

Coming Soon...

April 24, 2012 - Christian Notte's story called Under A Vampire Moon. You get to meet Christian's italian cousins!

July 31, 2012 - Jeanne Louise's story called Lady Is A Vamp

A Note To Readers

Wow... I'm not sure what the weather is like in your area but it has remained incredibly mild for us. Mother nature has been very fickle this winter and I'm not complaining! Love the sun and the warmer weather. Not loving the wet weather though. You see Teddy, my very white and very energetic Poochon puppy, has found a new fascination... for mud. Yes, you heard me. And he's taken quite a fancy to digging in said mud. Just so you have a clear picture of what I'm talking about I'll post a photo of him the next time he's covered in it from head to paw so you can fully realize the depth of his love affair with mud. Another novel behaviour that Teddy has taken to lately is eating everything. So far this week he ate one red leather glove, one of my winter boots and my loveseat cushion. WHY?! All I can say is that I have a newfound respect for my fellow dog owners. I try to keep in mind during trying times such as these that I should be grateful that my experiences aren't as bad as what my sister had to go through. Dante, their Cairn terrier, ate their wine cabinet. Yikes!

The winner of the signed copy of The Husband Hunt is... Emma Barker. Thank-you to everyone that entered last month's contest. Your love stories, both true and imagined, were lovely.

The big news of the day is The Husband Hunt, Lisa Madison's story, is finally out! Lisa has always had her heart set on Robert Langley but Robert thinks of her only as a friend. After years of waiting Lisa decided that since Robert wasn't interested in her, she'd have to set her sights elsewhere. Precedence has shown the Madison sisters won't beat around the bush to get things done and our Lisa lives up to her family name in this final chapter of The Madison Sisters series.

For all you twitterites there is another contest up and going strong for a chance to win one of three copies of The Husband Hunt. And if I get 1000 new followers on my @LynsaySands account then a contestant will be randomly chosen to win a signed copy of the entire Madison Sisters' series. Yah.

The next book scheduled to be released in late April is the sixteenth installment in the Argeneau series called Under A Vampire Moon. It's Marguerite's son, Christian Notte's turn. <WG> I had a lot of fun writing his story as we got to meet more of the Notte family and see Christian work his magic on the violin and Caro.

I vacationed in St. Lucia, where Under A Vampire Moon takes place, with my sisters a few years ago. The people were amazingly nice and the waitstaff and drivers were all very sweet. We had a great time. And if you read this book then I will say this... I wasn't exaggerating about the steepness of those hills to the villas. I was always pleasantly relieved every time our van successfully dropped us off without rolling backwards or toppling over in a particularly steep area. I swear if you slipped and started to roll end over end down those inclines there would be nothing to slow you down except perhaps a tourist or two... and possibly a van. The one pro to the hills was if you made it all the way up to your villa on your own two feet without having a heat stroke or rolling back down again, you would have worked off any calories you ingested that day. If you have the opportunity to go away on vacation this year and you want to visit someplace warm and friendly then I'd recommend it.

Well I'm off to get back into my next story. Hmm... on second thought Teddy is currently bouncing up and done beside me and has been doing so for the last couple of minutes. Reminds me of a bouncing rubber ball. Perhaps I'll take him for a brisk walk first so he ends up in an exhausted heap at my feet AND THEN I'll get back to writing.

Warmest regards until we chat again. :-)


Valentine's Contest Winners

The winner of the signed copy of The Husband Hunt is Emma Barker. Congratulations Emma! It sounds like you and your bo are good for eachother. :-)

The Husband Hunt Crossword

This crossword is based on the first chapter of The Husband Hunt, which you can find on Lynsay's website here. Good luck and have fun!

Clues Across:

1 Lisa and Bet were snuck in which door at Mrs. Morgans? (4)
3. What did Lisa take with her to Mrs. Morgan's? (4)
6. Lisa's maid. (3)
7. Robert's title. (4)
8. Richard was still at his _______ when Lisa and Bet snuck away. (7)
11. Christiana went without Lisa to have tea with Lady ________. (8)
12. The Madisons planned to attend the season-opening ___ later that evening. (4)
16. Bet hid in these while waiting for Lisa to appear. (6)
18. Lisa hoped Lord Findlay would ask her to _____ at tonight's ball. (5)
19. Lisa is Bet's ________. (8)
20. Lisa lacked worldly experience so one might describe her as a little _____. (5)
23. Lisa was sneaking away to visit ___ ______. (9)
25. The first name of the one suitor that asked Lisa to dance at the ball the sisters attended two years ago. (7)
27. Mrs. Simms title is ___________. (11)
28. Lisa thought Charles _______ cut a fine figure when she met him two years ago. (7)

Clues Down:

2. It was sent by Mrs. Morgan to pick Lisa up. (8)
4. The name of the heroine of the book Mrs. Morgan had given Lisa to read. (5)
5. Lisa pretended she wasn't feeling well in order to skip having to go to ___ at Lady Witherly's. (3)
6. Lisa's gift for Mrs. Morgan was a ____. (4)
9. Lisa feigned being ___ in order to sneak away to see Mrs. Morgan. (3)
10. The name of the Madison's housekeeper. (7)
13. The youngest of the Madison sisters. (4)
14. The first name of the man Lisa loves but who insists on treating Lisa like a little sister. (6)
15. The hosts of that evening's season-opening ball were the _______. (7)
16. The book about Fanny was ______ due to its explicit content. (6)
17. Christiana is Lisa's ______. (6)
18. Lisa ducked into the office to avoid being __________ by anyone. (10)
21. Robert is the Lord of _______. (7)
22. Mrs. Morgan's cook's appearance could be described as ______. (6)
24. Lisa kept her visit with Mrs. Morgan a ______ from everyone. (6)
26. Lisa complained of an ache in her ____ and stomach in order to get out of going to tea with Christiana. (4)


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