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The Immortal Who Loved Me is now out on the bookstore shelves! Yay! This is book #21 in the Argeneau series and it’s about Katricia’s father, Basileios Argeneau and newcomer Sherry Carne. Many familiar faces are drawn into this story including the gifted but troubled teenager Stephanie McGill, the infamous Basha Argeneau and Marcus Notte just to name a few. This story starts with a bang and never really slows down so if you like nonstop action then you just might like this book. You can find out more from the description (below) or check out the latest reviews, which have been streaming in the last week or so.

To celebrate the release of The Immortal Who Loved Me we decided to run another contest but this one is different. This time we decided to run The Immortal Who Loved Me Scavenger Hunt instead. Yes, I did say Scavenger Hunt, so there's a little effort on your part but it's all in the spirit of fun.  Answer a couple of questions to test your Argeneau knowledge, find a few items off my website and smile for the camera... Simple!
All the answers and items can be found on my LynsaySands website. Please have fun and good luck! <G>

As for other new and exciting news... We have a new website,, dedicated entirely to the Argeneau series! Along with Argeneau updates, facts and upcoming releases this site will also spotlight sales, reviews, events, blogs, giveaways, contests and more.

The Immortal Who Loved Me

The Immortal Who Loved Me, book #21 in the Argeneau series out on February 24th!

As for my upcoming releases...

The Highlander Takes A Bride is coming out July 28th, 2015. It involves a lot of sword wielding, cussing, brawling, not to mention being able to drink any man under the table... and that's just the heroine.

The long awaited story about Bricker called About A Vampire is scheduled to come out on September 29th, which I will discuss more about in the next newsletter.

I'm about to go back to writing around the clock again. I have story ideas but no time to write them so I've decided to get away from the office for a few weeks to write my little heart out without the sometimes lovely but more often than not nerve-wracking intrusions at my office. There are a few (ok... a LOT of) repairs going on in my home right now, which have not been conducive to writing. I know... you're probably thinking, AGAIN!? But amongst other things, that lovely addition is a bit of a pain with a leaky roof two years running in the winter. They are replacing the roof in the spring, but in the meantime, they are constantly having to perform makeshift repairs. So I've decided to move my writing space away from the chaos for now. (If I don't I may end up killing off the majority of my characters in the first chapter out of pure frustration so this is a good move!)

On that note, I hope those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are staying safe and warm and those of you in the Southern Hemisphere are enjoying the hot weather that we Northerners would kill for right now. (Northerners are a hardy bunch but by the end of February we've all had enough of the white stuff.) Happy reading and have fun regardless of the weather!


The Immortal Who Loved Me Contest

This is a chance to win TIWLM apron, red chef hat and designer spatula along with a signed copy of one of Lynsays previous books. Answer the following questions and send them to

1. Riddle me this... This is short in the tooth, drunk on life, has a killer attitude and will never expire?

2. Sherry is a successful entrepreneur... what kind of business does she own?

3. What is the origin of the Argeneau name? (Hint: I bet you can find it on the new website

4. Would you rather have the hero of The Immortal Who Loved Me on a sundae or on a pizza?

Contest closes March 3rd at midnight. We will notify the winner by email!

The Immortal Who Loved Me Book #21 in the Argeneau series...

Sherry Carne had a good life. She was the owner of a kitchenware store and after years of working hard she was finally starting to reap the benefits of it’s success. Her love life was wanting but who had time to date when there was still so much work to do? However cupid, in the form of an incredibly strong and unbelievably fast teenager named Stephanie, had something else in mind. The girl breaks into her office in an attempt to escape a trio of psychopaths. When her hunters follow and start threatening the patrons, Sherry has no choice but to follow the kid in order to lead the pursuers away from her store. Only Stephanie leads her smack dab into a tall blond drink of water named Basil and suddenly Sherry is feeling quite parched…

Sherry is educated, funny, outspoken, curvy and brunette…Nothing like the petite, blond and biddable image Basil had in mind for his life mate. Being almost as old as Lucian and just about as stubborn this old dog is going to have to learn that a life mate is not what you want but what you need…


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The Loving Daylights Who doesn't love a good spy...

This James Bond-esc cover is perfect forThe Loving Daylights, a spy novel spoofing the infamous series but with a female lead of course! 

Jane Spyrus is a gadget geek who's much more like a Q than a James Bond.  But of course this isn't a serious mystery with cool lead but a humorous adventure with a charmingly quirky leading lady, her wickedly funny sidekick grandmother with her ever-present yappy lapdog.  And of course we can't forget the handsome and often bemused hero that really has no choice but to follow these ladies into trouble.

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Sweet Revenge A scottish historical like no other ...

This is the second book I ever wrote, but the fourth historical of mine published. When I started Sweet Revenge I wanted it to take place in the feuding Scottish Highlands, cause there's nothing sexier than a Scot to me. I also wanted to write a story with a strong female friendship in it. Frankly, female friends rock, especially when times get tough. Fortunately for me, the hero and heroine came walking into my head fully formed. The hero is this mountain of a Scot, a strong and brave warrior who proves himself to be surprisingly considerate in private. As for the heroine, while she's sweet, intelligent and bold, the first impression she makes isn't that great. Okay, basically, the Scots think she's batty. You shouldn't be surprised to hear, then, that I had a blast writing this one.

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To Marry A Scottish Laird Book #2 in An English Bride in Scotland series...

To Marry A Scottish Laird is book #2 in An English Bride in Scotland series. It's about Jo, a young English woman on a quest to deliver a message to Laird and Lady MacKay, and Cam, a warrior who saves her from bandits and then offers his escort. I think you'll enjoy all the wonderful trouble they get into along the way.  In this story you get to catch up with Annabel and Ross and find out what happened to Annabel's backstabbingly lovely sister Kate.

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Knight of My Dreams Originally pubbed as Mother May I? in A Mother's Way...

Ahhhh, mothers. I miss mine horribly. Enjoy yours while you can and make sure she knows you appreciate her. Knight Of My Dreams is a historical about how a Mother's loving interference can help, or hinder, a romance. In this case, Mom's interference did a lot of good.
Jonathan has successfully evaded his mother's matchmaking schemes for years, only it looks like his luck has run out because the king has given him two weeks to find a bride.  And now when he needs her most, his mother has packed up her match making efforts and left him to his own devices…or has she?  

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