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A Note From Lynsay

Well... there is a lot going on here or at least that's what my assistant Terri keeps telling me. I'll qualify this statement by explaining that I have my head buried in copy edits at the moment so I'm a little focussed on the things directly in front of my nose, which happens to be my newsletter right now. It has been some time since I sent out a newsletter so I felt it was long overdue.

As many of you know in the last newsletter we were running a contest whereby you, the readers, would submit an explanation about the worst gift you ever received. My, oh my. There were some horrible gifts. I mean, my alligator purse story just does not compete with some of the stories that were entered. (Side note: I am so sorry to hear what was given to some of you as gifts... I was actually embarrassed for the gift givers.) So Terri and I will be drawing two names as winners to give a signed copy of The Hellion And The Highlander to. Now why, pray tell, am I not announcing the winners right now?! Because we cannot draw names for the prizes until after you choose YOUR winner. There will be a third winner, as selected by you, the readers. Like American Idol, you get to choose the best of the 'worst gift stories' submitted to us. After you read the stories, choose your fave and email Terri at with the story number. Your submissions must be received by Terri by midnight on June 7th, 2010. We will tally the results, select your chosen winner and then put the top 10 stories, as chosen by you, in the next newsletter. This should be fun!

The next item on my agenda that I wanted to talk to you about is our next contest. We would like to give away some swag... specifically some bags, which I've just heard from my publisher are on their way as you read this! The details of this month's contest are listed below under Contest #13 For Some of Lynsay's Swag.

My editor has just informed me that some of the e-books that were scheduled for a May 25th release will be a little delayed due to technical difficulties. They are doing their best to get them out as soon as possible but some things are not in their control. The new e-book release dates are listed below.

The next bit of news is that I am starting to do more with some of the social networks. On Twitter I have been trying to make it a little more fun. Maybe you can let me know what you think? At noon everyday, except Sunday, I will have a different tweet. On Mondays is my tip of the week, on Tuesdays is my fave recipe of the week, on Wednesdays is the quote (from one of my stories) of the week, on Thursdays is my fave article of the week, on Fridays is the character (again, from one of my stories) of the week and on Saturdays I am going to tweet the Tweet Treat of the week, which will be something different every week.

The sad news, which some of you have heard about already, is that the RWA conference in Nashville has been relocated to Orlando, Florida. Nashville was devastated by a flood a few weeks ago, which left a lot of damage in its wake. The Opryland Hotel, which is where the conference was to be held, was under 10 feet of water and though we had hoped they would be able to fix everything by the end of July, the damage was too great and the Opryland management had to cancel. That being the case, the conference is being held in Orlando, Florida right next to Disneyland. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend this year's RWA conference as I'd hoped. :-(

And lastly, other than the copy edits, life here at Lynsayland (Terri's word, not mine... LOL) is pretty good. The weather is getting better, the sun is brighter and the city looks amazing from my terrace. The only issue with Lynsayland is the wind. Now I am a writer therefore you know I am pretty good at describing situations and I have been known to exaggerate a bit. Not this time. I have heavy duty, solid deck furniture and the wind was shifting them across my terrace yesterday like they were on wheels. The deck box, also quite solid, was getting tossed around in its corner like it was a Tonka toy in the hands of a high-strung kid. (Luckily I threw rocks in the bottom of the box because if I hadn't, I am positive I would come out to find it missing one morning, possibly on top of someone's car.) Thankfully the furniture has pillows that fasten to the seats so I don't have to worry about them flying off the deck otherwise they would be surfing on the wind out into the parking lot. So I have to ask... what's the point of having a great apartment with an awsome view and balcony plus a terrace if you can't use them?! I look like I'm on the 'Drop Zone' at Wonderland when I go out there. You know the one where they take you straight up ~300 feet in the air and then just let go sending you hurtling toward the ground at ever increasing speeds and 'catch' you before you're crushed into fertilizer into the ground? Terri just laughs at me as my hair whips this way and that around my face whenever I attempt to go out and enjoy my patio. Then upon returning into the safety of my apartment, my hair looks similar to what Bridgette Jones' did after her car ride in Daniel's convertible on her mini-break holiday weekend! I never knew this city was so windy. They really should have some wind farms here. They'd make a killing.

Hmm... I think that is all the latest from Lynsayland. I hope you're enjoying the warmer weather that spring has been springing upon us and I hope your patio furniture does not get swept away like Dorothy and Toto in the Wizard Of Oz. <G>


Upcoming Releases

June 8, 2010: The following e-books will be released: Love is Blind, The Perfect Wife, The Reluctant Reformer, What She Wants, Love Bites, Single White Vampire and Tall, Dark & Hungry.

June 22, 2010: The following e-books will be released: The Brat and The Chase

June 29, 2010: Harper Collins will be reissuing Love Bites, Single White Vampire and Tall, Dark & Hungry. This is good news for anyone who has had difficulty finding a copy of these stories.

July, 2010: The following e-books is scheduled to be released: Bliss

August 31, 2010: Born To Bite, the thirteenth book in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series, will be coming out this September. Armand Argeneau has been living on a farm squirrelled away from public life for decades without anyone bothering him. Until now that is. Lucian has been kind enough to volunteer Armand to babysit Eshe d'Aureus in order to protect her from a rogue vampire out for revenge. At least that's the story he's told. In reality, Eshe was sent to Armand on assignment to find clues to explain his many wives' 'accidental' deaths. This installment of the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series will also answer the unanswered questions from Nicholas's story, The Renegade Hunter.

November 30, 2010: Hungry For You, the fourteenth book in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series will be coming out this December. It involves the last of the Willan sisters, Alex, and one of Martine Argeneau's older sons, Cale. Alex is a successful chef and restauranteur trying to expand her business, unfortunately the new location's debut seems to be riddled with bad luck. Can Cale, a successful european chef . . . er . . . businessman, help her keep her business afloat and still keep her frazzled attention long enough to see him for who he really is . . . the love of her life?

Contest #13 For Some of Lynsay's Swag!

At this point, no one's heard much about Armand. He has remained outside the Argeneau's inner circle for some time. About the only thing we know is that he doesn't see his children and he's lost 3 wives. Basically, he could be anyone or anything. However, there's an excerpt from Born To Bite posted on my website and I want you to read it and tell me which actor you think would make a good Armand? Name the actor, describe why in a maximum of one paragraph and submit it to Terri by midnight on Tuesday, June 15th. The winners will get a promotional bag from the publisher.

For example - I think Jackie Chan would make a great Armand. He has lost 3 wives therefore Armand would to be able to defend himself and his family at a moment's notice like Kung Fu Panda. He would have to have a sense of humor to survive his tragedies and be so long lived. He would have to be a bundle of energy to manage a farm like he does... you get the picture. <G>

Argeneau Character Crossword

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The Worst Gift Stories

These are the entries sent in by readers for March's newsletter contest. Please vote on the best of the 'worst gift ever' stories you read and send your vote in to Terri by midnight on June 8th. Just like American Idol, you get to vote and choose the winner yourselves! Read On...

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