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A Note From Lynsay

Well... there is a lot going on here or at least that's what my assistant Terri keeps telling me. I'll qualify this statement by explaining that I have my head buried in copy edits at the moment so I'm a little focussed on the things directly in front of my nose, which happens to be my newsletter right now. It has been some time since I sent out a newsletter so I felt it was long overdue. read on

Upcoming Releases

June 8, 2010: The following e-books will be released: Love is Blind, The Perfect Wife, The Reluctant Reformer, What She Wants, Love Bites, Single White Vampire and Tall, Dark & Hungry.

June 22, 2010: The following e-books will be released: The Brat and The Chase

June 29, 2010: Harper Collins will be reissuing Love Bites, Single White Vampire and Tall, Dark & Hungry. This is good news for anyone who has had difficulty finding a copy of these stories.

July, 2010: The following e-books is scheduled to be released: Bliss

August 31, 2010: Born To Bite, the thirteenth book in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series, will be coming out this September. Armand Argeneau has been living on a farm squirrelled away from public life for decades without anyone bothering him. Until now that is. Lucian has been kind enough to volunteer Armand to babysit Eshe d'Aureus in order to protect her from a rogue vampire out for revenge. At least that's the story he's told. In reality, Eshe was sent to Armand on assignment to find clues to explain his many wives' 'accidental' deaths. This installment of the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series will also answer the unanswered questions from Nicholas's story, The Renegade Hunter.

November 30, 2010: Hungry For You, the fourteenth book in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series will be coming out this December. It involves the last of the Willan sisters, Alex, and one of Martine Argeneau's older sons, Cale. Alex is a successful chef and restauranteur trying to expand her business, unfortunately the new location's debut seems to be riddled with bad luck. Can Cale, a successful european chef . . . er . . . businessman, help her keep her business afloat and still keep her frazzled attention long enough to see him for who he really is . . . the love of her life?

Contest #13 For Some of Lynsay's Swag!

At this point, no one's heard much about Armand. He has remained outside the Argeneau's inner circle for some time. About the only thing we know is that he doesn't see his children and he's lost 3 wives. Basically, he could be anyone or anything. However, there's an excerpt from Born To Bite posted on my website and I want you to read it and tell me which actor you think would make a good Armand? Name the actor, describe why in a maximum of one paragraph and submit it to Terri by midnight on Tuesday, June 15th. The winners will get a promotional bag from the publisher.

For example - I think Jackie Chan would make a great Armand. He has lost 3 wives therefore Armand would to be able to defend himself and his family at a moment's notice like Kung Fu Panda. He would have to have a sense of humor to survive his tragedies and be so long lived. He would have to be a bundle of energy to manage a farm like he does... you get the picture. <G>

Argeneau Character Crossword

This crossword is based on Lynsay's Argeneau series and the characters you know and love. :-)

Argeneau Character Crossword

1  A Willan sister that manages a bar and has a Marine Biology degree. (2)
2  Owen's mother (2 words). (11)
7  Lissianna and Greg's child. (7)
8  Christian's friend and colleague. (6)
9  Julius's older sister. (4)
12  The Mistress of the Dark. (6)
14  Vice President of U.K. productions for Argeneau Enterprises worldwide. (4)
15  Victor's friend and colleague that drove him to Port Henry. (2)
17  A Port Henry police officer. (5)
19  She was kidnapped by Morgan and turned against her will. (5)
20  Jean Claude's first wife. (5)
21  Julius's sister that died. (4)
23  Martine's husband. (8)
26  Lady Barrow's first name. (7)
28  One of Decker's sisters who attended Lissianna's sleep over. (7)
29  Leigh's employee that worked at Coco's before he was 'turned'. (5)
31  Sam and Mortimer were asked to check out this family's cottage in Minden. (8)
34  An Argeneau that has a twin sister. (8)
35  The Willan that refused to leave her sisters behind when she fell in love with an immortal. (3)
36  A Notte that was born immortal but his brother was not. (4)
37  A stuffy Brit that fell for a cashier. (6)
40  A doctor that was dragged kicking and screaming into the Argeneau world. (4)
41  Elvi's real name. (5)
42  Marguerite's nephew that's more like a son to her. (6)
43  The actor of the Argeneau clan. (7)

 1  A pain in the butt detective that accidentally turned herself in pursuing a suspect. (6)
 2  An editor that wouldn't take 'No!' for an answer. (4)
 3  The Notte's patriarch. (9)
 4  The Willan sisters' neighbour in Magnetawan. (5)
 5  The lead singer of the band Morty and the Muppets. (7)
 6  Alessandro's love interest. (8)
 8  Her lifemate and her dog both come to her when she calls either one of them. (10)
10  An EMT where Rachel works who's name rhymes with dead. (4)
11  She was Vincent's production assistant. (4)
13  Thomas's mother. (6)
15  One of Martine's husbands, which also happens to be the name of one of her sons. (6)
16  Kate's big, big boss and president of Roundhouse Publishing. (5)
18  Lissianna's not-so-great appetizer on her birthday. (6)
19  A friend of Lucern and Kate's who's considered to be the woman behind Romantic Times Magazine (2 words). (10)
22  The Argeneau most likely to find and open her gifts before Christmas morning. (9)
24  A very bad immortal that wants to build an army of sons. (7)
25  Dani's younger sister. (9)
27  Kate's immediate boss and head editor of Roundhouse Publishing. (7)
30  Leigh's friend and daytime manager of Coco's Bar. (5)
32  One of the Italian twins. (7)
33  Elvi's best friend. (5)
38  The Willan sister that's a chef and restaurateur. (4)
39  An EMT from Rachel's hospital who's name rhymes with pale. (4)
40  The cashier from the A&P in Port Henry. (4)

The Worst Gift Stories

These are the entries sent in by readers for March's newsletter contest. Please vote on the best of the 'worst gift ever' stories you read and send your vote in to Terri by midnight on June 8th. Just like American Idol, you get to vote and choose the winner yourselves! Read On...

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