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A Note From Lynsay

Ahh... good news all. Rogue Hunter hit #6 on the New York Times list. All because of you. Thank-you!

This month's newsletter is just an excuse to say Happy Halloween to you as it is the best holiday ever. I mean, how could we not have a soft spot for this holiday? Also, all of us at the Sand's ranch have quite a sweet tooth. Tori adores Lindt white chocolates, which I never understood because what's the point of chocolate that has no chocolate in it?! Mr. Sands kryptonite is cheesecake. My weakness, besides Mr Sands that is, is freshly made pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm... just writing it makes my mouth water. Anyways, the point being that it's a sweet month and we want to make it all the sweeter by giving you a cheesy crossword and poem based on Halloween.

Happy Halloween All!

Upcoming Releases

November 25 2008: Single, White Vampire is scheduled to be reissued with a new cover on November 25 2008! The first 3 Argeneau books published are all being reissued with new covers that match the rest of the book covers in the series.

January 27 2009: We are very excited to announce that Devil of the Highlands is scheduled to be released this coming January 2009! Due to a change in publishers, it has been a while since the last historical came out, so we hope that all you historical romance fans get a front row seat and enjoy this romantic roller coaster! It was a lot of fun to write so I hope you have just as much fun reading it.

March 31 2009:The Immortal Hunter, the 11th book in the Argeneaus now has a publishing date!! It's about Martine's son Decker Argeneau Pimms. He's a sweetie and his Dani is a doll, so I hope you enjoy their story. But wait till you read the secrets coming out in this one! Jeez!! They even took me by surprise. ;-)

Last Month's Winners

A Historical Christmas Present Contest Winners: Irene Watson and Sarah Wilson are the two lucky winners that have been sent signed copies of A Historical Christmas Present. Everyone did really well. The killer question was How many gifts would you receive if you received all of the gifts in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas? The answer was 364 but I also accepted 78. And everyone got the last question... of course Santa Clause is real!

A Quick Bite Crossword Solutions

This is the solution to last month's crossword featuring A Quick Bite. View solutions

Happy Halloween Crossword!

This crossword is based on Halloween of course. We hope you enjoy it !

    1  What did Thomas do to Inez before he realized she was his lifemate? (4)
    3  Historically, vampires are considered to be ____ and soulless. (4)
    4  A scream that will make your blood ______. (6)
    6  Rachel was offered ______ to feed on and you can also buy these at Tim Horton's. (6)
    8  When you're dead but your soul has not moved on, you are a _____. (5)
  10  The undead that like to eat brains. (6)
  14  The _____ were the first to disguise themselves on this night to ward off demons and evil spirits. (5)
  16  All Hallow's Eve is the one night when _______ roam free and have the power to harm humans. (7)
  18  Immortals never seem to age and can be repaired quickly because of these things present in their bloodstream. (4)
  19  Celts began the tradition of wearing a ____ on Halloween to fool the demons into believing they were not human. (4)
  21  A _____ in the heart will definitely kill a vampire but not necessarily an immortal. (5)
  23  She mistakenly thought she had to sleep in a coffin until she was informed otherwise. (4)
  26  In Mexico, they celebrate the  D___ O_ T__ D__ instead of Halloween. (12)
  27  Another name for Halloween is _____ of the Dead. (5)
  28  They are considered the undead, roaming the earth looking for fresh blood. (7)
  29  She accidentally turned herself into an immortal by biting the arm of an immortal in defense. (6)

    1  Immortals need this to survive. (5)
    2  This is a region in Romania that means "beyond the forest" and was made famous by Vlad the Impaler. (12)
    3  The Sand's ranch mascot and pint size troublemaker. (4)
    5  When an immortal goes insane, he often turns _____. (5)
    7  The Argeneaus are ________s. (8)
    9  Hallow is an old English word that means _____. (5)
  11  Ironically, both Vincent and Lucern have worn a Dracula _______. (7)
  12  These priests were the first to celebrate All Hallow's Eve night. (6)
  13  Historically, if you didn't welcome and treat the costumed visitors that came to your door on Halloween then they could play a _____ on you. (5)
  15  Costumes are normally _____ in order to fool ghouls and demons that you are human. (5)
  17  Folklore considers vampires to be the walking ______. (6)
  20  The intense fear of Halloween is called _______ophobia. (7)
  22  The name of Etienne's deadly pursuer in Love Bites. (5)
  24  The most common reason for an immortal to turn rogue is if they go ______ from loneliness. (6)
  25  An immortal cannot turn into a ___. (3)
  26  What do classic vampires, zombies and ghosts have in common?  They are all ____. (4)

A Cheesy Halloween For Your Torture!

Hallow's Eve is fast approaching and just around the corner,
Many homes on the block are darkly adorned like mourners
Mr. Spice is about scaring his family, friends and neighbours,
In the hopes of hearing a shriek come from his labours
Lynsay has decided to play it safe this year,
By wisely staying out of Mr.Spice's hemisphere
The Argeneau bats are hanging from chandeliers with care,
A pouncing spider is all set to give the unwitting a scare
The mechanical It crawls the floor on a daily basis,
Hoping to catch Emma before she jumps to higher places
Ah... Hallow's Eve, this is a lovely time of year,
When immortals can come out and play, without any fear.

So if you find an Argeneau has come knocking on your door,
Be happy that it's not a Rogue or you'd be done for.

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