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November 2011
New Releases...

October 25, 2011 - Teddy Brunswick's story in The Bite Before Christmas

August 30, 2011 - The Deed is a reissue of Lynsay's first historical pubbed

May 31, 2011 - Harper Stoyan and Drina Argeneaus 's story called The Reluctant Vampire. It also involves Stephanie McGill from The Immortal Hunter

February 22, 2011 - The Heiress is the 2nd book in the Madison Sisters' series involving Suzette Madison

January 25, 2011 - The Couness is the 1st book in the Madison Sisters' series involving Christiana Madison

Coming Soon...

February 28, 2012 - The Husband Hunt is the 3rd book in the Madison Sisters' series involving Lisa Madison

April 24, 2012 - Christian Notte's story called Under A Vampire Moon. You get to meet Christian's cousins

A Note To Readers

Hello everyone and welcome to a new edition of my monthly newsletter. We have been getting complaints that some readers couldn't see the last newsletter so it was time for an overhaul. So please email Terri at to let us know if you had any trouble seeing this version of my e-newsletter.

My latest addition to the Argeneau series was just released Tuesday and it's called The Bite Before Christmas. My story is about Teddy Bruswick, Port Henry's chief of police and local Scrooge. Teddy if not fond of Christmas at all! As a matter of fact he does his best to avoid the holiday altogether as he always feels like the 'plus one' in the group. But living in a small town makes it hard to avoid especially since his friends insist on his attendance. This year Teddy thought enough was enough and decided to spend the holiday at the Willan's cottage hours away from Port Henry. Except he's not alone as there's a bold blond in the cottage next door and they're both trapped there after a storm takes the hydro and blocks their access road out... guess they'll just have to keep eachother warm.

Thank-you for all the entires for contest #22 as most of you got the answer right. The main character in The Bite Before Christmas, Teddy Brunswick, is also the name of my new Bichon Frise/Poodle puppy, Teddy. Congratulations to Lauren Jamisen and Denise Mobley, who are the winners of a signed copy of my latest release, The Bite Before Christmas. Hope you enjoy Teddy's story!

And a second Congratulations goes to Jessie J.S, the winner of a signed copy of The Immortal Hunter! Nice costume Jessie. It'll be a hit.

And of course this is the edition which celebrates All Hallows' Eve, one of my favorite holidays of the year. Not only do we have an excuse to dress up as anyone of anything we like but it's a scary holiday so we can get away with scaring anyone we like. Hmm... I wonder where Terri is.<WG>. Besdies that is the origin behind the saying 'trick or treat'. Trick-or-treaters could play a trick on the homeowners if they refused to give them a treat when they came around. Come to think of it I haven't had one trick-or-treater come knocking on my door in the last six years. I do have security ghouls guarding my front door ... and Emma-the-housecat has been known to bite but really I'm not THAT scar... (pause)... am I?! LOL

I hope you have a devilish time this weekend and remember to keep a couple of pieces of your favorite candy for yourself. Happy Halloween and don't let any of the little trick-or-treaters bite cause you never know what will happen if they do...



Next Contest

There will be another contest in Lynsay's Christmas newsletter, which will be coming out in December.


Very Scary Crossword

This crossword is based on Halloween and Lynsay's Argeneau novels and hopefully a little scary. Have Fun!

Clues Across:

1. The main character in, The Bite Before Christmas who's from Port Henry?
3. Lynsay's immortals really dislike being called this...
7. A character from Port Henry who lost their lifemate and who might have a second chance at love in The Reluctant Vampire.
12. A classic scary character that's sooo wrapped up in themselves.
13. Kids call this when they visit your house on Halloween night, _____ or treat!
14. Kids play ______ all the time. Devil's night is just a night when the most of these are played.brp> 15. Halloween is linked to the Celtic festival of S_____, which is derived from Old Irish and means 'summers end'.
16. A young addition to the Argeneau clan that is showing amazing and perhaps scary abilities already.
18. Kids might play a trick on you unless you give them this when they show up at your door on Halloween night.
20. The name of Marguerite's dog and a famous Roman character that people dress up as at Halloween.
21. The name of the furry member of the Sands household that purrs a LOT.
22. A classic Halloween character that usually has a big wart on their nose... and maybe a black cat.
23. The night before Halloween is called ______ night.

Clues Down:

2. Another origin of Halloween can be traced back to the Romans when they had a festival called the 'Festival of the D___'.
4. When this is full the werewolves come out to play. It also happens to be in the title of Lynsay's upcoming Argeneau novel.
5. Halloween is a ____ night for most.
6. A classic story that was written by Mary Shelley.
8. Jack-o-Laterns are made from carved _______.
9. Another verb for performing a trick, which something they still do in Scotland. It's called g___ing.
10. A rogue hunter that has fuschia hair and an appreciation for teddies.
11. At Halloween this is something that people bob for...
17. Another name for Halloween is' All _______ Eve'.
19. It's considered bad luck if a _____ cat crosses your path.
20. Another name for a carved pumpkin is a ____-o-lantern.

Note: We will post the solutions in the next newsletter.

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