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A Note From Lynsay

Hi all! I hope you're ready for fall because it's arrived. The leaves are starting to turn here and I do love the yellows, oranges and reds of our maple trees. They look like they're on fire. What a lovely way to head into October. Speaking of October, that's the month of two of our favorite holidays; Thanksgiving for us Canadians as well as our favorite at Sands acres... Halloween! read on

New Release!

September 30 2008: The new release of The Rogue Hunter, the 10th book to be released in the Argeneau series is scheduled for the end of September. This book is about Garrett Mortimer and the other Council Enforcers saddled with the task of protecting mankind from those gone rogue. Mortimer meets his match in Samantha, a clumsy, sharp tongued lawyer who turns all his preconceived ideas upside down! While Mortimer isn't an Argeneau, Argeneaus are present and will be leads again in future stories... read on

Upcoming Releases

January 27 2009: We are very excited to announce that Devil of the Highlands is scheduled to be released this coming January 2009! Due to a change in publishers, it has been a while since the last historical came out, so we hope that all you historical romance fans get a front row seat and enjoy this romantic roller coaster! It was a lot of fun to write so I hope you have just as much fun reading it.

March 31 2009:The Immortal Hunter, the 11th book in the Argeneaus now has a publishing date!! It's about Martine's son Decker Argeneau Pimms. He's a sweetie and his Dani is a doll, so I hope you enjoy their story. But wait till you read the secrets coming out in this one! Jeez!! They even took me by surprise. ;-)

Last Month's Winners

The Rogue Hunter's Contest Winners: Denise Mobley and Renee Wright are the two lucky winners that have been sent signed arcs of The Rogue Hunter. Everyone did so well. It was a lot of fun creating the questions and reading your answers. Great job guys!

This Month's Contest

October Contest: The prize for this month's contest are 2 signed copies of A Historical Christmas Present. Good luck to you all! View questions

Tall, Dark & Hungry Crossword Solutions

This is the solution to last month's crossword featuring Tall, Dark & Hungry. View solutions

A Quick Bite Crossword

This crossword is based on A Quick Bite. It's about Lissianna, Marguerite's only daughter and how she found love in the unlikeliest way... as a birthday gift! Good luck all !

A Quick Bite Crossword

    1  Initially, Greg was scared that Marguerite was giving him as a gift to her daughter as a sex slave.  But after meeting Lissianna, Greg changed his mind and thought he was pretty _____. (5)
    5  Marguerite and Lissianna couldn't _____ against Jean Claude as he would just make their lives more miserable if they had. (5)
    7  Greg wasn't kidnapped, he was merely ________. (8)
    8  Julie's twin sister. (5)
    9  Initially, Greg asked Lissianna to help him. He asked her to _____ ___ from the bed. (8)
  11  Thomas wore _________ pjs at Lissianna's sleepover, which Bastien so kindly lent him. (9)
  15  Greg thought the entire Argeneau family was _____ especially when they talked about reading his mind. (3)
  17  Thomas could read that Greg was _____ when they returned him back to his apartment. (5)
  18  Lissianna's birthday party unexpectedly became a _________. (9)
  19  Thomas drives this. (4)
  20  Marguerite was angry with Lissianna for releasing Greg because Lissi didn't ____ his memories. (4)
  25  When Greg went home, he saw Lissianna's bite on his ____. (4)
  26  Greg was angry to hear that Lissianna's phobia was hemophobia because he couldn't understand how that could be  ____ __________. (14)
  29 The twins' sister's name. (7)
  31  Marguerite ordered _______ for Lissianna's birthday dinner, not Greg. (7)
  32  Greg thought he was having a _____ when he was awoken by 5 women in baby dolls surrounding his bed. (5)
  34  Greg sported an ___ _____ when he realized he was a gift for Lissianna as he was extremely attracted to her. (8)
  36  Lissianna knew something was _____ when she bit Dwayne. He was anaemic! (7)
  39  Lissianna's friend and colleague. (6)
  40  Elspeth's sisters are _____. (5)
  41  Lissianna was _____d in her sleep. (5)
  42  The donor that was Lissianna's quick bite before her birthday party. (6)

    2  Dwayne had a ________ down his pants to make him look more 'manly'. (8)
    3  Marguerite decided to borrow Greg after she read his _______ on curing phobias. (7)
    4  Greg knew that Lissianna's cousins ____d her as every one of them came to him separately to try to convince him to treat her phobia. (4)
    6  Lissianna couldn't help herself and ___ Greg. (3)
    9  Lissianna was caught __________ her gift by an angry Marguerite. (10)
  10  Lissianna is __________, which is a very bad thing to be when you are a vampire. (10)
  11  Greg has a ______ mind. (6)
  12  Lissianna cannot ____ Greg's mind, which is a sign that they are life mates. (4)
  13  Jean Claude made Marguerite, Lissianna & Thomas's lives _________ while he was alive. (9)
  14  Greg was detained to _____ Lissianna's phobia. (5)
  16  Sweet Tooth is a drink that is made from the blood of __________. (9)
  21  Lissianna studied ______ ____ at school. (10)
  22  Thomas's sister's name. (12)
  23  Marguerite gave Greg to Lissianna as a ____. (4)
  24  Jean Claude died in a ____ years ago. (4)
  27  Thomas greeted Bastien with ____! (4)
  28  Greg was ____ to Lissianna's bed. (4)
  30  Dwayne's shoulders were ______ to make him look muscular. (6)
  31  Thomas and Jeanne Louise are Lissianna's _______. (7)
  33  The only person that could control Greg when they went to kidnap him for the second time. (7)
  35  Lissianna got scared when she heard that ______ had been called. (6)
  37  ____ has a very strong mind for a mortal. (4)
  38  Lissianna realized Greg was her gift because of the ___ he wore. (3)

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