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A Note From Lynsay

I'm done my deadline! Nah nah nah nah nah nah! Grin. Yes, the next story in the Argeneau series is DONE and I can relax... sort of. Barring the next 4 blogs and Q&A due this week. And the online, interactive Q&A with readers, which I do like btw. And the next book edits. And book proofs. And choosing the audio readers for my upcoming audio books. And... well at least I won't be working until 6:00am now! The monster moths attacking my hair in the dead of night, the complete silence outside, the occasional scream of some poor animal getting attacked by a raccoon... shudder. That was creepy. Read on

Upcoming Releases

Sept 29, 2009: The Renegade Hunter, which is the 12th book in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series is out now.  It will introduce you to an Argeneau who has been out of the picture for quite a while.  Intrigue and mystery surround this character and many of the Argeneaus you've met in the past will get involved in this story, along with your favourite enforcers and even a Willan or two.

Oct 09, 2009: The Chase, What She Wants, The Perfect Wife and The Brat will all be reissued in paperback by Dorchester. They are being offered at a promotional price of $4.99, which is a great deal!

December 29, 2009: Another paranormal anthology called Bitten By Cupid will be coming out this winter just in time for Valentine's Day! And because four very different writers will be contributing to this anthology, there will definitely be something every reader can sink their teeth into. Heads up for all you Argeneau fans, as this one involves Tiny! What immortal woman can resist a man who is courageous, funny, gentle, is talented in the kitchen and built like a linebacker?

January 26, 2010: Taming The Highland Bride, the second book in the Devil Of The Highlands series will be coming out this February. It involves Evelinde's brother Alex d'Aumesbery and his bride to be, Merewen, the Stewart Shrew. Merewen has had it with the lot of them! She dreams about getting away and marrying her betrothed, Alex D'Aumesbery. Merry hopes that Alex will be a proper Englishman that isn't weak willed and in his cups by noon like her father and brothers. So why was he drunk the first time they met?

February 23, 2010: The Hellion and the Highlander, the third book in the Devil Of The Highlands series will be coming out this March after Taming The Highland Bride. This story involves Kade Stewart, Merry's brother who went missing during the crusades. After three years in Baibar's prison, Kade, his men and Will Montagne escape. En route to England, a severe storm cuts their party in half and blinds Kade. Not knowing if he will see again, Will's sister, Averill, cares for Kade comfortable in the knowledge that he can't see her plain features and unseemly red hair. Or can he?


Argeneau Contest # 10

This contest is based on Lynsay's Argeneau series. This one will use a little more of your imagination. All entries will be entered into a draw from which 3 names will be chosen and sent a signed Renegade Hunter book. Good luck and have fun!

Background: Most of you have read The Accidental Vampire but for those of you that have not, let me fill you in a bit. In this story Victor Argeneau goes to Port Henry, a small town in southern Ontario to investigate the validity of a singles ad that was brought to his attention. A female immortal put an ad in local newspaper to find a lifemate! Only it wasn't Elvi but her friends that published the ad. Unfortunately in trying to help Elvi out, her friends have unwittingly put her life in danger. Elvi on the other hand, has no idea what being immortal means as she woke up one day and just was. No explainations. No help. She just woke up a vampire.

Instructions: Elvi became an immortal by accident. She simply woke up a vampire one day. What would you do if you woke up as an immortal? You are stronger, if you're over 30 then you look younger, you can read and control people's minds, you are healthier than you've ever been, your body can recuperate from any damage or disease scary fast and you will live a very, very long time. So what would you do?

Please be as concise and to the point as you can as we tend to get a lot of entries.

Example: If I woke up an immortal I would... go back to school for engineering and make it my goal to build the biggest building in the world one day. All I have is time right?

NOTE: Please submit your answers by midnight on Nov 1st to for a chance to win one of three signed The Renegade Hunter books !


Audio Book Release Dates!

Harper Audio are about to start publishing audio books of the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series. They will be releasing the audio in the same order the books were published in and the release dates are as follows! Read on.

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