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  September 2013
New Releases...

June 25th, 2013 - Hysterical historical called An English Bride In Scotland

Feb 26, 2013 - Anders' story called Immortal Ever After

Nov 27,2012 Reissue of The Key, the historical that came out after The Deed.

Oct 30, 2012 The Bite Before Christmas which has Teddy Brunswick's story.

Coming Soon...

Sept 24th, 2013 - Jake Colson's book called One Lucky Vampire

Nov 26th, 2013 - Reissue of the hysterical historical The Switch



A Note To Readers

Wow!  Another week and a half and it will be fall.  Where did the summer go?!  I swear I blinked and missed it. LOL.  Okay, so lots to share.

First, at the end of July we attended the R.W.A. conference in Atlanta. We stayed in a hotel at the CNN Center that was just a hop, skip and jump from the conference hotel. It looked great on paper when we booked it, but it turned out being much less convenient than we’d thought.  For one thing, Microsoft was having their annual conference that week too, 30,000 computer whizzes in residence, most of them at our hotel. It meant Atlanta blocked off a lot of roads and filled them with police. The blocked off roads were the first problem. On the way to the hotel we were detoured several times until we reached a road our stretch limo couldn’t turn around in. (We took the limo because it was cheaper than three cars for all our group and their luggage. That was cool by the way. I highly recommend everyone ride in a stretch limo at least once in their lives.) Anyway, so we got to this road where the car simply couldn’t turn around, at least not easily. Our driver at that point had had enough and when the police officers came to tell him to move, he said he had “a car load of important celebrities he had to get to the CNN center.” I overheard him say this, and immediately ducked. When the others asked what I was doing, I explained, “He said we’re celebrities, we’re not celebrities.” Well, the others, rather than duck, immediately struck celebrity type poses. Terri put one on that can only be described as “the sultry, fishy face.”  She pulled it off though, looked like Susan Sarandon. Everyone said so. (Grin)

Anyway, the driver’s tactic worked and we got to the hotel. Once there though, we found that that hop skip and jump to the conference hotel was all UPHILL.  Yikes!! We walked it once and NEVER AGAIN! Apparently I can do hours of walking here in flat southern Ontario, but give me hills and I’m toast!  Mind you it might have helped if I hadn’t been yipping the whole way.

The RWA Literacy for Life book signing was crazy busy and we saw many new, as well as familiar faces. There were times when I thought Terri and I might have some trouble keeping up with the crowd but we were lucky, not to mention pleasantly surprised, that we got some help from an RWA veteran who was very proficient with the post-its. Thank-you Mary Behre! (By the way, Mary has her first book coming out in the spring. I was fortunate enough to read it and really enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for her name.) We also had a surprise visit from some of our old friends from the forum, Amy, Dusty, Sin, Paul, Wren and her frog prince. We met up with them for drinks later on and had a blast! Really, it was awesome meeting all the readers, but relaxing and chatting with you guys is the best!

On other news, the renos are finally done! YAY!! Well, barring the last tidy-ups of course, which means I am now on to my next four big book deadlines. No rest for the wicked, eh? Actually, I'm already done one and on to the next, so that's going well.

Some news about my last release... An English Bride in Scotland came out in July and it hit #20 on the New York Times list in the first week and #14 in it's second week on the NYT list! I think that's the first time one of my books has actually gone up in the second week of being released. Another fun fact, the cover for An English Bride in Scotland made the top 15 Hottest New Romance Cover Hunks on BuzzFeed. Yummy! There's a lot of eye candy to check out here so go do some ogling!

An English Bride in Scotland

As for the latest book news... As many readers of the Argeneau series know, Stephano Notte has been missing in action for quite a while. He was turned in A Bite To Remember when a rogue vampire fatally wounded him, but ever since we haven't heard boo from him. Well there was a reason for that, which you will find out about in One Lucky Vampire when it comes out at the end of the month.

And finally I am excited to tell you that this month marks the 10th Anniversary of the Argeneau series! Wow, that sounds so weird to me! However, it's true. And to celebrate I've decided to hold a contest. More of the details can be found below, but the gist of it is we are holding a Readers Choice Awards where you vote for your favorite Argeneau book and in doing so you will be entered into the contest. The contest will run for approximately 10 weeks at the end of which a grand prize winner will be drawn who will have their choice of either a 15-inch Macbook Pro laptop or a 27-inch iMac desktop computer. These are the same computers that I use to write the series on and they're awesome! I wish everyone all the luck in the world.


Upcoming Books

One Lucky Vampire is the next book in the Argeneau series. It comes out at the end of September! It's about Stephano Jacob Colson Notte. Stephano was turned in A Bite To Remember after a rogue vampire fatally wounded him. Since then Stephano, or Jake as he goes by now, moved away dropping out of touch with everyone he knew and started a new career as a bodyguard... His life mate is Nicole Phillips, a mortal with a target on her back. Nicole had a lousy marriage and is just two weeks shy of the final step, the divorce. Marguerite has known Nicole since she was young and has followed her career ever since. However there have been a few too many potentially dangerous incidents seemingly directed at Nicole. Concerned for her health both mentally and physically and knowing Nicole would never accept a bodyguard, Marguerite coaxes her into getting a 'housekeeper'. And she knows the perfect person for the job... Jake Colson.

And just in time for Christmas, The Switch is being reissued with a lovely new cover. We also just learned that the audio version will be coming out as well. We only hope you enjoy this switch (in covers) as much as we do! <WG>

New Contest commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Argeneaus!

A tenth anniversary is supposed to be a celebration of the most notable occurrences in the last ten years... So with that thought in mind we decided to hold our very own "Reader's Choice Awards" where the readers get to choose their favorite book in the Argeneau series. We'll tally the results to give us the top ten most popular Argeneau books as chosen by you! And because it's the 10th anniversary and Lynsay wanted to do something really special for her readers, one grand prize winner will be randomly selected from those that voted. The grand prize winner will have a choice of either a 15-inch Macbook Pro laptop with a gelskin OR a 27-inch iMac desktop computer with a decal of the 10th Anniversary of the Argeneaus.

To enter just go to the 10th Anniversary of the Argeneaus landing page.

Contest ends November 25th @ midnight!

Good luck everyone!

The winners list will be updated weekly on the contest landing page!

Winners of An English Bride In Scotland Contest

The winners of a signed copy of An English Bride in Scotland were Alisa Jenkins and Heather Nelson. Hope you enjoyed it ladies!

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