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  Spring 2013
New Releases...

Feb 26, 2013 - Anders' story called Immortal Ever After

Nov 27,2012 Reissue of The Key, the historical that came out after The Deed.

Oct 30, 2012 The Bite Before Christmas which has Teddy Brunswick's story.

July 31, 2012 - Jeanne Louise's story called Lady Is A Vamp. This is a bit of a twist in the Argeneau series.

Coming Soon...

June 25th, 2013 - Hysterical historical called An English Bride In Scotland<>

Sept 24th, 2013 - Jake Colson's book called One Lucky Vampire

A Note To Readers

Spring is finally here! Well, sort of as it did snow a couple of days ago. And the office renos are just about done so soon I may be able to sit at my desk and start working again... Thank God! We have been sequestered into a 15' x 15' living space with two dogs, one puppy and many miscellaneous furniture items so our actual workspace is quite tiny. And as for the constant barrage of interruptions... let's just say I haven't killed anyone or anything YET but there's still time!

Speaking of dogs, there have been quite a few developments on this front. Unfortunately as some of you know from facebook we lost Bailey, our lovely thirteen year old Lab/Shepherd mix that was definitely the matriarch figure of the three. So we decided we could use another dog and that's where Allie comes in. She's a spunky twelve week old yellow lab who went from eight lbs at eight weeks old to thirty something now. I forgot how much work puppies are! The training is going well. She finally gets that we want her to do her business in greener pastures and not on our nice cream colored rug. She's still biting everything and everyone, which we're working on. As for basic commands like come here, sit, heel, lie down... not so much. At least not yet anyhow.

And then there's Teddy who is a totally different can of worms. Teddy is a little fifteen lb bit o' white fluff that thinks the girls are his harem and he's in charge. Lord help us! A pint size dog (Bichon Poo) with a big dog attitude. Just the other day our neighbor's Ridgeback decided he wanted to take a little road trip so he escaped their enclosed backyard and started visiting the surrounding houses. Duke is a great big, beautiful, friendly, and (luckily for Teddy) submissive dog. He just wanted to come over and say Hi!...Poor thing didn't know what hit him. One moment he's bouncing along, tail wanging, ears flopping, sniffer going and the next he's desperately trying to stay one step ahead of a flurry of furious fluff pursuing him. Picture a big reddish brown dog, almost the size of a deer, desperately trying get away from this little Bichon Poo by hiding behind us, yelping every time Teddy nipped at his heels. Teddy kept dashing in and out and in and out again and just when we thought we'd successfully snagged his collar, he'd zip away again. Around and around we went. We must have been doing this dance for a good five minutes or so, so I'm sure a few of our neighbors were laughing at the scene we made. The two of us and poor Duke, getting outfoxed by a small, scrappy piece of fluff... I could have strangled the little sh*t. Luckily Duke didn't get hurt because Teddy wasn't given a chance to actually bite him and Teddy is sooo lucky Duke is such a good-natured dog otherwise one solid bite by him and Teddy would have been a goner. And believe me, Duke had every reason to put the little devil in his place.

So along with training the new puppy, Allie, we are now retraining Teddy to be submissive to us. Our little emperor with the big attitude will be getting an attitude adjustment ! Here are some pics of the little (big) rascals.

The Pups!

I have REALLY great news... Immortal Ever After came in at #2 on the New York Times list and #8 on the USA Today's Bestseller's list. I am giving a big Thank-You! to all the readers that decided to pick up Immortal Ever After. Also Immortal Ever After is currently on the editor's pick at Amazon... Wow, people seemed to really enjoy reading Anders's story.

In related news, The Bite Before Christmas is set to have its sixth print run and A Bite To Remember is about to go into it's nineteenth print run. Yay!

As for what's happening this summer, I plan on attending this year's annual Romance Writers of America conference that's being held in Atlanta, Georgia in July. Watch out Georgia, here we come! <G>


Upcoming Books

At the end of June I have another hysterical historical coming out called An English Bride In Scotland. This is about exactly what the title suggests but with a whole lot more story. Annabel was sent away at the age of seven to become a nun, but fourteen years later just as she's about to take the veil, her parents bring her back home in order to marry her off to a Scottish stranger in her absentee sister's place. Annabel knows nothing about how to be a good wife, let alone how to look after a castle or it's people. In fourteen years, she hasn't even set eyes on a man except for the elderly priest that oversaw mass at the abbey, so she’s a little overset to find herself with a husband-to-be who is a huge, rough-looking, walking wall of muscle-rippling, spicy-smelling, rumbling-voiced man. Oh lord... Her life has definitely taken a new and unexpected turn.

The next book in the Argeneau series is coming out at the end of September! It's called One Lucky Vampire and this story is about Stephano Jacob Colson Notte. Stephano was turned in A Bite To Remember after a rogue vampire fatally wounded him. Since then Stephano, or Jake as he goes by now, moved away dropping out of touch with everyone he knew and started a new career as a bodyguard...

One Lucky Vampire is about Nicole Phillips, a mortal with a target on her back. Nicole had a lousy marriage and is just two weeks shy of the final step, the divorce. Marguerite has known Nicole since she was young and has followed her career ever since. However there have been a few too many potentially dangerous incidents seemingly directed at Nicole. Concerned for Nicole's health both mentally and physically and knowing Nicole would never accept a bodyguard, Marguerite coaxes her into getting a 'housekeeper'. And she knows the perfect person for the job... Jake Colson.

Argeneau Crossword... Based on Immortal Ever After!

Here are some Qs about the latest and greatest in the Argeneau series, Immortal Ever After! We will post the answers in the next newsletter.


1. What did Valerie do in order to control her abductor when he abducted her and Leigh in the van? Valerie kept bashing him over the____.
3. What age was Anders when his mother died?
4. Why did Alecto decide to hunt down Anders's entire family?
6. How many years after his mother's death did Anders avenge it?
10. Anders's father's name.
11. Valerie works with man's best friend so she is a ____________.
12. Anders works as an _______.
14. Acronym for Immortal Ever After.
15. Anders was a _________ for a number of years before he became a rogue hunter.
20. What did we know about Anders's past before the story Immortal Ever After?
22. What name did Valerie use when she referred to their jailer?
23. Ambrose was turned during which world war?
26. Once Valerie came to after her abduction, she was concerned about her ___.


2. Who was Anders's best friend growing up?
5. Which one of his parents died before Anders was even born? His ______.
7. Ander's first name means son and is ______ in origin.
8. Anders's mother's name?
9. Who is VERY pregnant (and sometimes cranky) in this chapter of the Argeneau series?
13. Anders's can't read Valerie because she is his ____ ____.
16. What is Valerie's nickname for Anders?
17. After the survivors were rescued, the rogue vampire systematically recaptured all the women he'd held captive. He did this because he considered the women to be his ________.
18. What did all the kidnap victims have in common? They all either visited or were associated with the __________ in Guelph.
19. We find out at the end of the story that Lucian and Leigh have _____.
21. The name Valerie used for the 'master' rogue vampire was Count ___-____-______-___.
24. In order to protect Valerie and the other victims that were lucky enough to be rescued in time, they had to _____ the mystery and figure out who the 'master' rogue was behind the abductions.
25. What was the name of the man that gave Anders's mother safe haven after she landed in Russia before she gave birth to him?
27. Anders's first name ?

Answers to last newsletter's trivia...

1. Marguerite Argeneau; 2. Edward Kenric; 3. Vincent Argeneau & Jackie Morrisey; 4. Bastien Argeneau; 5. Lucian Argeneau; 6. Christian Notte

Immortal Ever After Contest Winners

Congratulations to both Maria Smith and Tiffany Krepps who won a signed copy of Immortal Ever After !

Photos of latest covers

We do like this new cover for One Lucky Vampire... thoughts?

One Lucky Vampire

How about compared to Anders's cover?

Immortal Ever After

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