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A Note From Lynsay

Ahh... the snow is white and crisp and makes that crunch, crunch, crunch sound when you walk on it. The neighborhood is aglow at night with Christmas lights and ornaments. The air is so crisp that you can see your breath as you exhale. The malls and stores are jam packed with people as they shop for their Christmas gifts, all patiently waiting in line for their turn to ring through. The neighborhood kids make snow angels in the drifts of snow in the front yard and have snowball fights on holidays. I love skating in the downtown park and skiing on the local hill. Isn't Christmas great!!! Read on

Upcoming Releases

January 27 2009: We are very excited to announce that Devil of the Highlands is scheduled to be released this coming January 2009! Due to a change in publishers, it has been a while since the last historical came out, so we hope that all you historical romance fans get a front row seat and enjoy this romantic roller coaster! It was a lot of fun to write so I hope you have just as much fun reading it.

March 31 2009:The Immortal Hunter, the 11th book in the Argeneaus is coming out this spring. It's about Martine's son Decker Argeneau Pimms. He's a sweetie and his Dani is a doll, so I hope you enjoy their story. But wait till you read the secrets coming out in this one! Jeez!! They even took me by surprise. ;-)

Christmas Word Search

This Christmas word search will hopefully tickle your funny bone! Enjoy the puns and search for the green words in the puzzle. Have fun guys! View Word Search

Christmas Cryptogram

This cryptogram will give you good tidings and cheer for the holiday season. See if you can decrypt what it says!

----- --------- --- ----- --- ---- ---- ------, ---- --- ---- --- ----- ---!


Christmas Crossword

This crossword is based on Lynsay's anthology in Holidays Are Hell. It's about Jill, sister to Kyle, whose story was told in Dates From Hell. Here Jill decides to babysit her 2 1/2 year old niece and chaos ensues.

    2  John Heathcliffe intended to do this to Jill to see if her cells would withstand the flames or not. (4)
    4  Nick's vehicle was a red ___. (3)
    6  John intended to ______ some of Jill's cells to see what would happen. (6)
    8  Jill morphed back to her own body in Nick's SUV and only had a _____ with which to cover herself. (5)
  10  Jill ran into a nearby _________ to steer her kidnapper away from pursuing Nick. (9)
  13  John intended to cut these off of his specimen to see if the cells would grow back or not. (10)
  16  Jill and Nick's friend is a rude little bugger, but has a good heart for the most part. (3)
  17  Kyle's wife. (6)
  18  Kyle's sister who got zapped while babysitting her 2 year old niece. (4)
  20  Every time Jill changes back to herself, she always ends up stark _____. (5)
  21  Jill was afraid John would ____ Nick and morphed into a tiger to protect him. (4)
  22  The first person Jill shape shifted into. (6)
  24  Jill morphed into a dog but unfortunately still wore Nick's ____ so John knew who she really was. (4)
  26  John pulled this on Nick while the 2 men tussled in the library. (3)
  27  Noelle played ________ in the Christmas parade. (8)

    1  Jill got frustrated as a dog because she couldn't dial the cell phone with her ____. (4)
    2  Jill's friend who used her influence to ensure Jill had the lead role beside Nick in the Christmas parade. (4)
    3  The animal Jill morphed into when she was in the bookstore. (14)
    4  Nick sells these. (5)
    5  Jill couldn't call Kyle because her _____ was dead. (5)
    7  Jay the ___ is quite a character. (3)
    9  Nick and Jill hide in plain site by making out in the _____ and it works until Jill accidentally shifts back to herself. (5)
  11  Jill morphed into this to protect Nick from John. (5)
  12  After the gun incident when he'd attacked both Nick and Jill, John was arrested and would either end up in a mental institute or ____. (4)
  13  Jill can morph into an ______ as well as a person. (6)
  14  Claire is ________ with their second child. (8)
  15  Nick and Jill have been friends for ___ months. (3)
  17  Jill owns a ________ store. (8)
  18  Kyle's old colleague that helped him with the first molecular destabilizer. (4)
  19  Nick played _______ in the Christmas parade. (7)
  23  Nick and Jill had this everyday for months and still Nick never asked her out. (5)
  24  John wanted to kidnap Jill as his specimen and do experiments including ___ her. (3)
  25  Jill thought she'd hit her ____ when she went downstairs to look for Beth, her niece. (4)
  26  Kyle thought Mr.Handsome shoes was ___. (3)

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