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A Note From Lynsay

I was thinking hard about what Christmas means to me and I can tell you what I think makes my holiday a success or not. Being with friends and family whom I love and whom love me. You can't put a price on that.

I recently put up a twelve foot Christmas tree, and WOW, do I feel short. Mind you, I don't feel short until I have to do something that reminds me of how vertically challenged I really am. And you know what?! I don't like it much. It's soo not fair. Most things above six feet I generally stop using because not only do I not have the height but I also don't have the reach to get said items. My sister, on the other hand, is only a touch taller but seems to have longer arms as she can grab many things I can't. Hence, why I often ask her to get down those annoying just-out-of-reach items. She says she has 'monkey arms' so I guess the grass is always greener and all that, but man... I would rather have 'monkey arms' than drag a stepladder around. Luckily my new tree was pre-lit so I didn't have to tangle myself up in layers of lights and extension cords but assembling the monster was still a trial. That and I accidentally cut the cord on one of the branches of lights... groan. I was able to fix it, as I am what one would consider 'handy' but jeez... why did I have to cut it in the first place? And considering the sheer size of the tree (it is over 6 feet in diameter!), it was a slow process getting it decorated. You see, you can't use normal decorations on it... you need to use oversize everything otherwise they just get lost in the branches. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this before I put a few of my original decorations on it and I have lost one of my favorites (a gorgeous angel figurine) in the process. I searched literally high and low for it but no luck yet. Maybe I'll get Terri on it as she seems to be able to locate lost objects. I swear that girl's part bloodhound... LOL.

However, I shouldn't complain as my situation is much better than others I have witnessed... I remember last year going over to a friends place to have a tree decorating party. Now this was really just an excuse to have a glass of wine with them because we didn't do much decorating. We pulled bags upon bags of lights out of the box labeled 'Christmas lights' but no one noticed or bothered to mention that these bags were numbered. The reason they'd numbered them, you ask? You see their lights would only fit together if they were strung on the tree in a certain order as some of the strings were so old that they didn't have the standard plug and connector sizes... you know where one prong is larger than the other?! And of course we didn't notice this until we'd already spent over an hour putting up lights. In the end they actually had to cut some of the newer string's plugs down in order to fit them into the older connectors! Sigh... I was a little concerned about them plugging that tree in but they did and nothing blew up. (Remember that scene in Christmas Vacation where aunt Bethany's cat, which had made it over to the Griswold's because it was accidentally wrapped up as a gift, chews on the Christmas lights and the tree goes up in flames?! I had that scene in mind the whole time.) To top it off after we thought we were all done we had to go back and readjust the strings higher up on each and every branch so the cords weren't so visible. Any wonder we only had enough time to get the lights on the tree ?! Well, their Christmas tree did get decorated in the end as we did see it weeks later in all its glory but I wonder if the effort was worth it. Hence why I went with a pre-lit tree. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that none of the bulbs burn out!

Have a happy holiday and I wish you all the best in the year to come, my friends. Stay safe, stay warm and if you happen to see a stranger in a red suit rustling around under your Christmas tree, call the police! LOL


New Releases

June 8, 2010: The following e-books were released: Love is Blind, The Perfect Wife, The Reluctant Reformer, What She Wants, Love Bites, Single White Vampire and Tall, Dark & Hungry.

June 22, 2010: The following e-books were released: The Brat and The Chase

June 29, 2010: Harper Collins reissued Love Bites, Single White Vampire and Tall, Dark & Hungry. This is good news for anyone who has had difficulty finding a copy of these stories.

July 13, 2010: The following e-book were released: Bliss

July 20, 2010: The following e-books were released: Always, Sweet Revenge, The Switch, The Key, and The Deed

August 31, 2010: Born To Bite, the thirteenth book in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series, is here! Armand Argeneau has been living on a farm squirrelled away from public life for decades without anyone bothering him. Until now that is. Lucian has been kind enough to volunteer Armand to babysit Eshe d'Aureus in order to protect her from a rogue vampire out for revenge. At least that's the story he's told. In reality, Eshe was sent to Armand on assignment to find clues to explain his many wives' 'accidental' deaths. This installment of the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series will also answer the unanswered questions from Nicholas's story, The Renegade Hunter.

November 30, 2010: Hungry For You, the fourteenth book in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series will be coming out this December. It involves the last of the Willan sisters, Alex, and one of Martine Argeneau's older sons, Cale. Alex is a successful chef and restauranteur trying to expand her business, unfortunately the new location's debut seems to be riddled with bad luck. Can Cale, a successful european chef . . . er . . . businessman, help her keep her business afloat and still keep her frazzled attention long enough to see him for who he really is . . . the love of her life?

Upcoming Releases

January 25, 2011: The Countess, the first book in Lynsay's new historical series called the Madison Sisters will be starting 2011 off right! A fairytale marriage Christiana did not have. As a matter of fact the best part about it was the abrupt ending when her husband, Richard (or Dicky as he liked to be called), died. Or at least that's what they thought when Christiana and her sisters put him on ice. Only he didn't stay dead AND he became nice... huh?! And now the new and improved Richard can't help wondering if Christiana's sweetness isn't all an act. That she's actually a money-hungry murderess with great acting skills.

February 22, 2011: The Heiress, the second book in the Madison Sisters series will be hard on the Countess's heels. You met Suzette in Christiana's story and now you get to hear her story. Suzette needs a husband NOW. No doddling, whining or even love required. Anyone would do and the poorer the better as she needs a potential husband who is happy and pliable so she can access her substantial dowry to help pay off her father's overwhelming gambling debts. Daniel seemed to fit the bill to a 't' and their obvious chemistry was an added bonus. Now the only issue would be to try to stay alive and keep their hands off each other long enough to keep Suzette's virtue intact until they make it to Gretna Green.

May 31, 2011: The Reluctant Vampire, the fifteenth book in the Argeneau series is set in the little town of Port Henry and involves one of Elvi's potential suitors from The Accidental Vampire, Harpernus Stoyan. Harper lost his lifemate, Jenny, during her turn and has blamed himself for her death ever since, so he's rather happy for the distraction when Tiny and Mirabeau arrive with a young immortal in tow. Stephanie McGill is a young newly turned, immortal who is being hunted by a mad no-fanger named Leonius. When Anders and Drina Argenis (Argeneau) arrive to help, Harper finds himself working with the beautiful young Spanish woman. But things get interesting when Stephanie decides to take on the role of cupid and bring Drina and a reluctant Harper together. How much trouble could a newly turned teenage vamp be?

The Countess Contest #16

The winners will get a signed copy of The Countess. Please email a photo of Christmas tree (like Lynsay's below) to by midnight on Jan 15 and we will pick a couple of winners to get a signed copy of The Countess.

Please note: These will be sent out as soon as we can get copies ourselves, but since we will not be getting ARCs for this title it means it will likely be a a week or two after the release date before the winners will receive them in the mail.

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